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I have sensitive skin.  Extremely sensitive.  In fact, when I’m pregnant, my skin gets so sensitive I can’t use any lotion! Even baby lotions make me break out.  So, it’s been a while since I’ve checked out any body products for myself, because I don’t want to break out.  Winter is miserable.  The dry, combined with the cold, and not being able to use any lotion is horrible.  So, when The Body Shop contacted us about participating in our gift guide, I had mixed emotions.  I was excited to get to try a new product, but I was seriously doubtful as to if I’d actually be able to use it!

They sent me products to try, but they haven’t gotten here yet (because they are having SUCH an awesome sale, we wanted to let you know about it earlier than we had originally planned to feature them), so I went into the store to see what I could find out.  I expected to be able to rub some lotions on, and figured I’d break out and that would be the end of that.  First of all, they have testers for almost EVERYTHING.   Want to try the shower gel?  Yep!  You totally can!  Not only can you try their items in store, but they’ll send you home with a sample big enough to actually use!  You can take a WHOLE shower with the sample of shower gel.  Not just wash your hands :).   The only thing they don’t have a sample for is the bar soap.  Which made total sense to me… because there isn’t a hygienic way to let a whole bunch of people try the same bar of soap.


Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath – Add some to your running water when drawing your bath for lots of bubbles, or after your bath is full, for a silky soak in the tub!


Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel – it doesn’t take very much of this to get your Bath Lily totally covered in suds.  One thing that I really liked about the shower gel is that it’s a soap free cleanser, so while it gets you totally clean, it doesn’t dry your skin out.  In fact, the Argan Oil is perfect for dry skin!  The moisture it provides it awesome!


Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub – the key to this rough scrub is to use it after you use the shower gel, not before, like you (and I) might think!  Get your body clean with the shower gel, and then use the rough scrub to get off any dry skin and to exfoliate.  Then rinse it off, and out of the shower you get!  The next step is the body butter!


Wild Argan Oil Body Butter – This body butter is amazing.  Unlike the other butters I’ve tried, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy at all.  When you put it on, originally it feels like it’s just going to sit there on top, but after a minute or so, your skin is totally soft and creamy, and the feel of the body butter is totally gone!  Bonus – it keeps working for 24 hours, so you don’t have to keep putting it on over and over.  Once in the morning, and if it’s a super dry day, once at night, and you’re done!


Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap – So all of that above stuff… it’s great right?  But this one… if you have kids… it’s simply bliss.  The 1o minutes you get for a shower… every other day? If you’re lucky… Grab this bar of soap, and use it in the shower.  It massages you, and cleans at the same time!  So you turn your rushed shower into a tiny bit of me time! The bar of soap itself has a very cool design.  It’s made to fit in your hand, to prevent slipping, and dropping of the soap!


Coconut and Strawberry Hand Cream – for a lighter feel than the Body Butters, this hand cream is modeled after The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector.  They only product from The Body Shop I had ever used before… that stuff is killer for dry and rough hands!  These scented hand creams don’t last quite as long (the Hemp Hand Protector last through washing your hands 6 times!) but they do help keep your hands soft.  And since they come in your favorite fragrances, you can smell amazing all day!  Plus, they fit in your purse, without adding a lot of weight! In my opinion they are the perfect purse size lotion!  And because of the durable tube, they aren’t likely to spring a leak in your purse, like some of those other ones 🙂


Vitamin E Cream Cleanser – This stuff is GREAT!  It gets your face clean, without leaving a) a bunch of gunk on your face – clogging you up or b) stripping your face so you are super dry!  It’s the perfect mix of clean and moisture. It has a soft, mild, non soapy fragrance, and is gentle to all skin types!  However, if your skin is super sensitive, like mine, they have one that’s even MORE gentle, the Aloe line of products.  They are simply exquisite. But the Vitamin E Cleanser was great, even on my super sensitive skin!  And remember, they’ll give you a sample in the store, so you don’t have to commit.  You can try both, before deciding on your favorite!


Colour Crush Nail Polish – If you have been following our website long, you know I’m a fan of Nail Polish.  I have dozens of bottles, mainly from a single brand I love.  So, trying to get me to move away from said brand is difficult.  But, give me something for free, and I’m happy to try it at least once!  And I’ll tell you what, this nail polish sold me!  I loved a few things about it, but number one was the quick dry effect!  I tested a color of polish on my nails in store, and it was dry in less than a minute.  Like safe to touch, work, etc dry.  Non tacky.  Ready to go.  As a mom of young kids, me time is pretty rare, but being able to do my nails and move on, like the Colour Crush Nail polish does is awesome!  Another thing I loved that the top coat and base coat?  Same thing!  And hey, one less thing to keep track of?  YEAH!!

There are a TON of different colors too!

The Body Shop Nail Polishes

Now, I told you at the beginning of this, that we moved up this giveaway/review because of the AWESOME sale they are having this week!  So, let me tell you about it!  Because if you are at all a fan of The Body Shop, you aren’t going to want to miss out!

The Body Shop supplied products for my review, but all opinions are my own!

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