TLC’s Extreme Couponing: Everything’s Changing

Extreme Couponing returns with a new episode tonight.

We received an email from a reader with questions about a policy change at Kroger. The change, which involved limiting 2 like manufacturer coupons per family per day, came as a direct result of the shopping trips shown on Extreme Couponing.

So my question to you tonight is this: what changes have you seen at the stores you shop since the Extreme Couponing Series aired? Are you grateful for them because they help keep people from shelf clearing, or are they making your shopping trips much more difficult.

Locally we have seen big changes at Albertsons, Rite Aid and Walgreens to name a few. What changes are you seeing in your neck of the woods?


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  • elsa

    i hate it. ever sincera that show aired, I get the looks of ” you are
    on of those hoarders”. even tough I don’t really. buy stuff
    I don’t use. I think it makes all couponers look bad.

  • Jen

    I wish that show would go away!!

  • Angela

    So this explains the “new” Fred Meyer policy!  I think this new policy is bogus!  Two like coupons?  And of course you know that some stores and their management will totally misinterpret this to mean only two coupons period!  Well, time to move on!

    • Tyree

      I think it should be five.  Most deals aren’t worth it if you can’t buy the four or five need for a catalina or promotion.

  • Tracy

    My Target now scrutinizes every coupon that comes through.  They stop and read every detail.  I’ve had to apologize often to the people behind me for the long delay.  They assume it’s me and not Targets new practice.  Of course now that they are reading every coupon the question of “one coupon per purchase” comes up all the time.  the cashiers are not informed that purchase means item and not transaction.  I’ve even had them refuse to take more than one at a time since they don’t believe my explanation.  I wish the show would just go away!

    • Kimberly

      I SO have that same thing happening at Target. They will have me pull the items back out of my bag and ask if I really bought the two bags of cat treats. Just because the Target computer asks if the item was in the transaction doesn’t mean it isn’t?!? They are like well I can’t take this and treat you like you’re stealing from them.  I also find they get hung up on the picture on the coupon, even though it will say any size, any variety, if it doesn’t look identical they’ll just refuse. Funny thing is I find the young men checkers LOVE taking coupons and it’s mostly the women who just get argumentative.

      • JoAnne

        I had to cancel my whole transaction because I just got too tired of the cashier scrutinizing my coupons at Target and even having the gall to imply I didn’t know how to read the coupon. So, I decided to cancel my entire transaction right then and there. I play by the rules, only buy what I need. I do not clear out shelves. But, I am sick and tired of them putting out coupons and then doing everything possible not to honor their coupon or mf coupons.

  • Diane

    You’ve to this big Share drop down that is right in the way of your post and comments page.

    • Ashleigh

      yeah..its weird. It automatically drops down on the left hand side and its right in the way! I can’t see which items on the albertsons deal are starred! 🙂

    • Crystal

      I know, it’s taken me three times just to write this because I can ‘t see. LOL    Now that thing is annoying. 🙂  


  • Diane

    Extreme is the word and it would be nice, to not be so extreme!  I would like to get to use smome of these deals and I don’t blame the stores for putting restrictions on  them.  Let’s get back to the reality in the real world and be responsible and respecful of others in our couponing practices.

  • keegan

    When the limit is one item on things such as shampoo or conditioner it becomes really dificult. I shop for three different households. I shouldn’t have to juggle two different households cards just to get my mom both a shampoo AND conditioner. I get the reasoning, but would it kill them to say something along the lines of “limit one shampoo AND conditioner per card”? I’m not a shelf clearer and have actually had arguments in line on Sundays when buying my extra papers . People are immature. I have even offered to teach people how to do it and gotten snide comments. Ugh. The show needs to go away.

    • Tristin

      EXACTLY!!! Our situations are 100% similar! I also buy for multiple households not just my own! People, including cashiers, look at my like im a crazy hoarder when they see me buy more than one or two of the same items. Had this show not aired, those of us that have couponed for a long time (though I never got the deals I do now without fabfrugals help!) would not get scrutinized the way that we do now.

