TLC’s Extreme Couponing Tonight

Extreme Couponing is back tonight for episode #5.

Last week we saw  Missy and Amy putting their couponing skills to the test.  This week features Desirae & Stephanie tonight on TLC at 9:30 EST.

Are you tuning in to TLC’s Extreme Couponing this week?


I must admit this show gets on my nerves, but I watch it.  My kids were watching with me last week.  They were all so amazed at the final savings at the end of the transaction.  They could not quit talking about how many carts of groceries the shoppers carted out of the store.  How cool was that?  Then came THE QUESTIONS, “Mom, why don’t you do that? You have lots of coupons, you use them all the time…why don’t you have shopping trips like that?”

I’m afraid I might have rolled my eyes as I took a deep breath and then began to explain.  “Now kids, you know we save an obscene amount of money using coupons (I show them all the time).  And you know that Mom works hard and spends a lot of time coupon shopping and saving, it doesn’t just “happen” in one trip.”  I explained:

  1. You can’t believe everything you see on TV.
  2. Stores have rules for coupons and we follow the rules.  Basically, the stores broke their own rules to look cool for the show.
  3. I told them that if another shopper were in line behind those “extreme” shoppers with the exact same items in their carts and the exact same coupons in their hands they would not have left the store with the same savings.
  4. Did you notice that both shoppers said they have NEVER  had a shopping trip like that before?  And they probably never will again unless they appear on that show.
  5. The show is like that so people will watch, be amazed and entertained; and we did watch, we were amazed and highly entertained!
  6. They only have 30 minutes to amaze us so they feel they need to take shortcuts to do it.
  7. And yes, we did continue having an in depth discussion about ethics, honesty, buying what you really will use, giving to others, and a lot of other values.  So Fabulous, it turned into a teaching moment!

So, have you watched this show with your kids?  What would you have said?

Let’s keep it real…

Extreme Couponing saves money,

but Extreme Couponing done right

doesn’t happen overnight!

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  • Connie

    I don’t like the show either. It’s not realistic and its giving us “normal” coupons shoppers a bad rep. Plus EVERYONE now thinks that they can go to the store and get a $1,000 transaction for $7. Like you said, they don’t show how much time, effort and planning goes into those unrealistic shopping trips.

  • kristen

    I agree 100%. That show is like a trainwreck- you wince, but just keep on watching.

  • Shauna

    I agree completely. My kids are wondering why I’m only saving $30 a trip versus $700!

  • michelle

    Very well said!!

  • Dawn

    I agree with you 100%! My problems with the show are 1) They all have their “best” trip because they’ve prepared for TV, this isn’t their typical shopping trip as you mentioned. 2) Many are stocking up on some unhealthy items 3) Also, it seems like a form of hoarding, an OCD type of hoarding 4) They clear the store shelves so when other shoppers / couponers go looking for the deal they can’t take advantage of it, somewhat greedy! 5) Some of these trips where they’ve spent next to nothing don’t take into account if they’ve used a clipping service that they’ve had to pay for the coupons and shipping, which I’ve noticed that prices on some coupons have gone up from .05¢ / .08¢ as I used to see the price. 6) And lastly the extreme amount of time spent “saving” money, isn’t always a savings. Time is money and in many of these cases is it really saving when most people don’t need hundreds of the same item…..

  • Lisa

    I have noticed a lot more people with coupons lately. I’ve also noticed that more of the shelves are completely empty of things that are extremely good deals. I have two teenage sons and work full-time and by couponing I’m able to feed us and provide for our needs without any food stamps, government aid of any kind or even child support. It has been very frustrating though to go get my good deal on shampoo and find out that someone watched the show and cleared the shelves of the sale item. It’s turning from couponing to meet your family’s needs to hoarding.

    My mother works at the local food bank and they now magically have someone donating boxes of shampoo and paper towels and all these other household items they were able to get for free with coupons. Our food bank only allows you to go there once per month and I’ve only been there once because I was given outdated items and things no one else would feed to their family.

    I would appreciate an episode on TLC about manners while couponing. Take what you need and will use. If there are a limited number of items, just take a portion and leave some for others. Order ahead if you are buying a huge quantity. And under no circumstances do you commit coupon fraud in any way; that will only ruin it for everyone. Be polite in line to people behind you, and for heaven’s sake be nice to the cashier.

