9 Ways to Teach your Child How to Read!

How to teach your child to read

Help your Children Learn to Read

As an elementary school teacher I have experienced the joy of seeing kids learn to read from the basic steps of letter identification all the way to reading novels. One of the best things that a family can do to help is engage in the process! In teaching my own children how to learn to read I have used several different resources and strategies and wanted to share my top tips on how to help your kids as well!

Tip #1 Get creative together!
Making a teaching tool is a fantastic way to engage with your child and get them excited to learn. I make a lot of my own tools and this one for word families is easy to make and will cost you only pennies! Word families help to build rhyming skills and shows patterns for spelling.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Paint samples from home improvement store
Hole Punch
Key ring or Book Ring
Laminator (optional)
Scissors or Paper Trimmer
Markers or White board markers

Supplies WF

To begin with, trim off any words that are on the paint sample, then write a word family on the top section color. (You can laminate the paint samples if you would like to have them for multiple practices.) To begin with, work on one word family until your child is confident with it and move on to the next one. Here are the ten word families that I chose to start with: _an, _at, _et, _ip, _op, _un, _eat, _ake, _end, & _ight.

Next, use the hole punch to put a hole at the top of each card, then put them on the ring, and you’re done! If you laminate your cards, use a white board marker and then re-use the cards. If you choose not to laminate the cards, you can add multiple cards on to the ring after each practice…perfect for looking back to see all of the work that has been done!

Word Family Pratice

Tip #2: Read to them!
I know you’ve heard this before, but it’s so important! This is one of the best things that you can do for your child in the reading process, and it’s great for so many reasons. They hear the flow of reading, watch you turn pages, read from top to bottom, and even learn how to hold a book. *And a bonus, snuggle time is great! 🙂

Here are a few of my favorites:
Bear Wants More
The Giving Tree
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
First 100 Words
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Tip #3: Have them read to you!
Even if they are not reading yet they can look at the pictures and make up their own story. Or, if you’ve read the story several times they will begin to tell the story back to you in the correct sequence. For example, Goodnight Moon is an ideal book for the kids to point out and “read” about what they are saying goodnight to.

Tip #4: Go to the Library
The library is a perfect frugal resource for your kiddo. Look for free classes that you can do together, or just pick a cozy spot on the floor and read together. My kids love going to library and are actually disappointed if we miss it one week on our regular day (not even kidding!) 🙂

Tip #5: Find resources online
There are several websites that you can use as a resource for early reading skills. Starfall.com is one of my personal favorites. You can also find preschool programs online that you can subscribe to. Some of the Fab Team ladies use ABCMouse and love it! You can score a great deal on a monthly subscription right now too!

Tip #6: Find a topic they like
This is especially important as they get older. There are times that I struggle to get my oldest son to read even though he’s a proficient reader. The turning point for me was finding topics that he wants to read and learn more about. We started with books about dinosaurs, big rig trucks, the solar system, and currently he enjoys learning about the Revolutionary War and colonial history.

Or for something a little more light, This Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids is a book that we got him for Christmas and he LOVES it! It’s a fun book to get them engaged and provided hours of entertainment!

Tip #7: Encorporate Games in to the learning
Learning how to read can be so much fun when you bring in a game that they won’t even realize you’re trying to reinforce the learning. 🙂 Here are three of my favorites, but there are so many more!

Big Boggle

Big Boggle is a fun game for kids of all ages, and it works really well as kids are learning to read. Use the timer, or leave it in the box and work together to find three letter words or more based on your child’s skill level. This is also a fun one for family game night as the kids get older.

Big Boggle – $14.18

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  • Contains 25 plastic letter cubes, plastic cubegrid, dome and cover


Quiddler is a fantastic game for early readers because you can adjust the game to easier or harder word combinations based on skill level. We play this in our family with our third graders as well as our Kindergartner and adjust each person’s goal for the game. This is a great price for this game and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a fun way to incorporate learning in to family game night.

Quiddler – $9.25

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  • Great family game, kids can compete with adults

Spot it alphabet

Spot It! Alphabet – $9.99

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  • Play and learn your ABCs & colors. Perfect for preschoolers!

Tip #8: Find the right level for your child and start there.
Often, kids will become frustrated with learning to read if the material they are reading is too difficult. Find the correct level and start there to build on what they already know.

Bob Books

I love the simplicity of the Bob Books for early learners. My daughter started on these and we work together then she spends time reading it independently.

Bob Books

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Set 1: Beginning Readers – $10.25
Set 2: Advancing Beginners – $9.60
Set 3: Word Families – $11.89
Sight Words: Kindergarten – $9.48

 Check out all of the Bob Books here!

Tip #9: Be the Example
Kids are watching everything we do, and that means if we want them to enjoy reading and learning, we have to set the tone. Grab a good book for yourself, cuddle up together and spend an hour reading! I remember as a kid that my mom and I would spend a lazy day Sunday reading books…it was wonderful! What is your favorite book? I love anything by Dee Henderson, and just checked out the first book in the Hunger Game series (I know, I know…WAYYY behind!)
Early Readers
What do you do to help your kiddo with reading? I would love to hear your ideas and creative projects! 
Lastly, I also wanted to share this Laminator I got for Christmas. I LOVE IT! 🙂 It’s perfect for home use, and I already have a list of things planned for it.


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