  • Caty B.

    This show frustrates me and makes me upset more than anything! I’m sure there is SO much they don’t show/tell you about the process with this show, but people who have YEARS (I’m talking TONS of years) worth of items in their stockpile that will probably exceed their shelf lives before being used is just ridiculous. Of course, I’m all about building a stockpile, but make sure you use the merchandise before it’s shelf life expires. I completely agree with you ladies that run this blog, when you should just stockpile to get to the next sale. I wish a lot of the people that appear on this show would donate at least half of their insane stockpile to food banks. (Stepping off my soap box now haha!)

    Funny little story, I’m brand new to couponing. The first trip I went to the store after putting my binder together, I have a girl in her late teens, early twenties approach me and say “OH MY GOSH, are you like one of those Extreme Couponers?!? Can I follow you and watch you do it?!” I told her I wasn’t anything like the people she saw on the show. My husband got a kick out of it. I really do wish the show would go away.

    Is it true that there are stores out there that will only let the people on the show use more coupons and combinations that they don’t normally allow on their coupon policies, just for the sake of the show?

  • Jaimi

    Oh good. I am glad I can now stop shopping at Fred Meyer too.

    All this show has done is make me frustrated with couponing. I have been crossing stores off my list of places to coupon, until now I am down to Albertsons, and just barely hanging on with them.

    I get that couponing is a great gift and joy to many, but all this show has done is make it clear that couponing should NOT be the way of everyone’s life. People who get a kick out of clearing shelves and think that buying 100 bags of free rice helps them save for their dream home are delusional.

    Plus the show is BORING. Hoarder introduces self. Shows massive stock pile amassing the biggest collection of tostitos known to man. packs massive binder and surly child/husband/friend into car. fills 9 carts with useless crap. oh no register has locked up yet again. shove crap into car. go home.

    We are over it TLC. Even Kate plus 8 was a better show.

  • Laura

    Nearly every shopping trip I make now, I get asked if I’m one of  “those” crazy coupon people. I hate it because I have a family of 6 to feed off a budget of $300 a month. I’m really good at what I do and I never use more then 4 like coupons per trip. The biggest changes I’ve seen have been at Rite Aid, Shaw’s and Target. Sometimes it takes me up to 30 minutes to check out. It’s frustrating but at the same time, I can’t complain because without coupons, my family would be eating noodles for every meal. I’m grateful that I can still get things for free or nearly free. I just had to get more creative and that’s a good thing because it keeps my mind young. I don’t hate the show but I do wish that they would choose more honest people be on their show. I can think of a few that I really enjoyed watching on the show because they did it right. And because of that, I will watch it.

    • geraldine

      I agree, I wish they would show honest people (the college guy was pretty good, they actually showed that there are restrictions at the stores!) . But I don’t like that they have been changing so many policies, it is getting harder and harder to shop!

      On Monday I was at Tom Thumb and the lady that was checking out before me, turned around and saw I had coupons, and she said that I was the first person she has run into with them (which I think is a bit odd since she was around 40).  She asked me how much time I spend a week on couponing, and I told her that it varied (I type up the coupon list for Dallas/Fort Worth for the site).  I told her that I spend no more than 5 hours a week on it (and that includes the typing, making my list, and cutting coupons, which I explained to her), and she thought that it was way too much time, that she thinks that the savings she gets from her store card are enough, and she doesn’t think that it is worth the time.  Then I told her that I always save between 50 to 75% of the total grocery bill (around $150 a week or so) and she said that was great, but I still don’t think that she was convinced.  I guess she likes spending extra money!  The cashier actually coupons also, and she agreed with me!

  • Annett

    Newberg, Oregon Well its becoming harder and harder to get anything anymore.

