Thanksgiving: Give Thanks


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This time of year we all celebrate Thanksgiving. One day of giving thanks. We want to live with a spirit of gratitude everyday.

To help us embrace this spirit of gratitude we are going to start a list of things we are thankful for. Each day one of us will add to the list.

Because ThanksGiving is a verb which means to DO SOMETHING, we are going to take this one step further. For each thing we are thankful for we are going to DO SOMETHING to show that we are grateful.

November 7th, 2010
Thankful for: You Our Readers!
Why:We are grateful for your kinds words, your good examples, your shopping and saving tips and your support. If not for you this blog would still be a blogspot with only 3 friends.
What: To DO SOMETHING or show our gratitude we are going to give away a $50 Visa gift card to one of our readers.

How do you get the $50 Gift Card?

Participate in GIVING THANKS by leaving a comment on this post each day explaining…

  • what you are thankful for
  • why you are thankful
  • what you are going to do to show gratitude

Contest will end Thanksgiving day. Gratitude will continue to stay in our hearts!

We are excited to be inspired by your thoughts!


Our Gratitude List:

November 8th, 2010
Thankful for:
New friendships!
Why: Through working on this blog with these four other women, I’ve been blessed to gain good friends I may not have otherwise
What: I will show these girls my gratitude for them by writing them each a little note of gratitude with specific thing listed that I appreciate about each one of them.  {Give me a few days girls – I heart you!}
Author: Cathy

November 9th, 2010
Thankful for:
Modern Day Coupon Deals!
Why: Modern technology has made it so much easier to find deals and coupons!  Plus, I get to meet fun new friends while finding better deals than I ever could all by myself!  I am thankful for that!
What: To show my appreciation for all the great deals I find I am going to purge some of my stockpile and make a donation to the Idaho Food Bank!

November 10th, 2010
Thankful for:
Our wonderful neighborhood!
Why: We live in a small subdivision where we know and love our neighbors. They watch out for our kids and we in turn do the same. They are helpful and friendly and really look out for each other. I love knowing that I am raising my children in an area they feel safe and taken care of.
What: While I routinely deliver cookies (better on their thighs than mine!), I rarely express my gratitude for them. The next time I drop off cookies, I will include notes or cards as well.
Author: Amber

November 11th, 2010
Thankful for: Oreos

Why: Now don’t laugh at me.  This may seem frivolous on the surface, but let me explain… I have always loved oreos.  In all forms and sizes.  As such, I have many good memories in which they are present.  And sometimes when I eat them, the taste takes me to a different moment in my life I smile when remembering.
I’ll share just one: When I lived in Italy, the land of food that is on a whole different level and cannot therefore be classified as anything other than little bits of bliss, the only American food I missed was oreos.  One day, while walking down a street in Rome, we came upon a little touristy type market that had all kinds of yummy souvenirs inside: Italian chocolate, German chocolate, etc.  I selected my sugar fix and as I walked to the register to pay, there they were in a little blue package: oreos.  It had been 6 months since I had them, and I was more excited than a couponer with eternal doubles in a fully stocked store.  I am embarrassed to say how much I paid for a little single serve 6-pack of oreos, especially to this audience, but they never tasted so good and were worth every Euro!  Now back to the point: when remembering that, I also remember walking down that Roman street, and the sights and sounds around it.  I remember the friends I made there and still have, and the list goes on.
What: Last Christmas I started a project I didn’t even come close to finishing.  I decided I would write letters to my friends telling them of the gifts they are to me.  I only wrote a few, which didn’t even make a dent in the list of people I wanted to send them to.  This year, I’m going to make a serious effort to get those letters written and sent!  And maybe I’ll send some oreos along with them 🙂
Author: AJ

November 12th, 2010
Thankful for: Opportunities to serve other people
Why: When I serve others people it forces me out of my busy life for just a little while and helps me remember how blessed I am. It also helps me become a better person. Pretty sure I am not going to become a better person if I only focus on myself.
What: I am going to look for more opportunities to help others with out first considering whether or not it is convenient for me or if I really have time.
Author: Monica

November 15th, 2010
Thankful for: Central Vacuum
Why:With 7 kidlets, my kitchen floor accumulates *crumbs* at a very fast pace!  Having the little “toe kick” to sweep those crumbs up into is pretty awesome… especially in a 35 year home.
What: I am going to remind myself of this every time I’m sweeping the floor and wondering how on earth it can become so filthy so quickly!
Author: Cathy

November 16th, 2010
Thankful for: Living in America
Why: In light of Veterans Day this last week, I was reminded of the freedoms and opportunities that we enjoy living in this country.   Although our country has its problems, I still don’t know anywhere else I would rather live.
What: I am going to send a note of thanks to the Veterans that I know!

November 19th, 2010
Thankful for: Amazing teachers!
Why: I know first hand that my children can be a handful, but they have been blessed with wonderful educators who not only teach them in an impressive way, but genuinely love them! Their education has always been so important to me, and it is wonderful that there are teachers out there who feel the same way.
What: Teachers are overworked and underpaid, so I will go out of my way to continue to volunteer in any capacity I am able. I will also share my extras from my stockpile in my daughter’s classroom when needed.
Author: Amber

November 20th, 2010
Thankful for:Amber, AJ and Kearna
Why: They work so hard to help Cathy and I keep the blog updated. They are dear friends and I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE them!
What: I am going to buy each of them a citysmart 1 hour massage they deserve it!
Author: Monica

November 21st, 2010
Thankful for: Redbox
Why:Let’s be honest about how much we love our kids, but sometimes, they’re just cuter when they’re asleep ;).  When my hubs goes out of town, or we’ve had a seriously long day, Redbox saves the day.  My kids love to choose new movies to watch, and for just $1.00 every once in awhile, it’s a worthy cause!
What: I think I’ll give someone on my Christmas list who has kids the gift of sanity and get them a few dollars to use at Redbox!
Author: AJ

