This Is What Happens When You Send Your Husband To The Grocery Store…


Apparently we had some unforeseen Easy Cheese emergency that warranted a $6.59 price!


Disclaimer:  All the Fabs love their husbands who totally support their frugal fabulessness!


  • ha ha mine spent 1.99 on a can of cream of chicken soup. he wont do it again. I bought 20 cans with coupons 39cents each

  • I feel your pain :0) My husband paid $ 3.99 for a box of ten pencils last summer. I took them back 🙂

  • I think my honey is afraid to go shopping anymore 🙂 Too many times has he come home when I asked him to pick up milk or whatever, and he bought “extras” and I’m like… I had a coupon for that… and that… and that 🙂
    I’m so proud of him though… if I’m sick or just don’t feel like going I can write him a list, give him the coupons, and he’ll get it done!
    Plus, he’s awesome about supporting my coupon habit 🙂

    • To be fair, he now prints me coupons from his facebook account and always brings me home all of the catalina coupons. I just thought this was too hilarious not to share, talk about “sticker shock”

    • My hubby is the same as yours Becky. He opts to avoid shopping saying I will get a better deal but when it comes down to it, he can take the stack of coupons and do just fine. Hooray for supportive spouses!

  • Thanks Dawn that made me smile! 🙂

  • my husband wont buy anything at all, because chances are i have a coupon in my binder and he would never hear the end of it lol

  • $6.59? was he shopping at 7-11? hahahahahah
    WE (couponers) don’t even pay that much for 2#’s of TILLAMOOK Cheese : )
    that is funny 🙂 $6.59 is like 1.5 gallons of gas : )

  • I think these “blunders” are the very reason we use coupons in the first place…our week to week savings are sorta like having a little slush fund in case of boo boo’s !!!

  • I just refuse to look at the receipt when the hubby goes to the store. The funny part: When I ask him what he wants when I’m about to go shopping, he gives me a list but then says: “Only if it’s on sale.” lol

  • My hubby tels me he likes a certain protein bar I got for almost free with coupons and I said- sorry, don’t expect it again- these rarely go on sale or have coupons. He understands and eats what I get.

  • My bf does the same thing when im not with him. When he comes home with something expensive, I show him the coupon and then he says, baby, ur right. I won’t buy it again. So, I do all of the food shopping at.home…

  • Actuallyy, that is what happens when you send your non-couponing spouse to the store. Their gender doesn’t make a difference. My wife spent $8 on a container of ice cream the other day. Argh!

  • I would totally FREAK!

  • My fiance did this recently… He wanted to check out Rite Aid since I spend so much time there 🙂 One of my fav cashiers was working and was shocked I had no coupons to use. $60 (after my 20% I might add) and a VERY small bag later we were out of there. The only bright side was it helped push my point totals that much quicker and helped me hit gold for next year 🙂

  • Holy cow! That is why my Hubby is BANNED from shopping!

  • okay, i’m completely laughing at myself because my jaw dropped and i said, “Oh my g…..” i laugh when i see people BUYING stuff i get for almost free—and i think back to what i paid in the past! spray cheese….ha ha. 7-11, that’s funny.

  • Actually I think it’s healthy to let the non-couponer go once in a while. It makes you appreciate how little you normally spend and helps them to understand what it’s like for you to track deals and clip coupons. We have a rule at my house–if you can’t enjoy it, then there’s no use for it. We use this rule for budgets, groceries, and even entertainment. If he enjoys it, let him splurge once in a while. You’ll both be better off for it.

    • I wish this was on facebook so i could “like” it!

    • great comment! At out house I don’t by the coupon items if we don’t eat them. but they don’t go to waste either cause I give them to my coupon buddy and in return she gives me coupons for the items that we do eat at our house. We have too many food allergies so I have to be careful about what I buy and am thankful when there is a coupon for something we can eat.

  • I am not sure why anyone would buy spray cheese with or without a coupon. That stuff is so gross.