    Newberg is a small town but I haven’t had any luck.  I do work 2 jobs and have 2 kids, so its really hard to get to the store at a moment notice but I try to get in ASAP.   Lately I missed the following deals:  Last week the cheap Right Guard Bodywash at Walgreens, the Nivea lip balm at Safeway.  This week the Right Guard Deodorant, the Listerine Zero Mouthwash and the Ester-C Gummy VItamins.

    It is frustrating.  I get out to the store withing 6 hours of a posting but they are always out.  I attempted to order the Nivea lip balm from Safeway but their warehouse is out too.

    On top of that the Oregonian used to release a Free Tuesday FoodDay paper that had coupons.  It gets delivered to the newspaper boxes early tuesday morning.  By the time I get there (usually 7am) the ENTIRE box is emptied but they are kind enough to leave 1 paper in the window (minus the coupons) so I know the paper got delivered.  Its impossible to get now.    I don’t know what someone would do with several hundred copies of the same coupon.  I will admit since its a FREE small paper I did take a few extras but I never emptied the entire box.  The box in Sherwood was completely removed because of people hogging papers.

    If Fred Meyer (a sub of Kroger) starts to limit 2 coupons per fam per day…I will stop shopping there all together.  Deals have been few and far in between and if they are going to crank down and make it even harder….its not worth my time – even with the rewards they offer.

    Yes – I am frustrated with shelf clearers.  I don’t want 40….I just want 2 or 4….so people learn to share.  The coupons/sales rotate – it will be back.  Do you really need 40 if in a few months the sale will be back?

    Anyway thats my view on all this.  I love couponing.  I HAVE TO coupon to make things work financially.  I can not afford certain items unless I get them on special & combine with a coupon. But if people keep emptying shelves just because they can it will hurt us all.

    Lastly the Oregonian does not offer any deals on ordering multiples of the Sunday paper ($2 – more if delivered).  They don’t allow us to buy “left over” inserts either.

    Here in Oregon the best way I have found to get multiple coupons is ebay and the other coupon clipping sites online.   But ORDER your items from the store ahead of time when possible.  Otherwise you’ll end up with TONS of coupons and no product! (like me).

    As for the show.  Often they double coupons at Safeway…MANY coupons.  Safeway allows 4 per transaction only up to 50cents each.  Many times I have recognized a safeway store (layout, tags, uniforms) and they just double every coupon.  the show is not reality…..its….fiction. I WISH it would be that easy.   I think the stores make special exceptions for the tv show to hype it up to make it more WOW.  But in the real world….we have to make LOTS of trips if we want to stock up.

    Good Luck!


    • Louisa

      To Annett,

      As far as where to get multiple papers from Oregon…..I’m not sure about every state, but here in WA you can find the Sunday papers at “The Dollar Tree” for just $1.00.  They usually have more than enough when I’ve been there.  Good luck!


      • Kelli

        I live in Washington and have never seen them at dollar tree.  What locations are they at?

        • star

          I know in the King County area they sell them at all the Dollar Tree stores and the one in Auburn and Covington carries the Tacoma New Tribune. All for only $1 and available on Saturdays.. Which is great when doublers are coming in the papers so you can be prepared for your Sunday trip. I have also come across 2-3 doublers in some of my papers once I’ve gotten home. I went in to a Dollar Tree on a Tuesday and they had just delivered more Sunday papers so they usually stay well stocked..

      • Mary S

        I’ve gotten the Sunday paper at the Dollar Tree in Burien, SouthCenter (new, in the same parking lot as Target, near the Burger King), Tacoma Mall, Lakewood Town Center, and the one further down on Steilacoom in the South Tacoma/Lakewood area. The store at the Tacoma Mall has a limit of 3 papers per person, though, so if you want more you have to take someone with you to help buy them. They said it’s because they run out and people complain; that doesn’t make sense to me, because they always had a whole grocery cart full of leftover papers at the end of the week, and now that they’ve introduced the limit, they have two carts full of leftovers….


    • Krisstina

      PERFECTLY said and in total agreement with you and every thing that you have stated.