November 22nd, 2010
Thankful for: The Cashiers at Five Mile and Overland Albertsons
Why:I’ve only ever had one bad experience at 5&O.  At that was in my very early days of couponing, when it was pretty new in these parts!  My favorite cashiers at 5&O are Michelle,  Katie, and Adam.  They are always kind, friendly, and helpful.  I feel like they are my friends!
What: I’m filling out comment cards for each of them – I understand that they’ll get a $5 store credit for every one of those they receive!
Author: Cathy

November 23rd, 2010
Thankful for: Heat
Why: It is pretty darn cold out and I am thankful for that feeling of warmth as I come in from the cold chill outside!  Thankful to be able to afford the heat bill, and I could go on and on in regards to my gratitude for that last statement.
What: I am donating a couple of coats to someone I know can use them.
Author: Kearna

November 24th, 2010
Thankful for: Food
Why: I have never gone hungry. My cupboard have never been bare. There is always plenty of food on our table. I know that is not the case for so many, and as our biggest meal of the year draws near I am so very grateful for a full stomach. And I count my blessings that my children have also never known what it is like to go hungry!
What: I always donate any extras I have in my pantry when there are food drives going on or to local shelters, but I haven’t volunteered my time at a “soup kitchen” since college. I am going to get a group together & volunteer to serve a meal. Who’s with me?
Author: Amber


  • Teri J

    I am Thankful for
    The fact that my pantries are full enough that if need be I can get by for several months just buying milk, bread and produce.

    Why am I thankful
    It gives me peace of mind when things are tight. Right now I am not getting any hours at the part time job I can work. I know come heck or high water I can feed my family and put money I would use for groceries toward other expenses.

    What I am going to do to show my gratitude
    Since I have so much free time I started volunteering at the food bank in our small town on Friday. I am also donating a bunch of the canned vegetables I got a month or so ago and many other things to the Scouts canned food drive.

  • Pam

    I am thankful for: Mount Vernon Christian School, where my children attend.
    Why? Because I truely believe they are receiving an excellent education and I know that their teachers care for my children and give their all to them!
    What am I going to do to show my gratitude? I plan to make sure their teachers know how thankful I am for them throughout this year by personally thanking them in conversations, notes, or gifts of time or treats!

  • Nicole H

    I’m thankful for my family and friends. Even in those times when everything else seems a struggle the love we have for each other is comforting and a reassurance that our lives have higher purpose than to just serve ourselves.

    I’m thankful for our home, our health, the safety and freedom we live in and that my family has enough food on the table, warm clothes and shoes to wear. There is so much more to be thankful for but there are so, so many people in this world who are living without these things.

    I’m thankful for my faith. It keeps me strong and aware.

  • Nicole H

    I forgot to say what I am going to do to show my gratitude. I’m going to strive to be as good of a mother and wife as I can. I’m going to try be a true and honest friend. I’m going to pray and appreciate daily the blessings I have.

    For tonight specifically, I’ll make sure to tell the husband and kids how much I love and appreciate them. It’s not world changing, but it’s a beginning.

  • Sharlene

    I am thankful for you sweet young women who make it possible for me to spend less and still feed and clothe my family. You make it easy to be frugal, and to show my gratitude I will share your website with others so they may benefit from your wisdom.

  • Jennie

    I am thankful for my husband, because I’m a new mom and our family just moved so I’ve been very whiney about all the changes, but he’s been my best friend through it all and has been trying so hard to plan fun things for us to do until I make new friends and figure out how to be a parent!

    I plan on making him a home cooked meal everyday from our new loot….did I mention I’m a lazy cook! And I might try to stop getting after him for leaving his hats all over the living room!


    I am so thankful for stumbling onto couponing when I did!

    Why? Because I have 5yr old twins who will be 6 on Dec 21 and my baby will be 1 on Jan.19. My husband got his hours cut at work for a few weeks and this was looking like a meager Birthday and Christmas! I am determined to have a Santa Clause at my kids’ birthday this year!! 3rd year’s a charm!

    Because I have been doing to well at couponing we are sponsoring a family this year! We are doing a Sub For Santa and I am including my kids to show them how amazing it is to give!!

  • Diane Fallis

    I am so thankful to have a home to live in. A couple of years ago I was almost homeless. My husband had passed away suddenly &we had been traveling in a motorhome. I had to sell the motorhome as I could not afford to keep it. But the home that he had before we married was infeste4 with mice so badly I was fearful of my health but I had no choice and had to move in with the mice. I tried to block some of the holes in the house but it just seemed to get worse over the next few years. I thought the health dept. night make me leave but it was in the country so wasn’t that noticed. I prayed every day to my Heavenly Father for help. When I thought I could go no further, I received notice that my father’s settlement had come through for his years of working with asbestos. He died before he got most of it. Since I was his beneficiary and was disabled I received the balance and was able to purchase a home closer to my children that is healthy.

    I am so thankful because if it weren’t for my faith and my Heavenly Father I might have been in some facility somewhere without a home and my sweet doggies would have had to go to the shelter.

    As for paying it forward, each and every year I serve the homeless and the poor for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our family celebrates a week earlier for each holiday so they can be with their other families on the actual holiday. That leave me free to help where I can. I love to see the faces on the children when they receive a free meal and a gift for Christmas that they may not have had otherwise. Someone usually donates their time as Santa for the kids and it makes me so happy to be able to share in their happiness instead of sitting home alone feeling sorry for myself. Thank you ladies for giving me this opportunity to share my gratitude. I am happy to do so whether I win anything or not. May God Bless You All during the holiday season and the coming year.

  • Beverly Tank

    I am thankful for the 40 lbs of chicken I won from Zaycon Foods and picked up yesterday. It came at such a great time because I am now making less money from work, and we were running out of meat for our family. I plan on showing my gratitude by sharing this chicken with my sister, who is struggling right now and can also use a little help. So, thank you to Zaycon Foods for the chicken, thank you to Fabulessly Frugal for their wonderful blog (and for running the chicken contest), and thank you to my Heavenly Father for continuing to bless my family each and every day!

