TLC’s Extreme Couponing: Will You Be Tuning In?

Extreme Couponing is back tonight!

Last night I had a conversation with a fellow couponer. She said she has never felt more eyes on her as she roams the aisles with her binder. She is getting glared at right and left. People are whispering about her and the items in her cart. Disapproving glances prove the scrutiny is setting in.

With couponing, and not the most realistic couponing I might add, in the national spotlight many people are taking notice. Some are jealous of our savings and eager to learn the ropes so they too can unrealistically save $1,000 a shopping trip. Some have harsh words and accuse us of being cheap or ripping off the manufacturer/store. I understand both viewpoints based on what they are seeing week after week on TLC’s Extreme Couponing.

But let’s keep it real over here. Couponing the ethical and FAB way is empowering.

There is so much in my life I have no control over. I have to sit helplessly by as our government makes choices out of my control, regardless of whether I support them or not. I can’t dictate when my insurance company raises premiums or when the power company raises rates. I have to bite my tongue to keep expletives from flying as I fill my tank with gas (okay so I don’t cuss, but after I filled up yesterday I had a few choice words I wanted to say, then sit in a corner & rock myself. It hurt!). I can’t even control the weather. But what I can control and what you can control too is what you are paying at the grocery store.

I am in charge of that. I’m not a slave to shelf prices. And you don’t have to be either. You might never see a shopping trip like you do on TLC’s Extreme Couponing (the time, stress and planning that went into those trips would blow your mind. Reality TV is so not reality!) but we can guarantee you will save money if you choose to coupon. And if you choose to coupon you are choosing to empower yourself. You are in control. And that’s why we do what we do.

So have you seen/felt any backlash because of TLC’s Extreme Couponing? Do you feel empowered enough by couponing that you can take the heat?

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  • Esmer

    I started using coupon’s when I seen the show.  So far I have not had any problems.  However I don’t go crazy like the people on the show do.  I don’t think I could ever really accomplish that.  I love the show, because it has changed how I shop in my home, and has helped me save.  If people are having a problem with it, I think they might just be mad, because they are paying full price, but I also fully understand that they might think we are trying to get stuff free.

  • I never really watch but tonight someone from my area in Elk Grove Ca will be on. This is huge because we don’t have stores that double coupons and I only shop at Winco and Safeway. She will be in a store notorious for high prices. Can’t wait to see !

  • Heidi

    Since the original season ended I have noticed a drop in the number of couponers I’ve seen in the stores.  It will be interesting to see if there is a resurgence of couponers now that the second season is starting.  I’ve grown bored with the show.  How many times can the register lock up from too many scans or the couponer be panicked because there might be a problem with her math and the transaction won’t turn out as planned?  I will tune in if I’m not doing anything else but it’s definitely not the priority it was last year.

    • Tracy

      I agree Heidi!  The show has become boring.  I do think that there will be another wave of new couponers and that some will be great and some will do things unethically.   I don’t like all the negative attention so I plan on shopping a little less and live off of my stockpile until this wave passes also.

  • Melissa

    I look forward to the time that TLC moves onto some new sensational thing…  I dislike being counted amoung “those.”  I want to save money, actually need to save money.  I ask this of the people who resent REAL couponing…. would  you rather I ethically coupon or go on food stamps, because with this economy, it has to be one or the other… my family has to eat!  I have self respect and price…I ethically coupon!

  • Carri

    It all comes down to ignorance. Those people judging us for couponing because they watched a TV show without noticing the difference between the 5 shampoos and 5 conditioners in my cart and the 50 on that show. If they choose to believe that everyone does everything like it’s done on TV…. I won’t let that effect me taking care of my family in the best way I know how. They don’t take the time to learn that the stores are paid for what I’m not paying for and making $0.08 cents for every coupon I hand them and that, again, is not my fault. They don’t realize that regular advertising campaigns cost the manufacturer more than a coupon campaign and the manufacturer chooses to give us these discounts. I will walk into that store with my head held high, I will walk through the aisles proud of my ability to take care of my family, and I will walk up to the checkout proud of the money I’m working to save.

  • KD

    Gag!!!  I hate Extreme Couponing!  Pay $1.99 to watch the show?  You’d have to pay me to watch it again.

  • Jenny

    Nope. Won’t be watching. Boring. I have better things to do with my time. 🙂


  • Ashley

    I’ve spoken with quite a few people I go to school with about couponing.  They’ve all seen the show and ask about it enthusiastically.  I always explain that the show gets the story wrong and shows unethical couponers.  But I always tell them that couponing is wonderful and can be done so well.  They are all very open to the idea of couponing.  I’ve never received a negative comment!

  • JJ

    I have been couponing for over 18 months and I can say it has changed my life. I don’t by any means do anything on a large scale.  I used to use the binder method because it is the best way to organize things, but  after the show Extreme Couponing started I did get a lot of coments, stares and dirty looks from other shoppers and store employees. I even had an employee at a Winco go off on me about “those horters with their coupon binders” and what a discusting habit it is. She had not looked in my cart to see my binber and had my 8 year old daughter upset with lots of questions when I walked away. I have even had a relitave tell me I was stealing from the store if I was not paying for them.  I have since stopped taking my binder into the store – I use my list and bring only the coupons I plan on using.

    Things has gotten so out of hand, my paper is stolen off my drive way 2 out of three times a month along with a good part of my neighborhood. I can’t wait for things to calm down so hopefully things can go back to some-kind of normal. I hate the show for giving people like me a bad image- but for some stupid reason I will still sit and watch it.