  • Jennifer

    It’s a massive inconvenience!  I’m not a shelf clearer but I’m feeding teen-age boys and half of the football team that hang out at my house.  I like to buy more than 2 items with a coupon.  I’m taking my shopping to Stater Brothers.

  • Bob K

    I’d like to know HOW they get about 100+ duplicate coupons of everything? Do they buy 100+ newspapers or do they go to the newspaper vending machines, put in $.50 and take ALL of them? I’ve seen that happen before.

    • Annett

      Here in Oregon we have a free paper called FoodDay that comes out on Tuesdays.  It carries the Smart Source coupons (same as sunday).    I don’t know if you read my post but I know there is someone that clears out the entire box Tuesday morning and she/he leaves one paper in the window (minus the coupons) – I get there by 7 and everything is gone.  Its been that way for several weeks now.   There has to be several hundred copies of that free paper there with the coupons.  Thats one way.  Other way are buying coupons online.  >>Annett

      • kari

        Hi Annette

        Our Food day in Portland doesn’t have the coupons, they come in the mail with our weekly ads (don’t remember what it is called) so no one can get extras or steal ours.  our food day is delivered to our drive way and when i started couponing, I would tease my 10 year old son (there’s a paper… grab it..) as we walked to the park thru our neighborhood.  THANKFULLY, he has learned honesty and he would say “MOM!!  That would be stealing!”  we haven’t EVER stolen a paper and it was a good feeling to hear that we had taught him correct principles.


        Honesty all the way : )


    • Tracy

      The show should calculate the cost of buying so many newspapers or using a clipping service into the cost of what they purchase.  But I guess that doesn’t make good TV!  “Yes I got everything for 99% off, but I spent $200 on coupons!”  Oh well..

  • m

    that “share” link is really distracting.  i can’t even read without being annoyed.

    • Heidi

      I agree with you!  Where did it come from?  If it were on the left it would be easier to deal with.  It’s always in my way when reading.

  • Bob K

    I am from Utah and NO store has double coupons. It seems like if the stores stop doubling the coupons, there will be no more EXTREME couponing.

    • Miriam

      There are two in Orem. It is definitely the Walmart near the freeway (only on Tuesdays and EVERYTHING is out of stock and the max value you can get from the coupon is $1 so .50 goes to 1 and .75 does as well). They only do that because a close competitor does. I believe Kmart does often as well.

    • Michelle

      Please do not ever say that again!! I love my two fully doubling stores on the east coast (ShopRite in NJ and Price Chopper in NEPA ..yes I am an easterner, but like to check out this site!). So far I have never had any issues with coupons there. Sometimes the shelfs are cleared on the smaller sale items, but that’s usually near the end of the week. The big sale items are very well stocked by the store as they know they will go fast. I have never seen these items run out! The one thing they do is limit each sale item to 4 per variety and 1 per item on meat sales. I think this works very well also. Too bad I can’t send a ShopRite your way!

  • Annie

    I agree although the show can sometimes be entertaining at how retarded people can be, it is frustrating to the honest couponers. I also purchase a couple extra papers on good week, I never clear a shelf and it is very frustrating to go the 2nd day of a good sale and everything is gone. Here in Florida there are no double couponing so we have to get creative and stack manufacter and competitor. Target has gotten very frustrating with coupons, the last time I was there the girl was reading every coupon. When they would not scan she pulled the item out of the bag three times to figure it out. When I asked if she was going to read everyone she said yes she had to. I left everything on the belt asked for my coupons she did run and left. I now only shop at Publix, they make the process easy they check the coupon without being anal. Have the stores not realized that they get paid for the coupon including a processing fee. If anyone should dictate coupons its the manufacterer not the store.

  • Scott

    this show is an omen, as with every industry, you have these uber extreme people, just like in the real estate business who will inevitably screw it all up for the majority … you need to denounce this behavior

  • I live in Northern CA and no stores here double. I haven’t encountered any problems but always get asked if I’ve seen the show. I say no. I watched it once.