  • Jill Ann

    I am thankful for my family. I am reminded daily how blessed I am to have everything in my life. I am en elementary teacher and realize just hom much kids need to be loved. I was loved groing up and have AMAZING parents. I am thankful because they made me the giving person that I am today. I am going to show my thanks by striving to be the parent that they were to me, to my girls. I try every day to do nothing but LOVE my kids and pay attention to them. Iam sooo thankful for my life.

  • TiAnn F.

    Thankful for: Family
    Why: I just found out that I am pregnant with our 3rd child!
    What: We want to help a family in El Salvador be able to go to the Temple in Guatamala & be sealed for Eternity. This giftcard would help!

  • robin

    I am thankful for the food I have in the pantry and the warm clothes in my closet. Today I cleaned my closet and packed a bag of clothes for a teacher at my daughter’s school in need. Last week I heard of another family at our school who had to pawn some instruments to pay for their daughter’s diapers, I went to my stash of diapers and all of my stashed food and toilotries and was able to fill 7 large bags of food, toilotries and diapers for that family. I was able to put them all in the back of their truck in the school parking lot. I plan to help as many people as possible with my couponing. So thank you fabulously frugal for getting me such great deals!

  • Kelly

    I am thankful for clipping coupons. Why because I am able to make my budget go further and save money. This month I am using my extra savings to participate in the 30-day giving, finding creative ways to give.

  • I’m so thankful for my husband…he works tirelessly for our family so I can stay home with our girls. I’m going to honor him with kind words and a great attitude. Also, we are giving to Compassionate International this year! Thanks so much for your website!

  • Marie

    I am thankful for my family. I feel so blessed to have the love of my children and husband and am going to work at being more patient with all of them to show them how much I love and appreciate them in my life!

  • Lindsay Letzelter

    I am thank for! Because of your hard work we have gone from empty cupboards and an empty bank account a year ago to a very full storage room and tons of money saved in the process. I get so excited about my stockpile I show anyone that comes over. There is nothing like peace of mind that my sweet little family will have food in their bellies for months to come if we didn’t go to the store.
    To show my gratitude we have been working on a Christmas food donation to one of my favorite charities the Ronald McDonald house. We over shot our need for cereal and my husband got carried away with some cheap raviolis so we are going to donate them. We are going to get every bit of excess together and make a big donation. We are also starting to collect snack foods for our amazing preschool teacher who is struggling financially.
    Thank you so much for blessing my life beyond words and helping me to be able to serve others who are in need.


  • Becky Ruths

    November 7th, 2010
    Thankful for: My husband
    Why: Because he works really hard at a job that he doesn’t love so I can stay home with our baby.
    What: Be the best wife I can be to the husband I don’t deserve
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • I am thankful for the Lord blessing my brother-in-love with a new heart. Several years ago he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and slowly headed downhill from there. The 1st time he was put on the heart transplant list they had a donor shortly after. Unfortunately the heart turned out to not be a good match for him and thus had to recover from the surgery that never was. The 2nd time he was put on the heart transplant list and didn’t go through yet again. But the THIRD time he got put on the list almost a month ago they found a donor a few days later and he is now healthy and thriving!

    To show my gratitude if I win I will donate the $50 card to my sister and her family. It’s not much but with their constantly growing medical bills every little bit will help!

    Author: Kanani

  • thriftyqueen

    I am thankful for freedom!!!!

  • Nicole Schmidt

    I am thankful for my family, without them I would not be me!!
    I am thankful for all that I have and all that I am able to help others with. We do not have much, but I realize that we do have much more than alot of people out there.
    We have been trying to help out local food banks and my son’s school with food/toiletries/clothing and anything else that we have that we are able to help with. When I find a deal on toys I have been buying them up to donate to Toys for Tots this holiday season to make someone’s Christmas just a little brighter.
    Thanks for all you gals do to help my family reach out to others 🙂

  • I am thankful for my family and friends. I am most thankful for Jesus Christ. He came into this world, died and rose again so we can have eternity in heaven. He gives us hope!!

    I am truly thankful for all of the couponing blog sites that have allowed me to save money!

    Thank you!

  • Natalie

    I am thankful that my brother-in-law got home from military training safe and sound. It will be a huge blessing to his family to have him home after 4 months away… right in time for the holidays. I’m going to be sure to make his transition home the happy, stress-free time it should be!

  • nikki

    I am ssssoooooo thankful for my sister in law who got me to coupon when I was pregnant with out 5th child and a very tough time in our rental business. I have had free wipes and cheap diapers for a year and a half. I am truely greatful for wonderful, fab gals like you that have helped fill the basement with blessings for our family of 7. Between couponing and my daughters job we have been ever so blessed with what has been needed. We are giving some of our excess to food share in our childrens class rooms and taking our oldest children to the food bank to serve this year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Meranda

    I’m thankful for the opportunity to homeschool my children. I’m thankful that we can sleep in if we need to, snuggle in our jammies and learn about things that interest my children and I am thankful that my husband is 100% supportive in this journey. I will show that I’m thankful by continuing to homeschool them.

  • Jessica Keck

    I am thankful for Primary Children’s Hospital for helping my son and being so kind, caring and compassionate to us in our hour of need. I am going to show my gratitude by helping prepare some gift baskets for parents who stay there who come with nothing so they can stay by their child’s side just like we were able to.

  • I am thankful for my wonderful students this year. I teach 7th grade math and I am having the best year with my kids. They are fun, kind, and respectful. They complete their homework and are learning so much. I teach over 110 students and only two are getting C+, the rest are all getting As and Bs. That is amazing and I am so proud of them and they make me love coming to work every single day!

  • Nicole H

    I am very thankful for a special teacher at my daughter’s middle school.