  • D'Anna

    I’ve had my tired old coupon box nearly 21 years and I’ll admit the show has me dragging it into stores now just in case I run across some amazing unadvertised deal or clearance and I’ve yet to have a comment from anyone about it.

    I see way more people w/ big fatty binders in their carts than I ever have before. Shelf clearing is pretty common now as well….like last weekend someone cleared out 2 entire shelves of Chex at Albies and that wasn’t that great of a sale. I saw a team of 3 ready to cleanout the Chex Mix so I hotfooted it out of their way before the frenzy started.

    IMO this show has maybe 1 more season left…they’ve brought couponing out of the closet and into the homes of millions along with hoarding for Armageddon, shelf clearing and newspaper theft.

  • Carrie

    I wish they had a better disclaimer at the beginning of the show, people do not realize the stores bend the rules for the show, I live in NC (the shelf clearer from tonights show was from here) The stores let you double 20 coupons per DAY with your card, not transaction! It makes me so mad… cause of course my husband saw the show and I had to explain.. do you not realize for some reason every show is their “best haul ever” because i cant go into the store and use as many coupons as i want and they can!! I do it on a small scale and I share my savings with others, people look at me weird while doing it and many ask for help, most people dont realize how easy it is if you just give it a little effort! Either way Im happy to help my husbands friends we are in the military and lets just say 20 year old marines will spend 6 dollars on a bottle of body wash… EEK!! As long as shelf clearing doesnt become acceptable… im ok with any other backlash

    • Timie

      I saw that one…and was so upset that she was proud of clearing the shelf, she even told to camera man to pan down and look…I use coupons and I have had to go to different store because of this problem. And for the show to support it is frustrating.

      And something else I found funny, one person said she was doing her shopping for the month and the majority of her purchase was candy and chocolate milk mix, I dont think she bought any real food??? 

      There are a few times when I have had an almost free transaction and people have asked me if I am an extream couponer like the show and I say…”IT IS TV, they let those people break the rules and what they do is not possable in this area with any store, And I dont fill my house with 800 bottles of hot sause that I will never use”

  • Michelle

    I have couponed for over 10 years and I have had so many people glare at me and tell me “So, your an extreme couponer” I have told them I coupon but I am not like them on the show and they are just doing that for ratings.  I have gone back to using my small organizer or even envelopes because of the attention and rude looks and comments that I was getting.  One man told me “I guess I would have to coupon too if I had to and didn’t have any money either.” I was pissed and looked at him and said I coupon because I want to I don’t HAVE to.  Ugggh  some people have become so rude after the show aired.  But then there poeple who come up to me and ask me how to shop.  It makes me sad that the manufacture coupons are changing and that many stores have changed their policies because of the few that take it to the extreme. Hopefully the fad will die off and we can go back to the way it was before the show!

  • Mary S

    I have had very few rude encounters (usually when the checkout takes too long), but quite a few curious ones. People always want to know what my biggest haul was, and then get disappointed when I can’t tell them I got $1500 worth of groceries for $100 dollars…… I have always couponed on a smaller scale, but now I take it more seriously and spend the time I would have wasted sitting in front of the tv organizing my coupons and looking for deals on things we use in our house so I can save us money.

    I enjoy the show – I know it’s not real, but what on TV is? – and will continue to watch. I can’t complain too much about their unrealistic shopping trips, because without the show I would never have gotten as involved as I am, and I’ve saved quite a bit of money in the last 6 months. My area doesn’t have ANY stores that double (except Albie’s double coupons, and Albie’s is so expensive here it’s often cheaper to go to Winco or Walmart and buy the item with just the single coupon), so for me it’s more about getting discounts on my normal purchases and maybe a few stock-up items when the deals are REALLY good, not having 1500 tubes of toothpaste or 200 rolls of TP (although getting TP for free would be WONDERFUL)….  Using websites like this one have been wonderful to teach me how to use coupons ethically and fairly, and I really appreciate all your hard work to teach and share with us!

  • Miriam

    I am asked all the time if I am an ‘extreme couponer’ when I have more than one transaction at a store. I am always embarrassed (just shy I guess because they don’t say it cruelly) but when I say no, just a normal one or try to denounce the extreme couponer show, then is when I get some odd looks. I don’t even bring my binder in the store, but I still get the questions. The only unfortunate thing about coupon trips is that everyone seems to coupon in my area so all of the ‘hot’ deals are ALWAYS gone no matter when you go.

    In my area, it seems like everyone coupons so it isn’t as looked down upon, but I have still experienced sneers and odd looks when I hold my coupon stack out to see what items I need next on my list. However, the worst one was when I wasn’t couponing at all! I was at ShopKo purchasing school supplies. She asked if I was a tutor or something, but I said that I was creating bags for the Food Bank. She closed her mouth tight and I got the ugliest sneer. What is wrong with catching a good deal for others who cannot afford it themselves? Couponers have a great chance to receive blessings of reduced bills. I don’t coupon to survive, so the least I can do is give to those in need.

  • Judy W.

    i am not interested in it anymore….. some just clear the shelf…….

  • Nonna

    Aside from the fact that I HATE that most of them buy WAY TOO MUCH, and take the whole process just a little too far. I don’t watch it anymore because I think it’s BORING! It’s the same thing in every episode. Blah. It isn’t even good entertainment and then you add on all of the “Extreme Coupon” offspring that the show is influencing who are ruining couponing for those of us who do it right and follow the rules it’s a disaster! I hate that this show ever aired.  I’m very glad that others have been inspired by the show to start saving money, I really am, and I know there are lots of new couponers who have learned to do it right, but in my area there seem to be a lot of newbies who are giving the rest of us a bad name and it can be frustrating. (Ok….I’m done venting now…LOL.)

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