  • Mylia

    AMEN SISTAS! It’s so ANNOYING…we are not like that. It’s for DRAMA, and that’s what sells.

  • Tracy

    I was yelling at the TV tonight (my kids thought I’d lost my marbles). The lady who was stealing newspapers. UGH!! I don’t care if the home was forclosed upon. SHE WAS STEALING – it’s wrong. I hope others don’t resort to stealing newspapers to save a buck. I have no problem with those dumpster diving, but stop stealing other peoples papers. The person who just lost their home might be coming by to get their paper. Maybe THEY need the coupons or want ads. If she thought she wasn’t doing anything wrong, why did she tell the person driving to go, go, go! I don’t think I can take anymore of this garbage show!

    • mary

      i was talking to my newspaper curior last night about someone that took my newspaper she said its a federal offense. i wonder if these people actually know the really situation they put themselves in.


    Showing theft and coupon fraud to children to make those unethical people look like the rockstars of saving, what a show! I can’t believe people haven’t demanded that tlc take this trash off the air. it is so unrealistic I could scream!

  • Lisa

    So last week they showed the mother-in-law who was suppose to be “Helping” her daughter-in-law start a stockpile of laundry soap. She bought 54 (I watched it again to check) but only gave her daughter-in-law 5! I don’t understand? Plus she had all of that baby food at home but only gave the baby a couple at a time. Am I missing something? Why not just give them what you bought for them? Is she just controlling?

  • joann

    extreme is not the right title.hoarding…and others,,,but if it floats your boat…it’s good…but what i noticed these people shops where there is no limit on items in there supermarkets.ALBERTSONS AND OTHERS IN CALIFORNIA OR OUT WEST. In stores like shoprite and pathmark have quanity control on your purchases and coupons…so what good is it? here in new jersey extreme is not the show is jus for entertainment purposes.usually the limited is four real….

    • Tracy

      I am in Southern California and our stores do have quantity limits, including Albertsons. I’m not sure if TLC pays them to break their own store policies, but what is shown on TV is just not possible in real life. But when does TV ever really show real life?

  • heather

    the best part was when she broke down that there was 60 hours of planning and shopping for the week, hopefully people see that and realize its not like 5 minets and poof you have 40,000 dollars worth of crap in your garage! and even the other girl eas lke andbody who says it takes less then 10 hours a week is lying…to do that kind of shopping takes time and I cant stand that the first few made it seem like easy peasy……and lets not forget the 2,000 dollars worth of papers bought and printed coupons cost money and purchased “clipped” coupons cost so that item you don’t use and don’t need but it was fre..actually cost 10 cents for the coupon 10 cents for the driving 10cents for 50 cents for your time at say 10.00 and hour ( my time is always worth at least that) so really it was 70 cents and you bought 100….do the math thats 70.00 bucks!!! everytime they say “it was absolutely free” i want to scream!!!

  • Mel

    I seriously think that some of these people have an addiction. And not a healthy one. Now let’s all be honest with ourselves, there is a little bit of a high from walking out of the store knowing you saved 90+%. But most of us just enjoy that little rush for the things we actually need and our family will use. We don’t clear the shelves to get the rush, we don’t steal to get the rush, we are generally nice, considerate people who enjoy saving! Then there are those who just want the rush, and it doesn’t matter the cost. Now I know you guys joke about being addicted to coupon crack, and I will admit it, I am. But I know when to limit it. And I don’t “OD” Like toothpaste for example, I have about 20 tubes in my stockpile right now and that’s enough for us for now, so who cares if it is free. I don’t need it right now! So I leave it for those who do. And I think that is the way the vast majority of couponers are. I”m with everyone else, I hope the non-couponers out there realize the “reality TV” spin that has been added to the show.

    • annie

      I do not like the show either but one thing no one has mentioned is that the guy with 1000 tubes of toothpaste was donating all of them to the military so he has probably been saving them for a while. It would have been nice if the show would have shown us all the items that this guy did donate at least then something good would have come out of watching the show and teaching others about giving.
      The lady with the diapers who wasn’t even married that is a little extreme. she can wait until she is at least married or pregnant to start stocking up on that. Maybe I am not the best coupon shopper but if my family doesn’t like some of the food on the coupons I do not buy it even if it is free. I usually give the coupons to someone else who will eat the stuff.

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