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Because really, does this make your mouth water? It sure does mine!

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Now it’s time for the nightly wrap up!

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  • I wonder how much you really save if you don’t already have a freezer, and you buy one specifically to save money on great deals like this, but you’re paying for both the freezer and the extra electricity to run it. Where I am in Phoenix, the only practical place for a freezer is in the garage, since virtually no one has basements or large utility rooms. Garages can be well over 100 degrees throughout the summer months – wouldn’t that be an expensive place to try to keep food cold? I’d love for someone to tell me that it’s really worthwhile to splurge on a freezer – so far, I only freeze what I can fit in the fridge’s little freezer.

  • Susan

    A freezer is an investment, for sure. But over time, I think you can save money by having one.

    I bought a medium-size upright two years ago, and I do love having it. I’ve been able to participate in the Zaycon chicken deals, buy local organic beef in bulk, and stock up on frozen foods when a good deal comes along without worrying about whether I have the space in my freezer for it.

    We waste a lot less food by having the freezer space. I don’t “freezer cook” on a large scale, but I like to precook and freeze certain foods to have on hand for quick meals, like rice, grilled chicken, for example. The smaller fridge/freezer in the kitchen would not allow for that. It makes it so much easier to heat up dinner quickly after a long day at work/school, whereas without that supply of food I was more apt to grab takeout on the way home or eat more packaged foods that aren’t nearly as healthy.

    My freezer is in the garage. I agree it’s not the ideal place for it, but it’s the only place I have to put it. A basement or other climate-controlled space would be better. It does get hot out there in the summer (Boise area).

    My freezer cost around $500, but you can get chest freezers or smaller uprights for a lot less than that. When I bought it, the claim was that the electricity required to run the freezer (based on local rates) was approx. $62/year. I couldn’t tell you if in fact the electricity was more or less than that, but it’s probably about right.

    Doing simple math, if you spent $250 on a freezer and it lasts 10 years, that’s $25/year plus the electricity cost, it would come to $89/year. I think I save more than that in food costs, not to mention the convenience of being able to keep frozen food on hand.

    Just my experience.

    • Susan, I sure appreciate your reply. You gave me lots of great information. I had a huge, old 1970s upright freezer when I lived in WA state, and getting rid of it before we moved to AZ was a (gulp) hard thing to do. I had food in there that was ten years old, so I wasn’t the best at using food up in a timely fashion. Now that we’ve relocated, the decision to buy a freezer will come when we move into our own home and see what kind of space we have (we’re in a rental). I really want to buy another one, and I’m sure they’re much more efficient and “green” now than 40 years ago. Your stats seem quite reasonable and are reassuring – even a smaller freezer is going to help save us some money, but for me the bottom line is being able to buy when stuff is on sale without having to wrack my brain to remember whether I have the room! Thanks again. 🙂

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