The Golden Rule Revisited

I know tonight many of you locals were frustrated. Angry, really.  You were all geared up to get a smokin’ deal on burritos and chimis and MANY of you left empty handed and annoyed.  I witnessed the madness first hand.

As I was putting my groceries in my car, I saw a couple loading case after case of Jose Ole boxes into their truck. They looked pleased with themselves, so I asked if they were able to stock up for friends and family too, curious how one couple could possibly need that many cases. The woman smiled and said, “nope we were able to get 37 cases just for us.” 37 CASES?  37 CASES??!!! That is almost 900 chimichangas!!!

I wanted to slap some sense into her right then and there. But I was alone. In a dark parking lot. And they were mean looking. So I said nothing. What I should have said was this:

We are a community of couponers. By taking your first coupon shopping trip, you buy passage into our elite club. We are frugal. We pinch pennies. We actually ENJOY grocery shopping. We are obviously first and foremost looking out for our own families, but we are not a selfish group. We share deals. We trade coupons. We give tips and offer up tales of trial and error. We support each other. We take only what we need, what we will use. And if there is not enough to stock our pantries to the brim like we had planned, we put some back; we offer some to others. Because THAT is what a community of couponers does.

What I witnessed tonight was ugly. It was mean. It was selfish. It was behavior that will change the rules for all of us. It will make “couponer” be spoken with disdain. And it shouldn’t be.

The reason this blog came to be was for the sole purpose of sharing deals with friends and family. Obviously it has grown into so much more. As our readership has expanded, so has our appreciation for our readers. As we have gotten to know you through comments, emails and classes, we have been blessed to be a part of this coupon community.

And that is why it is sad to know that a few from that community don’t play by the rules. Couponing is a privilege. Stores are not required to work with us to help you snag killer deals. They choose to.  Having stores that support us and remain coupon friendly should not be taken lightly. Dishonest, unethical couponers have the potential to ruin a really good thing. And for all of the hours we pour into this blog, to watch as so many people abuse the system is disheartening.

We know you are trying to save your family money and we obviously support that. But what we do not, and what we will never support, is going about that in an unethical way. So our plea to you tonight is to be kind. That’s it. Just coupon following the  Golden Rule. It’s simple really and it will allow all of us to coupon and take advantage of awesome deals for years to come.