    Public school teachers make a modest wage and have a very tight budget to work with. This teacher spends her own money on extra supplies for her class. She also takes extra time and money out of her own pocket to make sure she celebrates every child’s birthday with special treats for the entire homeroom class, whether it falls during the school year or not. But that’s not the main reason I am thankful for her…

    My daughter tells me how the other kids say thank you but says she can tell that many of them don’t really mean it and just want the treats. My daughter says many of the children don’t like this teacher very much because when they aren’t having a celebration she really uses all of the rest of the class time and makes them actually work and study. Thank you to all of the teacher’s that do this!!!

    I am thankful for all teachers that care enough about our children to be STRONG teachers first and who understand that you can’t always be the most popular or most liked teacher to be the BEST teacher.

    I am thankful that even though we are financially tight, the Fabulessly Fru-Gals and their website have helped me save enough extra food supply for my own family that I have enough extra items to make something special for people I want to thank without feeling like I am taking away from my own family.Thank you!

    I’m also very thankful for my daughter. I’m thankful that she is an independent thinker who looks, thinks and cares about others. I’m thankful she has ideals of how people should treat each other, notices and appreciates it. I’m grateful that she helps me be a better person too.

    My daughter asked me to make this teacher a cake that she could share in class. Then she asked if instead we could make her a cake that she could take home and share with her family since she shares so much with her students. I’m making her a gift basket full of extra stock from our pantry to share with her family and help her recoup some of the items she has taken from her own to share with our children.

  • Nicole H

    wow, sry that was so long…

  • Teri J

    You did say we could leave a post every day. I think I’m going to save mine for myself to remind myself how much I have to be thankful for. I need to show more gratitude.

    what you are thankful for: I am thankful for Fabulessly Frugal and other couponing blogs.

    why you are thankful: You all have shown me ways to cut my grocery budget way down. I have more everyday food storage now than I did before I was laid off in Apr 2009. I have enough to bless others and it is thanks to you.

    what you are going to do you show gratitude: I will keep sharing your site with others I meet who are so amazed when I get lots of food for little money. I will keep sending my daughter who is stationed in Italy with her husband my old coupons so she can have some savings also. I will also use the bounty I have to bless others that are in need in my own neighborhood.

  • Sophie

    I am so thankful that my husband and I are both employed. I have many friends and family members that have had a single or double income loss and it has devastated their family. I cant even explain how lucky I feel to be able to go to a job I like everyday that allows me to provide what my family needs. It allows us to save for our families future and feel secure, and although a dual income may not last forever, we are making the most of it while we can. We just donated food and toiletries from our stockpile to an organization at his work that supports families that are struggling within the company. We plan to do this again many times over to show how grateful we are to have the things we need. We also will donate to the Boy Scouts on Nov Sat 13th as we just got a flier on our door this weekend. We will take from our stockpile. And as long as their are cans of soup and stock and veggies left at Albies tomorrow night (don’t want to take from people that want to buy for themselves first), I will buy to donate to them as I know they can use these type of items over the Holidays to feed the hungry. I can’t wait to come up with more ways to give back over the next few months!!

  • Leanne

    I am thankful for my wonderful family. My daughter who brings joy and laughter to each and every day. My wonderful Husband who provides for us so that we have the things we need and so I can stay home with our daughter. Oh and I can’t forget our huge extended family that keeps growing every year. I am truly blessed, without family I would have nothing. Show my love and support each and every day. I love this time of year. Thank you Fab Frugal for all you do. You all are awesome!

  • Ami

    Great idea fab gals! 🙂
    I am thankful for a strong physical body. I am showing my gratitude for this amazing body (and please you know i do NOT mean that with any vanity! no matter what are body looks like- if you really think about all they can do- they are simply amazing)! by QUITTING my diet coke habit and feeding it more nutritiously.

  • Leah

    I am thnnkful for all the people in my life who have molded me into the person I am today. I was reflecting just yesterday of all of the people who have helped me, supported me, befriended me, served me, criticized me, complimented me, and loved me. I am thankful because I have learned so many life lessons that have enriched my life. I decided that I would write a letter each day til Thanksgiving to one of those people expressing my gratitude starting with my mother-in-law, who I don’t have a great relationship with, but if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have my love whom I have been married to for the last 11 years! And, 3 georgous children to brag about!

  • Julie Griffel

    Today I am thankful for my three beautiful children. They bring such a special spirit into our home. There is nothing better then hearing one of them say mommy I love you.

  • Paula

    I am thankful for the cooler weather and for my family ones close and those far away. I am thankful that God watches over us one and all everyday. I am thankful for the colorful leaves that are so beautiful at this time of year. I am thankful that we have a nice home and plenty of food to eat. I am thankful for this site that helps us save a little for a rainy day.

  • November 8th, 2010
    Thankful for: My daughter
    Why: She brings such laughter and joy to my life
    What: I make videos and take many pictures of her so she’ll see how she grew and why she made me so happy
    Author: Susan Lookhart

  • Michelle

    November 8th, 2010
    Thankful for: a healthy baby in my tummy
    Why: Lost a son in January I was pregnant with
    What: I am going to enjoy all the uncomfortable 3rd trimester baby symptoms and hug the two sons I already have a little more often.
    Author: Michelle Weymouth

  • Ali Smith

    I am so thankful that I have a supportive network of friends and family that have bent over backwards to help my family through my husband’s unemployment. They are so amazing and I could never ask for more from them…

  • Ashley

    I am thankful for everything I have right now. After reading all of the comments, I am reminded to be thankful because it could be alot worse. I lost 2 jobs this year, there have been severals deaths, and we watched our dogs get hit by cars a couple months ago (by a miracle they pulled through). Money is very tight as I am still unemployed. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a smile on my face knowing our financial situation, and knowing that Christmas is just around the corner. Luckily, I have a significant other who constantly keeps me going, and keeps me smiling. I know things will get better, I just need to be patient (and continue couponing 🙂 I would use the gift card to purchase baby items (diapers, formula, etc) using coupons of course, and then donate them to a local church or woman’s shelter.

