Tips For Saving on School Clothes

Take an inventory– Look through each child’s closet and see what they have that still fits. Move out the clothing that no longer fits. Then decide exactly which articles of clothing are needed.

Set a budget– How much are you going to spend? It is easy to spend twice as much if you do not have a budget in mind. Use price points and your inventory to set a budget. If you need 3 pair of pants and you have a price point of $10 each set a pant budget for $30. If you need 5 shirts and your price point is $5 then add $25 to the budget. Your total budget would be $55 and you could spend a little more on shirts if you were able to score a fab deal on pants. Allow a little wiggle room. Add $10-$20 for a luxury item or the unexpected. But DO NOT EXCEED THE BUDGET. Luxury spending allowance should be set ahead of time so spending does not get out of control.

Know your price points– I always have price points when I shop for clothing. I don’t like to pay more than $20 for a pair of jeans. This is easier than you think because Target often offers jeans for under $20 with free shipping. I will splurge at $30 if the cut or quality is exceptional. I try to stick to around $15 or less for shirts or blouses. For my kids I stick to around $10 for jeans and try to get shirts for around $5.

Shop out of season– When summer clothes go on clearance stock up for next year. You can easily save 75% by planning ahead for the next year.

Look for Clearance– Clearance racks are always there. Be sure to check them for good deals.

Yard Sales– If you live in an area that holds yard sales you can save around 90% on clothing that you buy.

Thrift Stores and Consignment– Shop your local thrift store when they have specials. Find out when they stock with new clothing so you can pick from the newest items. Thrift store shopping takes patience, but can really pay off.

Look for coupons– We love shopping at Fred Meyer. In addition to their low prices they offer 15% off coupons most week in the store ad.
Sign up for the mailing list of your favorite retailers so you can get alerts of sales or exclusive coupons by email.

Budgeting for Teens– Don’t tell your teen you are giving them a budget, Budget sounds too restrictive. Tell your teen they are getting a clothing allowance. An allowance will help your teen feel empowered rather than restricted.

Involve your Teen– Encourage your teen to search on social networks like facebook and twitter for coupons at their favorite retailers. If they have to have name brand clothing at least they can have it for less.

Never Pay Full Price– Most every clothing item that enters a store will go on sale at one time or another. Get to know your stores sale cycle. Ask store managers when certain items are going to go on sale.

Don’t Forget to Shop Online– Shopping online will save you money on gas, will save you time and will keep you from having to buy overpriced generally unhealthy food when you are out and about.

Here is a list of places we like to shop online…

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  • Don’t forget Costco. I love their snozu jackets for kids. They run around 19.99 and are high quality and perfect for Washington raining weather. Costco also has great socks and backpacks.

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