Time to Get Organized: Clean Out Your Coupon Binder! {July 3}

Is Your Binder Feeling… UGH!!!???

Organization is KEY to couponing! If you aren’t organized, couponing can get frustrating and even come to a halt! Also, if you don’t clean out your binder – you’ll get to the point where you can’t close it (and then it’s a pain to carry around)!


One of the things that I love about the clip-LESS coupon organization system is that it’s easy to pull out expired coupons. Remember that you can always donate expired coupons to the Overseas Coupon Program!

Here is a list & this is how you use it…

  1. This is a list of  all the  inserts that still have unexpired coupons.   If the insert isn’t listed, that means there are no valid coupons in it.
  2. The date in blue is the Sunday that the insert came out.
  3. Underneath each date are unexpired coupons (as well as their expiration date)
  4. Personally, if I know with out a doubt that I will NOT use that coupon, I’ll pull the entire insert to make room in my binder. OR…
  5. You may want to just clip out the few remaining coupons and pull the rest of the insert.
  6. If you have any inserts older than August 7, 2011, you don’t need them any more!

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{if you are viewing this in email or a reader, you’ll want to click here to see the embedded list}

Click here to view this spreadsheet in a new page.

{or print your own by clicking here}

As you scroll down, you’ll be able to see the newer inserts still have many coupons available.

Is this useful?  Do you want me to do this every month?

Please leave a comment if you are a clip-less coupon organizer and have an idea for making this easier to read!


  • Melanie

    This is so helpful! Thank you, thank you!!!!!!

  • Danielle

    Yes, please continue to do this! I use a combination of methods. Each week I clip the coupons for our favorite products and those that I know I will use. I put those in my baseball card pages in my binder. Then I slide the rest of the insert into a sheet protector and put it in another binder. That way I have my favorites easily accessible, but I can easily get to other coupons for unexpected needs or sales.

  • Meridian Mama

    I agree, I also like to see which inserts I can recycle! Thank you for posting this info!!!

  • Michelle Horstman

    Thank you so much! My binder needed a good cleaning!

  • CasiKimber

    I love you doing this each month! I was very sad that it hadnt been done in a while. Thank you very much for your time spent. 🙂

  • Nancy

    I love this method and your lists. Please keep doing it.

  • ali

    Each time I get an insert I’ll quickly go through it & cut out the ones I KNOW I’ll use then I will keep the insert in my binder & mark with a sharpie on the cover the date. I don’t use a separate binder because (honestly) I don’t cut out many coupons. I think over 75% of the coupons I use are the ones I thought I’d NEVER use or I printed myself! I think its because I never tried the brand or product. For example at Rite Aid this week they had that good deal on Garnier products. I never tried any Garnier products before…but when I saw that I could get 3 shampoos & 2 stylers for under a buck each after all the manu coups, video value coups & +Up’s, you bet I was clipping like crazy!!! LOL When it comes to living within a tight budget for my family & using coupons you can’t be brand picky. I learned that mistake from clipping out coups I knew I’d use then tossing the rest of the insert away…then finding out I could have gotten several cheap soaps or whatever for almost nothing! Lesson learned! I tried both ways (cutting out all coups & putting them in a baseball card sleeve binder & then just saving all inserts & cut when needed) & I came to realizing that I got burnt outta couponing faster with cutting out all the coups! HOWEVER, both ways take just as much time I think because if you find a good match then you got to find the insert, then go page-by-page to hunt for the coup to clip…then when its several months down the road you got to look at each insert & see if all the coups are expired before putting it in the recycle bin.

    I think with seeing your list it will help us with our time management more. So instead of going through each insert which takes forever cause you have to look at each tiny exp date, we can just view your master list. Everyone has to realize that time is worth money too & just because we are saving at the checkout, we’re still spending money on electricity to search the pc, ink & paper to print, gas to drive to the store & so on.

    I think if you continue to update the master list anyone who is following it each month will appreciate the time you took to update it. I think the only tip I would have is if for each insert not to have the list be in alpha, but by page so if I pull out 6/17 RP’s (for example) I can go down your list as I turn the page instead of “hunting” for Dial hand soap coup.

    • ali

      Sorry, I didn’t see that you were arranging the coupons by expiration date so please ignore what I wrote about arranging them! I think making it available in excel would be good so we can save it instead of having to print it! 🙂

  • Waco Bayless

    This would be very useful but, I can’t figure out how to get it printed. When I click on “click here”, it takes me to the same page.

  • Alison

    Thank you SO MUCH! My box was in SERIOUS need of a clean-out, and I was so bogged down in looking at the dates before recycling, my husband was ready for me to bag couponing altogether. But 40 minutes with your list, and I’m all caught up and have removed 70% of what I’d been storing in my box! Yay!

  • Sarah

    LOVE THIS!! Thank you so much!

  • Amber

    If it wasn’t for the clipless method and tools provided, I would NEVER be a couponer! I would be too overwhelmed!!! Love this so much! Thank you for compiling this list!

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