  • Shelly O

    Thankful for: Where do I even start? I have so much to be Thankful for! I am most Thankful for my Heavenly Father, and for all the blessings he has given me. These include having a roof over my head, a vehicle to get me where I need to be, a steady job so that I do have the funds to coupon, and for my wonderful family!

    Why: God has given me so much. Sometimes I take these things for granted.

    What: I am going to contribute my time and find places to donate some the food and toiletries I was able to accumulate from couponing.

  • Sarah H

    I am thankful for my amazing friends and neighbors.

    I have had several sweet ladies offer to care for my children for a few hours and one sweet lady who is getting acquainted with my littles so that when the new baby is born they will feel comfortable going to her house to give me a break. With a husband in school and pregnancy complications it’s so reassuring to know that I am watched over.

    I will try to be even more vigilant in noticing the needs I can fill for others…a cheering phone call or email, a meal, running an errand. Even with limited physical capacity I can cheer and help others.
    Sarah Hofhine

  • Becky Ruths

    November 8th, 2010
    Thankful for: My Mom
    Why: Because She’s always been there for me!
    What: I have a chance to be there for her!! She’s having double knee replacement surgery next week, and I have the opportunity to be her full time nurse for the next 6 weeks. I’m just hoping I’ll be able to be the comfort to her that she’s always been to me as she deals with the pain.
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • robin cabrini

    Thankful for the beautiful weather and for the free razors at Walgreen’s, I’m going to donate them to the city of light along with the free deodorant I got last week at Right aid!

  • Sara B

    I am thankful for my healthy, beautiful one-year old son. He reminds me of what is really important in my life, and to savor every moment.

    Sara B

  • Sara B

    Forgot to mention my WHAT – I am going to make meals for all of my friends who are expecting their first or second child this month!

  • mjssssss

    I am thankful for my husband and daughter, a home to live in, food to prepare and eat, heat to keep me and my family in the greatest country in the world. I also am thankful for being a frugal person, waste not, want not..I like to help others who have hunger issues, and domestic violence issues and I adore animals especially felines who are abandoned..also your column that helps me streeeetch the resources we are blessed to have in our lives..thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am so thankful for my kids’ health. We have been so blessed, my twin son was sick when he was first born, had upper respiratory disease and was in the hospital for 10 days, and my daughter got severely dehydrated at about a yr old and was in the hospital for a few days. Ever since then, 5 yrs later they are perfect and almost never get sick, not even a cold.

    I donated alot of the cold meds and cough drops from RA to my local woman’s shelter. I hate it when my kids are sick and I hope this can help them make it a little bit easier for them.

  • Marielle

    Today I am so thankful for good health! I am going to watch my dear friends little girl for the day because her mommy, my friend, is suffering both mentally and physically. My friend thinks she is strong enough to keep her home, but I insisted that my little guy sure needed a friend to play with today.

  • mel

    I am thankful everyday for my family. From my parents who worked their behinds off to make sure I had a happy childhood and my brother who has always been my best friend, to my husband who loves me unconditionally and our little one who could not be more amazing. Add in a few great friends who are like sisters and my life is so full of love it is more than I could have dreamed of. I constantly strive to be giving and loving to those around me and will continue to do so in hopes that their lives will be as full of love as mine.

  • November 8th, 2010
    Thankful for: My husband
    Why: In spite of his health issues, he perseveres and keeps doing his best to help our family
    What: I’m going to donate a gift to our sponsor child in Rwanda

  • Juliana W.

    I am thankful for my husband!
    Why: Because the hard work he puts into work everyday.
    What: I am going to make him a great dinner!
    Author: Juliana W.

  • Sandi D

    I am thankful to be living in Idaho.
    Why? Because my Dad has Alzheimer’s and needs constant care. Because I
    am now living in Idaho, (instead of Virginia) I can give my Mom a break 2 days
    a week to play cards with her friends. I love my time with Dad, we eat lunch
    together and watch movies. It is a blessing.
    I will show that I am thankful by telling him and Mom that I love them everyday!

  • Amy Conner

    November 8th, 2010
    Thankful for: My beautiful family.
    Why: The joy they bring me is never ending.
    What: I will make special time for each and every one of them.
    Author: Amy Conner

  • Amyjoy Price

    Thankful for: America and all who serve and have served to make it great
    why: my freedoms, I can do whatever, say whatever, believe and worship however,be whatever, and go anywhere I choose. That is a huge blessing!
    What I will do: continue to vote, thank a veteran, thank God for all my blessings
    Amyjoy Price

  • danicia

    I’m grateful for people who do hard things
    Because if we all just did what was easy and convienent, what would the world be like?
    Next time i think i’m too tired or too busy to do something for someone else, i’m going to do it anyway!

  • Marie

    I am thankful for the FabFrugals. I went to Albertson’s today and had so much fun getting my deals and saving $. This is my new hobby and I love it. I have been sharing the good deals and this resource with my friends and will continue to do so.

  • Kristi

    I am thankful for my mom because she continues to make our home warm and inviting even though finances are not what they once were. She is an expert at pulling items out of the stockpile and making a meal that tates great! I am going to let her know how much I appreciate her. 🙂

  • nikki

    I am thankful for a wonderful daughter that brightens our home with her light. She gives to us all and has an amazing music gift. I am thankful she will go work for our family and help with the finances while it is tough. I will give back to her more love and help her through college and of course she knows how to coupon!

  • Ami

    What: I am grateful for an amazing parenting class I am so fortunate to attend.
    Why: The parenting tools she has given me have literally changed the way I view my family and my role as a mother.
    How: I will show my gratitude by #1 implementing the tools I learn. #2 writing a note to the instructor.