  • Annette

    I have also noticed changes in some stores Coupon Policies where they limit how many items you can get or how many like coupons you can use.

    But what really ticks me off is that there was a Store in either NC or SC last week that actually apologized in the paper for participating in the show and regretted they did. And they said that just for the show they lifted all limits on items or coupons because that is what the show asked them to do.

    Guess that’s reality TV for you. Its fiction and not real and in my opinion shows the wrong thing and people believe it.

  • Carri

    I go big shopping once a month. I prepare my coupons for a week ahead of time. I drive over an hour to get to Winco because I live in the midst of nowhere. I buy large quantities like 15 lbs of apples, a case of spaghetti sauce and 80 yogurts(which I freeze so they last). I get to the front of the line with my coupons and I get this look like I’m evil or something. I am not saving any more than 30% on these trips and noone bothers to find out that we have 8 children and with 80 yogurts in one month  that is only one per person every 3 days. I don’t have the gas to drive my giant suburban over to Winco every freakin week. I am not a huge extreme shopper. Yet that BLEEPING show has people thinking I’m insane. This has seriously gotten to the point where I have had to turn around and speak to people behind me to let them know that I’m not doing this to get on some ridiculous show! I’m simply feeding a very large family.

    I feel we should simply boycott those stores who are putting impossible limits on our coupons so they can see how very much they do make on us. Not only the money the companies reimburse that everyone would pay without coupons but the extra $.08 cents they get for each coupon we hand them! They seem to forget that they make money on us that they don’t make on everyone else.

  • MaMaLaLa

    I wish stores would create coupon lines- that way people know if they are in that line, it is going to be awhile.  I agree with most:  Freddy’s won’t get my business as much now that there is a limit.  Lame!!!

    Down with the extreme shopping show too.  I don’t watch it, b/c I don’t have cable and I don’t want to help contribute to a program that makes it harder on my family to save money.

    My question is…if many hate the show….why watch it?  Just some thoughts.

    • michelle

      What a good idea! I would love if stores had a “coupon line” like they have express lines. I’ve apologized to people behind me or warned them when I know it will take awhile and I’m not using that many coupons. The stores just have to be careful so that they DO get reimbursed. I know at my Walgreens (Helena, MT) the cashiers have to initial the coupons that they accept. I assume that’s so that the store can track who is accepting incorrect ones. But it slows things down for sure.

  • scott

    MaMaLaLa is correct, we need to boycott the show.

    if you need to live vicariously thru a tv program, all is lost … I too coupon for my family and all who insult this with their radical coupon behavior need not be supported. why the need to glorify these people?

    i’ll tell you, i was in the real estate business and these are the same people who ruined our real estate economy …STOP WATCHING

    i’m calling them tomorrow and denouncing the glorification of these idiots, i think this is their number, correct me if i am wrong

  • katy

    Couple things here in San Francisco:  1) People are stealing the coupons out of my newspaper while it’s still in front of my house (I’ve seen them).  2) Safeway is putting a limit of 2 or 4 on the little coupons in their ad.

    The sale stuff is often sold out, but then it pretty much was before Extreme Couponing.  I have a feeling those who have rushed into it will eventually give up after they have 500 free toothbrushes and realize they’re wasting their time.

    Comment on you haven’t seen the show yet:  You must see it!  They are positive greedy PIGS!  It’s disgusting.



  • Dolores Gardner

    here in Idaho FAlls Iwas told at Smiths (a Kroger store) they would be limiting to 5 like coupons.  I think that is reasonable.  But the cashier who told me acted apologetic and said something like ” well, you’re probably gonna be mad about this, but… So may be some of us couponers are part of the problem.  ??  I’ve never seen it, but the cashiers (if they don’t know you and your integrity) sure can be “pissy”. It pays to be nice, smile and build a relationship with our cashiers.  I find a big smile, and a little small talk with the cashiers makes my life so much easier when a coupon won’t scan!  They know I never try to “sneak” the wrong product or count of a coupon.  I can feel confident when I go through the line.

