TLC’s Extreme Couponing: Your Success Stories!

Extreme Couponing is back tonight for episode #7.

Last week we saw Chris & Antoinette putting their couponing skills to the test. This week features Amber & Tammilee tonight on TLC at 9:30 EST.

We are excited to watch this week because one of our bloggy friends Amber from Coupon Connections will be featured! We love when they show couponing the ethical way, and we know that’s the type of couponing Amber represents. We can’t wait to see how her trip goes!


Speaking of shopping trips, with all of these massive hauls being shown on Extreme Couponing we wanted to know what a successful shopping trip means to you. What couponing shopping trip are you most proud of?

Was it your first trip?

Was it the time you taught a friend to coupon?

Was it the time you saved hundreds?

Was it the time your entire trip went exactly according to plan (which isn’t often the case!)?

We want to hear from you. Tell us about your favorite shopping trip, regardless of where it falls on the “extreme couponing” spectrum!


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  • Gina Esposito

    I consider a good trip to be when I get half my items for free and the other half at a discounted rice. My best was getting $607.00 worth of items for $270.00. LMBO I have to admit none of my trips have gone exactly to plan but that is kind of the fun of it 🙂

  • Rosa

    I did my first money-maker yesterday. It was small, but totally a thrill to walk away with change, some products and nothing deducted from the checkbook.

    I brought home:

    2 packs pantyliners
    6 packs floss
    2 bottles bbq sauce
    AND- a candy bar. (LOL)

    They paid ME .44 to bring these items home.

    Last week was pretty good, too. Spent about $100 OOP and ended up with about $52 in coupons used, so a savings of 33%?

  • Rachel

    My best shopping trip was my first. I bought $74 worth of groceries for $7.48. What a thrill!! had everyone looking at me like “how did she do that.” Now I get all of my groceries with 50% or more savings! Planning my first coupon class!! sooo exciting!

  • Lisa

    My favorite was when Rite Aid had the whole page of medicine for free after rebate. But then there were all of these coupons on top of them which a made a HUGE moneymaker.

  • Jenny

    Last week at Rite Aid I watched the total climb to 107!! I got a little nervous as I handed over my coupons. I breathed a sigh of relief when my total after coupons was $29. Whew. I also went to Safeway the other day for several coupon/sale item matchups. I don’t remember the total, but at the bottom of my receipt it showed that I saved 70% WAHOO!!

  • JJ

    I have been couponing for over a year now (and am completly in love with it), but lately my trip never go according to plan since the exposure to extreme couponing has cleared the shelves before I can get there. If I don’t do all my weekly shopping my Monday afternoon, I don’t get any deals because the products are already gone. As a busy mom of 3, I can’t run to the store at the drop of a hat. This is getting so bad that people are stealing newspapers around the neighborhood. I’m not against other people saving money, but I’m hoping this show will be a fad and poeple won’t look at me with discussed anymore when they see my coupon binder in the cart.

  • Bill

    I though you said Albertsons doesn’t give overage?

    • Jaimi

      They don’t. I am also assuming she doubled more than 3 q’s though and the show doesn’t portray multiple transactions so I just look at it as entertainment at this point.

      • Bill

        Thats what I am thinking. I would like to know why her extreme couponing is anymore ethical than the rest? Why does she need a 15 year supply of cake mix, 400 bottles of powerade and not to mention she cleared 2 shelves of juice boxes. Can anyone verify that the coffee coupon she was using didn’t have a size limit? I would have thought that if that $1/1 coupon was for any that we would have seen that same deal posted on this site

        • amber

          Bill the coupon for Millstone was for $2.00 off any prepacked coffee so it was used properly. If you have a DVR I suggest you replay it because you will see on the screen that the coffee is rung up as $2.00. Albertsons actually adjusted the price UP so I wouldn’t receive overage. It was an editing error. On top of that I pre-ordered everything…and I mean everything. I used a lot of catalinas in this transactions as well as rain check. It was all legit and everything was approved by management. I didn’t clear the shelved that they were restocked with my ordered boxes 🙂

          As for Cake Mix…don’t worry much of that was donated.

          Thanks You FAB Gals Love being part of a your community as well 🙂

          • Bill

            I figured your shopping trip was legit as most of them on the show were. It is just a perfect example of how TV works and the perception it gives us. I just think that everyone shouldn’t be so quick to judge someone just based off what they see on tv.

            I love the FAB Gals and what they do for us; I am a single dad that has helped my kids on a ton because of the deals these ladies post. But every week they have been very negitive to the show because the show makes it appear like someone cleared a shelf or because they had over a a year supply of something without knowing the reality behind the person and how TV made their shopping trip appear. Then as soon as a friend of theirs is on the show they don’t have anything negative to say even though TV made it seem like you did these same things.

  • FrugalMT

    I’ve had several Smith’s trips that have blown me away. Today was no exception

    I bought
    30 Boxes of Various Ronzoni & American Beauty Pasta (and no I didn’t clear the shelves), The shelves still had lots of boxes left and they had a display on the other side of the store with more as well
    1 package of Zuchini Seed
    4 Small Onions
    1 Bunch of Bananas

    All for a grand total $61.28 My OOP$4.48 savings of over 90%

  • Heather

    I’ve been couponing for about 9 months. I have dropped my household supplies/grocery bill by about $300 per month average, have devoloped a fairly decent stockpile and my family eats better now than before, because we eat less macaroni and cheese and more healthier balanced meals. I have been tracking my spending and savings since Jan. 1st, and so far, have an average savings of 61%. My goal is to get that up to 70% by the end of this year. I also used couponing for Christmas presents and saved a ton of money that way. We pay cash for everything, don’t have credit cards, so couponing is great. My husband just got laid off, so it is nice to already have food on hand and have the knowledge of how to save money.
    Thank you ladies for all of your help and tools! I love your website!

  • Cameron

    the show advertised that the 2.00 coupon gave overage at albertsons. that seems like a no no

  • Travis

    Hey, I wrote a joke bit on my blog about my wife, who was inspired by this show to start extreme couponing:

    It was a joke, but she got really angry when that kid forgot her coupons. She’s gotten to where she spends about 20 hours a week on this stuff. Is this normal?

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