  • Meri

    I am thankful for the comment posted above by Robin.
    Why: Her note about the family having to sell their things in order to buy diapers really got me thinking about how much more fortunate some of us are than others.
    What: I am going to start doing something more to help others. I don’t know what yet, but I’ve got some thoughts brewing. I just have to make sure I don’t get in over my head. =)

  • Becky Ruths

    November 9th, 2010
    Thankful for: My baby Girl!
    Why: Because she is such a huge blessing in my life and has changed (and continues to change) so MANY things about me for the better! She’s teaching me patience, agape love, and character!
    What: I’m going to be the best mommy I can be to her! Specifically, I’m going to go try to find a hat for her so her little head stays warm 🙂
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • Morgan

    I am so thankful for my family. I have been so blessed with the people in my immediate and extended family circle. This week we lost a nephew who was only on this earth for one short week. We will miss him, and are thankful for all of our family whom we really love.


    I am so thankful for NEVER EVER having to need Nanny 911!! My kids are the best kids I have ever met. Not very many kids under 5, can you take to the store, have them ask for a toy and when you tell them no, they say okay mommy, and then go put it away WITHOUT crying and throwing a fit!

    My friends are always asking me how to get their kids to listen and I tell them what works for me. I NEVER want to hurt their feelings but I tell them as bluntly as I can to not be lazy and mean what they say to their kids. If they tell them they are going to take something away from them if they don’t know it off, they BETTER take it away.

  • robin cabrini

    Thankful for: My best friend Julie!
    Why: She is watching my 6 month old so I can get some stuff around the house done without interruption!
    What: Going to bake some banana bread and take her a loaf!

  • Juliet

    Thankful for: My wonderful hubby and great kiddo’s!
    Why: Because I’m so BLESSED!
    What: Smile more today while I work through the daily grind.
    Author: The Mom!

  • Nicole H

    Today I’m very thankful for this long growing season!
    I’m thankful because every year we grow and either can, freeze or dry most of our veggies and herbs from a side of our suburban back yard. With the hint at freezing temps last night I ran out in the evening to grab some salad greens and cover up some others. We still have mixed mesclun, romaine and even the black seed simpson is still thriving…In November! Can you beleive it?

    I haven’t been out to the garden in more than week, ready for the labor from the gardening season to be over. I”m going to show my appreciation by using something from it everyday until the last plant is frozen . Last night I used the lettuce, peppers, onions, celery and green tomoatoes in taco salad. Yum!

  • KD

    I am thankful for my hubby who works hard so I get to be a stay-at-home mommy. I’m going to iron his shirt that I told him to do himself this morning. Hehehe. He will be so surprised.

  • KD

    I am thankful for my hubby who works hard so I get to be a stay-at-home mommy. I’m going to iron his shirt that I told him to do himself this morning. Hehehe. He will be so surprised.

  • November 9th, 2010
    Thankful for: YMCA
    Why: Because it has given me a great place to work and to meet new wonderful people
    What: Going and supporting their team and always telling people to go there
    Author: Susan Lookhart

  • mel

    Thankful for: I am thankful for all things coupon (especially the FABs who make it so easy!)!
    Why:The savings make it possible to actually SAVE some of our hard earned money and give what we are able to others in need. The savings allow us to live comfortably while I am only working part time so I can be home most of the time with my angel.
    What: To show my gratitude I will continue to share the coupon love with everyone I can!!
    Author: Mel

  • Lacey

    I am grateful for a healthy family. I am going to take time to just be with them more because sometimes life is too short.
    Author: Lacey

  • Jennifer

    Thankful for: This little baby boy growing in my belly!
    Why: My father passed away last year. He was dedicated to my other three children, helping out with babysitting and always asking if someone could spend the night! Just being there in general with love and patience. I was scared to death to find out we were pregnant with our fourth- between finances and not having his love and support which had meant so much.
    What: We were ecstatic to find out this one was a boy, we are naming him after my father. I will always remind him and the others of who Big Papa was and how much they meant, and what it is to love and be loved.

  • kimberly

    I am so thankful for the bounty of fruit and vegtables from Idaho. I have been able to can tons for my family and very inexspensivly. This is a incrediable gift.

  • Kristi

    I am thankful for a crisp cool evening because it’s fun to stay inside in our cozy home and have family time. I am sure there will be many more just like this in the coming months.

  • Ami

    I am thankful for my running partner.
    Why: because sometimes it’s hard to motivate myself to run at 6:00 a.m. especially now that the weather is turning cold.
    How: I will show her my gratitude by not missing our planned runs and being chipper when i see her in the morning!

  • robin cabrini

    Thankful for: my sister
    why: she takes the time to come have dinner with my children and me when my husband is out for business.
    what: I’m going to help find her bargains for her baby that is due in 5 months.

  • Brooke

    Thankful for: Medicine

    Why: When I or my kids get sick there isn’t always a way to make us better right away, but while we are miserable I can find a little peace once that little pill kicks in.

    What: Stay in my house as much as possible until I am better so I don’t spread my cold to others.

  • Julie Griffel

    Today I an Thankful for the tender mercys my Heavenly Father gives to my family and myself each. For the acts of kindness from people where ever I go.

  • Malissa M

    Today I am thankful for my sweet baby boy who’s still little enough to want to snuggle me all day and isn’t old enough to talk back. 🙂 And for his two older sisters (ages 5 and 3) who do talk back on occasion but who I adore and cherish all the same. 🙂

  • Malissa M

    Forgot the what part… I am going to spend the morning playing dress up, enjoying princess tea parties and building forts instead of folding laundry, doing the dishes and paying bills! Gotta soak up this time with them while they are still little.

  • Meri

    I am thankful for my two awesome dogs.
    Why: My husband works 24 hr shifts, so on the nights when he’s at work I sleep much better knowing that if there were a problem my dogs would let me know. =)
    What: For my dogs, I am going to make sure they get to take their walks, even though it’s getting cold and miserable. For others, I am going to make donations to POPP and the Humane Society so that they can continue to take care of dogs (and other animals) less fortunate than mine.


    I am thankful for my son’s mom and dad

    Had they not been there to adopt my son, my life, as well as his, would not be what it is today. I was watching 16 and Pregnant last night and it makes me even more grateful that I was not a teen mom! I wouldn’t have graduated High School. be on welfare and I was too young to be a full time mom.