    As far as the show, I only watched it once.  I agree with everyone here. Waste of time, and I’m retired and have time!!!

    I appreciate the comments that have been posted.   I wonder if someone should print all these comments off and send them to a few store managers. I sure hope the people like us vastly outnumber the crappy coupners!  But by the sound of things from some cashiers, there is an entire underground plot to print fake coupons.  I sooooo wanna catch one of these people and smack ’em!

    • Orlena

      I agree it is the same here in WA. The show doesn’t give any real tips on where to get the coupons. Our local albertsons runs a special for souble coupons 1 x month, but limits to 4 doubles per day. If i know I’m going to be a while checking out I tell the person behind me and check out their cart to see if I have any coupons they could use to save a little cash. They seem to be very patient then.

  • LadyV

    I only like that show when they show the responsible couponers. You know, the ones who order their large quantities ahead AND explain that being a shelf clearer makes you a big jerk. I can usually tell when I don’t want to watch the wacko’s within the first 45 seconds. Watch for the toilet paper in the background. A 2 person household doesn’t need 300 rolls of toilet paper.
    I feel bad for the cashiers at Target. They have to be sure that the coupons match every item because they kept getting ripped off from employees not paying attention to expired or not item correct coupons. But I can get my diapers cheapest there, so I will keep going back. I know my coupons are correct and I usually only have 10-30. So other people can just be patient or I will let my toddler and infant scream their heads off on purpose 🙂

  • All the Krogers in the Houston area stopped doubling coupons and accepting a paper and e-coupon on one product this summer. I have since stopped shopping at Kroger and it used to be my favorite place for deals.

  • Charity

    I hate the show.  I don’t coupon as much anymore because all of the stores in our area have been come, let me put it bluntly, obnoxious, about coupons and people who use them.  I get looked at like I’m a thief.  Here is an example of…I make all my own homemade bread and I had 25 yeast coupons.  I split them up and bought 12 packets one trip and then I went back a week later and bought the rest.  I didn’t even clear the shelf.  There were 5 boxes with 15 packets in each box on the shelf….So there were 4 boxes of 15 in each left.  The cashier looked at me and said why do you need so many yeast coupons – baking bread or something? (He ws very sarcastic).   Sarcastically I remarked, yes.  I’ve found I made a list and get what I can for free or 75% off.  It’s just not worth the hassle any more.  I save where I can, but I just don’t want to fight with people any more.  I still use coupons a lot, but I have to literally travel several trips to save what I did or break up my purchases either 3 or 4 times to get the savings.  I get tired of it sometimes and just don’t do it.

  • Crystal

    We watched it last week with the College Kid you had 11 years of Laundry Soap and was still paying over a dollar for each one.  That’s crazy. 

    My daughter(age 6) looked at me and said, “he has too much stuff, he should donate it!”


    If my 6 year old daughter gets it, why can’t they?  I love my 3-6month stockpile.  I don’t need a decade of stuff to feel cool.  I personally don’t want my house and life to be filled with stuff.  There’s much more important things out there to fill you life up with!

  • jAMIE

    I love the new store limits that are now necessary to have a chance at getting any deals thanks to this stupid show that shows non-true scenarios and gets the naive viewers believing that they can start couponing and push out carts full of food for pennies. Rite Aids limit of 4 is fair, but Krogers is crazy, 2 like coupons? That is ridiculous and worth no one’s time or gas to drive there to shop for 2 measly like coupons, I agree 4 or 5 would be great.  I stopped shopping at Target over a year ago, they are extremely coupon un-friendly spending minutes per coupon scrutinizing every little detail, pulling out each item to make sure it was exactly like the picture on the coupon, it was downright embarassing holding up the line that long.  After the clerk told me i couldn’t use a pull ups coupon because the picture showed boy pull ups and i had girl pull ups and fought me on it for 2 minutes and refused to call a manager because “he had been trainined only to accept EXACTLY what was on the coupon” they lost my business completely.