  • I sent my hubby to th store for string cheese.. That can is exactly what he came home with! I was like umm wheres the cheese? He says he bought it I start searching all the bags loooking for those yummy mozzarella sticks when he whips out the can and says HERE IT IS! I’m like wtf is that? He says “you said string cheese!” so I tell him “do you EVER see me buying that cheese ? ..never ever ! So why th heck would I want tTHAT kind of cheese!.. He also buys oranges for $3 each orange claiming that..he only buys the BEST for me!! The on sale ones just don’t cut it!… Meaning I wrote oranges on the list , & he saw an orange and grabbed an orange! Forget coupons this boy don’t even look at price tags!

  • I hate when I am desperate for a gallon of milk and have to buy it here in my little town. I swear they buy it the same place I do and double the price. But a trip to town costs more than the difference. Aaarrrggghh!

  • I always say that why I coupon … so I can pay for all my husbands habits … my husband doesn’t look at prices!!

  • You can be the exact same can of cheese at the dollar store!

  • As I say, shop carefully because if you spend too much there will not be any funds for beer!
    The cheese is more than his six pack, he would never buy it>

  • I cringe every time I know my husband went to the store. He has a bad habit of stopping at a CONVENIENCE store next to his office. I know you all know what outrageous price he pays there for the same stuff I get dirt cheap or free. We also discovered that we cannot Christmas shop together. We went together for the first time this year and I cringed every time he put something in his cart that I could have gotten at 50% off or more! And btw we have been married for 27 years but he has always liked to buy gifts for everyone himself so he can say he did it. I knew he spent more than me but wow!

  • I shared this post on facebook because it made me laugh. Here is my sarcastic, fun sisters comment:

    “You never know when you will need to repel an invader with squeeze cheese. THEN it would be worth the $6.59!”

  • Thanks for all your comments. My husband and I have been laughing all day.

  • Hahahaha!! Love it!

  • OUCH!! Trust me, I know the feeling. My honey went grocery shopping the other day and bought a 4 pack of individual (kids size) kraft macaroni and cheese… For almost $6!! He thought it was cool because they were spongebob shapes. If you cook all 4 packs, its less than 1 box and 5 times the price!! :/

  • So.. I am reading a lot of the comments here.. and maybe its just me feeling picked on for the guys… but Dang… maybe you should nicer to your husbands. I am the couponer in my house, and I don’t berate my wife when she doesn’t get a good deal, I don’t tell her that you are “BANNED from shopping” and “1.99 on a can of cream of chicken soup. he wont do it again.” what the hell??!! If you don’t want them getting stuff make sure you don’t run out, and make sure anything needed is at the house, don’t make him feel like a stupid idiot because he didn’t do what you can. I am sure he CAN do some things that would be easy for him that you can’t do. Sheesh…

    • It is not a serious problem with my husband. He knows I am not putting him down but we can laugh at the things that drive us crazy and tease each other about it. We are not saying they are dumb and can’t do it. Don’t take all this that seriously.

  • Ha ha ha…did he think you meant cans of spray string for a party? I like the idea of using it to defend his kingdom from attack.

  • Ok, so I do ALL of the coupon shopping when I go shopping on the first of the month and then again at the end of the month, like IF I see something that we would use and is on SALE, so then mid month, my mom goes, or my brother/his fionce. Mom, will use coupons if I hand them to her and say here this is on sale and here’s a coupon….my brother will go if we say we need this, here’s a coupon, and he knows to check prices, but his fionce, doesn’t care, it drives me NUTS!!!! And my dad will just go, fill the cart, and get to the check out with the 7.00 can of spray cheese, and be like eh, whatever I wanted it. IF I did all the shopping we could get away with 200 per month, but with the rest of them….ummmmm…yeah groceries add up to OVER 450 a month…I just sometimes want to say GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!!!! Not only am I willing to find the coupons, clip them/print and clip them, make the list, and hand them everything in a bundle, if one of them would do that for me…ahhhh…I’d have like 4-6 hours extra a month to crochet, study, watch tv, play wii! LOL!!!!

  • Easy cheese emergency…that’s funny! lol I’m pretty sure my DH would have the sense not to spend over 6 bucks on a can of easy cheese.

    I’ve learned to hold my tongue about what DH buys that I had coupons for. I’m just glad he’ll go shopping! I don’t take couponing too seriously. It’s only a few extra dollars that he spends, after all; well worth maintaining good feelings between us (and his occasional donut run). lol

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