    I have already called about donating my time to the Big Brother Big Sister program

  • Tammy M.

    I am thankful for having the Lord in my life because he has given strength and courage during difficult times. I will encourage others to trust him and have faith on his unconditional love.

  • Julie

    I am thankful for my family because they bring me constant joy. I’m going to show my gratitude to them by spending one-on-one time with each of my girls and write a special note for my husband. I LOVE THEM!

  • Natalie

    I am thankful that I get to host Thanksgiving at my home this year. I am thankful for them because we love to get together and have a great time: mom/dad/all for sisters and their families. I’m coupon shopping like mad to put on a great dinner spread that is affordable, too.

  • Becky Ruths

    November 10th, 2010
    Thankful for: God
    Why: Because I know that even in this sucky world there is someone who loves me more than I will ever know, someone who loves me more than I love my daughter, someone who loves me more than anyone on this earth ever could, combined. Through every trial, every season, every joy, sorrow, He is there for me.
    What: I am not going to be quiet about my faith. I don’t want people to look at me and wonder if I’m a Christian, I want them to talk to me and KNOW it! I’m going to pray more, love more, laugh more, trust more!
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • mel

    For: clean water
    Why: so many countries don’t have it! We are so lucky to live where it is literally on tap at all times.
    What: conserve. Simple things like turning off the faucet while brushing my teeth to save this amazing/important resource.

    ps. i love this… so many are inspiring me and making me think… we are truely blessed!

  • Nicole H

    I try to be thankful every day…but since this post it has been on my mind more than ever and has really made me appreciate my life.Thank you Fab Fru-Gals.

    I’m thankful that when I was only 20 years old I had a doctor that cared enough about her patients that she spotted a strange mole on my chest that turned out to be malignant melanoma. The mole was small and barely noticeable to me. I have lived 20+ more years since then. I’m thankful for all the little scars that look like little white spiders I have from biopsies because I know they may save my life. I am super thankful for modern medicine and all the people it has helped.

    My oldest son is turning 20 in December and I’m taking him and my 18 year old daughter to the dermatologist over Thanksgiving break. I know it seems early, but I’d rather be careful than loose them. I am also taking action by telling you…if you haven’t thought about your seemingly innocent little moles, ask your doctor to check them at an exam. It only takes a minute and can save your life.

  • Terri

    I am thankful for clean running, hot water. I think I take it for granted way too much!

  • shelley

    I am grateful that my husband has a job. I plan on donating a lot of my freebies and good buys to people in need.

  • Lindsay Letzelter

    I am grateful for an amazing preschool teacher. We are fairly new in our town and really struggled to find a great preschool. She has an amazing gift with each child and helps each child to feel loved. I love her so much my three year old goes three times a week.

  • I am thankful for the roof over my and my family’s head. There are so many people less fortunate than us without a home or warm clothes. I am going to donate some of my warm clothes and give someone in need on the street some cash.

  • Christine

    I am grateful that we are all healthy. So many are battling all kinds of diseases and malices. We have no allergies, no chronic diseases, nothing. What we do? We take care of those that are not so fortunate in our family.

  • Carrie

    For: I am grateful for my neighborhood.
    Why: we moved here just after Thanksgiving last year and we have so man friends that care about us and our four kids. It is just one of those rare neighborhoods that just make you smile at the live and kindness people share with others.
    What: I will try to find time in my busy day to bless those around me. Today specifically I will make some bread and take a loaf to my friend who just found out she is pregnant for the eighth time unexpectedly.

  • Ami

    Grateful for: my sister
    why: even though we don’t always see eye to eye- she knows me and loves me. she is the first person i call when i am having a bad day. she is very busy but still makes time to listen to me and encourage me. We live in different states but I will see her on December 9 and will tell her how much I love her and how much her friendship means to me.

  • Jackie

    I am thankful for God and my wonderful family.
    Why: Without them, I don’t know what I would do. They are my rock. God has kept my family in our house while my husband has been out of work for 2 long years.
    What: I will pray that my family stays healthy. I will praise God everyday.

  • Becky Ruths

    November 1th, 2010
    Thankful for: Veterans
    Why: Because they routinely lay down their lives so that I have the freedom to do or say whatever I want. I could stand up and say (which I don’t) that America stinks, and that everyone who lives here is lame. And they would lay day their life for my right to say that! And for that reason I love them. I love that we don’t live every day feeling the same way we did on 9/11. And that’s because we have our soldiers, past and present to thank.
    What: I’m going to remember to thank them NOT ONLY on Veterans Day, but also try to be more diligent about thanking them whenever I run into someone in uniform.
    Author: Becky

  • Nicole H

    I am thankful for all the Veterans who fought and will fight to protect our freedom. I am thankful for laws that protect us from discrimination and help everyone to be terated equaIly.

    Nothing in life is perfect. But in our country their are laws that help protect the freedom of every citizen. There are laws against discrimination. I am very thankful that in this country women have the same freedoms and rights as men. In many countries they don’t. Even in our great country it took women and some minorities years to earn the right to vote and be counted as equal citizens. Even now with my four daughters I’ve seen that girls and young women still deal with issues and double standards from some men and boys. I am thankful for my son who is twenty and stands up for all of his sisters and treats women with the respect they deserve. I am thankful for my husband who is a wonderful loving and respectful husband.

    Today we will hang a flag in honor of the Veterans who have protected our country and our freedoms. My youngest is turning five today. I promise to try even harder to raise her the way I have raised my other children, to be strong and stand up for herself and for other people that aren’t treated equally for any reason whether race, religion, disability or other.


    I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father gave me twins the first time around. At the time I was so angry and scared to death. I was single and not ready to be a mom. They love each other so much and are the best of friends.. They entertain each other and that allows me to get the things that I need to get done, done. They are also such big helpers with their baby sister. I am grateful that my husband talked me into having her also! The is so amazing.

    Whenever I am anywhere and I see a mom struggling. I always offer to help, I offer a book for the kids to read, I usually have my kids with me so I offer to let them play together so she can get her errands done. I am going to try harder to help more people, and not be so caught up in getting my own errands done.