    What’s crazy is that these hoarders then have to spend money to convert their garages and houses into storage facilities for crap they will never in a hundred years be able to use all of, they are just wasting it and selfishly taking deals away from others who might actually need one or two to get by.  When you have to spend money to store the junk that you won’t ever use before expiring, how much are you really saving? Shelving and storage isn’t cheap.  The majority of the people on the show are just crazy hoarders who aren’t really saving anything, they are just showing the world how stupid and selfish they are and the show isn’t showing th. You know in the end 90% of what they buy will go bad before they use it, what a waste! They think they are being smart by getting one over on the store repeately, enjoy the thrill of getting something for free but they aren’t bettering themselves or helping anyone at all.  They think they won by getting 100 free toothpastes, but they are really just  need some psychological help for their addiction to the rush.

  • elizabeth

    target has become a complete joke! i never shop there anymore since the last time i was in they scrutinized every single coupon i had. i used to love couponing now i hate what its becoming. i get stares and glares every where i go with my binder like im crazy. i dont hoard i have a stock pile because i like to share with my 4 sisters and their families as well as my parents. i rarely use food coupons because most food coupons are for processed foods that i dont use so i dont know how the “extreme couponers” on tlc can say they feed their families with couponing. (and where do they get all these soda coupons?!)

  • Heidi

    Does anyone know what ipad application the ladies on the first new episode this week were using?  I’ve searched my ipad for apps and I don’t see anything that tracks your coupons in spreadsheet form.

    On a side note:  Glad to see the one lady spent $120 on her shopping trip.  I think thats more realistic for most people.  I don’t think they show how many catalinas, credits, etc that these people use from past purchases.

    • Tracy

      Also the lady that spent $120 had $75 prescription coupon that she used?  It was on the screen.  That means she transferred 5 presciptions over to that store.  It also means that her total was more like $195 after coupons.  They never talk about the fact that these shoppers went to the store the week before and spent a lot of money to get a bunch of Catalinas or Rewards certificates so they can make the show shopping trip less money.  That said, I keep trying not to watch it..but I still do!

  • elizabeth

    i forgot to mention that the food 4 less in my area which is a kroger store will no longer accept coupons with sale items!?!?! this came directly from the manager and said it was a policy in all food 4 less stores but when i called the neighboring town store they said that was ridiculous which it is!!! so now if i want to shop at food 4 less i have to drive farther wasting more gas.

  • Mary S

    First I have to admit I enjoy the show – I think those people are completely crazy, and while I’ve learned a few things I would do, I mostly learn what NOT to do from watching. I think the thing I hate the most about it, though, is knowing that the stores are bending the rules for the show. On this week’s episode, the lady went to Kroger, and they gave her almost $140.00 store gift card for her overage, but the coupon policy online for Kroger states that you cannot have overage, that you have to use that towards purchasing extra items. I think they should have to follow the same rules I have to! And I really want to see the expression on that lady’s face when she finally gets to the bottom of that pile of juice she has and has to actually drink juice that’s been sitting in her garage for 3 years……..

    Regarding limits, I actually like it when stores have a limit, because that means there’s usually some of the item left on the shelf for me! However, a limit of 2 like items is crazy. If that is going to be Kroger’s policy, I will shop there even less than I do now. I also think that stores, rather than impose limits, purposely do not restock shelves once they’re cleared. A few months ago when they had the Garnier shampoo deal at Albies, where you could double the coupon and get them for 50 cents each, this was proven to me. I went into the store around 10:30 Sunday morning, and they were cleaned out. The cashier told me they would be restocked by 5 on Tuesday night, so I came back at 5:30 Tuesday night. The shelf was still empty, so I asked one of the workers if they were going to be stocking them. She told me they already had, but her manager had only let her put out one case of shampoo and one case of conditioner, and was making her hold the rest until the next day (after the sale was over). What she had put out had been cleaned out within 5 minutes of her putting them out. She offered me a raincheck, which of course expired before we got the next set of double coupons so I never did get the 50 cent deal……

    As for the comments about Target, while I agree that it is a BIG hassle, the deals when you can stack coupons make it worth it. A few weeks ago I had one of those “the picture doesn’t match” issues, and the clerk refused to call the manager. I have found that raising my voice just a little usually results in a manager showing up to see what’s wrong, so I just said “I want to talk to a manager” a couple of times, really loud, and she showed up. I immediately appologised to the manager for getting loud, then explained the problem. She read the coupon, then explained to the cashier that the coupon stated that it was good for ANY Cascade product, not just the one in the picture. Target is probably penalizing the cashiers if they take an incorrect coupon, just like they penalize them if their till is off. The cashiers are so worried about getting it wrong, they’d rather make the customers mad than take the chance…

    My final comment – whenever I plan to use coupons, I give myself a pep talk before going into the store and again before getting into line at the cash register. Like most of us visiting this site, I have a very limited budget for food and household essentials, and by using coupons I have been able to get the items I want/need for less money. I tell myself it’s ok if the items are out of stock, and yes, the cashier or other customers may be rude, but it IS worth it. When I get home and see how much money I’ve saved, or the items I’ve gotten that I never could or  would have gotten without the discounts, it’s easy to shrug off the hassle. Plus, anything I don’t spend from my monthly budget goes into a piggy bank, which we then use towards “play”, things like going to the movies that we don’t have room in our budget for, which is sort of a reward for putting up with all the hassle. and still saving money.. 🙂

  • Bruce

    The Extreme couponing show is ruining it for us all. There have been restrictions added to all the stores in our area. I am sure the next thing to go will be the Walmart credits. The people who volunteer to be on this show are only hurting themselves in the long run. They too will suffer because of the coupon restrictions. If nobody would volunteer to be on the show then there would not be a show.

    • michelle

      I agree! But knowing you could get one giant trip with no restrictions on doubles, etc would be very tempting. Plus that 5 minutes of fame. Those are not incentives for me but I can see how enticing it would be for others.

  • Jessica B

     I refuse to watch it, it only helps their ratings. I think what Kroger has done is really absurd, considering they have lifted limits for the show when they’ve been on it, showing people doing things that they don’t normally do in their store. Then Kroger finds it becoming a problem, what did they expect? I hope kroger shoppers choose to take their business elsewhere.

  • Sheila

    I live in the East and although we have a lot of stores that will double coupons up to $1.00 I have never found a store that we give you credit for any overages.  In fact I have been given a hard time when I try to use a coupon which exceeds the price of the item.  At most they will give me credit for the price of the item.

  • Wanda

    Giant Eagle recently changed their coupon policy.  Now you can only use 2  internet printed coupons for  each item per visit  and the maximum for manufacturing coupons up to 12 per item.  Visited Walgreens over the weekend and bought 3 bags of chips on sale and had a printed internet coupon for each but the cashier would not accept more than 1 coupon because scanner beeped on the second one.  I purchased the other 2 bags but was kind of bothered by being limited to 1 coupon. 


  • Kaye

    I love coupons & ad match and took notes as the average customer came through the lane so I could repeat the deals when I shopped. Most of the customers in our small town are my neighbors,friends and coworkers. I have worked as a cashier for both Target and Walmart in the past. When you are the one at the “point of sale” you are under severe pressure to get it right because it is your job at stake. In this economy, be considerate and never put a cashier in a position between your coupon or their job, you won’t win that battle nor will you get respect. The guest/customer can raise their voice and put on a “game” face just to get you to push through what could be a bad coupon. I will accept that sort of behavior for the acting that it is and let the manager deal with you rather than loose my job. As a shopper here is what you do. Take the time to clear all your coupons with a manager BEFORE going through a lane. To avoid red flags and being a person with a reputation of having to be”dealt” with: Keep it under 40 coupons. Those coupons total group need to be under $50. No single coupon to be over $20 in value. This strategy will smooth things out. and is a great deal for the average single family budget.

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