  • I am grateful my husband got a gob in this economy.
    He was out of a job for almost a year and unemployment was about to end.
    I am going to donate some items to people in need.

  • Becky Y.

    I am thankful for my baby. We had a really hard time getting him, but after a lot of prayer and a modern medical miracle, he is here. I am going to show my gratitute by donating all our cute baby clothes he is growing out of to our MOPS group to help other moms.

  • mel

    Thankful: two jobs
    Why: In this economy there are so many out of work and I have been lucky enough to keep mine and my hubby was able to find a new one when he lost his.
    What: Keep working hard to keep food on the table and the roof over our heads!

  • Becca

    I am grateful for the opportunity I have to receive my education. I will graduate in May with my Elementary Ed degree, I have gotten married and had 2 amazing daughters while pursuing my degree and I will not take it for granted.
    I will work my entire life to educate children of all ages and income levels even if not formally in a classroom (as I plan to stay at home until my kids are all in school). Education vital to have success in life.

  • Julie

    I am thankful for my wonderful, caring husband
    I had knee surgery Monday and he’s taken care of the house, kids, kids lunches, kids homework, etc (on top of his own job) without a single complaint.
    As soon as I’m up and mobile again I am going to surprise him with a season ski pass!

  • Margie Waldron

    Thankful for: Smiley little faces at the school where I teach
    Why? During this year of 2010, I have suffered the loss of my precious sister to cancer and my oldest son has enlisted into the Marines. My heart has stress fractures. The school I work at is considered in a low income area and some students don’t have much, but what they do have is a heart of gold. These childrens’ happy little faces heal my heart and bring me such joy to my life. I am truly blessed to be a part of their lives.
    What: I have been blessed to help volunteer to take some of those kids to receive “winter clothes” and to be their mentor-mom. I will continously pray for them and give them hugs when I can.

  • natalie s

    So very grateful for my family, they add meaning to my life, joy to my heart, and purpose to my day.
    Why: They give me a reason to serve, teach and love
    What: I want to show them unconditional love and express my appreation to them over abundance of love and kindess.

  • robin cabrini

    Thankful: for my husband
    Why: he made me go in for a mole check, it looked risky so they removed a mole from my cheek, crossing my fingers it’s benign, doesn’t look promising though.
    What: going to be double careful with sunscreen from now on!

  • Natalie

    What: I am thankful for my new doctor!
    Why: I have had four doctors in my time, and this is the first time EVER that I am comfortable with a doctor and his staff. I’ pretty easy going so I have never been displeased with my former docotr’s care. But this office goes above and beyond what I have come to expect from a practitioner. It’s weird to feel excited to have an appointment at a doctor’s office, but I DO! I’m pregnant with our fourth kiddo and I feel at ease knowing that I can trust the people caring for me and my baby.
    What: I wrote a huge coimplimentary review to the hospital they are contracted through. I am also sending a huge thank you card to their office because seriously, this group of people has been an added blessing to my life!

  • Justine

    Thankful for a house full of provisions!! 🙂

  • Melissa Brazil

    I am very thankful for the time I have had with my family. With the upcoming holiday season upon us it is extremely important to remember to tell them all just how much you care!!!

    Melissa Brazil

  • Ami

    What: My husband
    Why: He works a 10 day on 4 day off shift. He loves to visit his parents (they live in a southeastern idaho town) every so often on his 4 days off. AND he takes ALL three kids with him so I can have my own little mini vacation at home! It’s really fabulous.
    How: I will express to him verbally my appreciation. Not only does he help our children develop a relationship with their grandparents he gives me some alone time so I can be a better mom and wife when they return.

  • robin cabrini

    Who: thankful for my children’ teachers
    Why: They do such an amazing job in molding them into smart, well behaved and humbled children.
    What: going to take them coffee this morning.
    author- Robin Cabrini

  • Becky Ruths

    November 12th, 2010
    Thankful for: Selling our house in the crazy economy.
    Why: So thankful that we were (or are I guess, the official offer should come in today from the Realtor) able to sell our home. We are supposed to receive a full price offer today. It’s amazing how God’s blessings flow from every angle.
    What: I’m going to remember that this is a BLESSING, not a curse! (we were planning on not selling it until Feb.), and that God has a plan for where we are going to live, how we are going to continue taking care of my mom (who’s going in for double knee replacement surgery next week), and how to take care of our daughter (8 months, teething, ear infection, active, active, active!), plus pack, plus find us a place to live.
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • I am thankful for: My husbands knowledge as a handy man and fix it all.

    Why: He fixed both our vehicles and saved us lots of money. He installed our hardwood floors and backsplash in the kitchen. Not to mention everything else in the house that needs installed or repaired.

    What: I will tell him my appreciation for his knowledge and make his favorite dinner a few times a month (tacos)


    I am so thankful for my husband. He works so hard for this family. We met when my twins were 1 1/2. He has always been such an amazing father! He is the one who asked me if he could be their dad and if they could call him daddy. And he brought it up to me that he wanted to adopt them. He is going to adopt them in May. I’m so excited!

    I am going to get him something special for this Christmas. I am always worried about the kids that I never get him anything he deserves. I am also going to write him a letter letting him know how much I appreciate him and let him know what I see the sacrifices he makes in order to provide for this family.

  • Nicole H

    I”m thankful so many of us are blessed with wonderful husbands. I need to say a special thank you for my husband too.

    My husband was my best friend for several years before anything romantic happened. He was and still is honorable, loyal, loving and honest. I truly appreciate that he has always spoken his mind. We can have the most wonderful arguments and end up agreeing to disagree in the end. He also never feels sorry for himself. He was born with a disability and has lived his life with two prosthetic feet /lower legs. He works this inconvenience into his life accordingly and doesn’t think much of it. He has the strongest character of any man I have ever met. We’ve been married 6 years now. My four children love him and the daughter we had together just wraps our family up in a happy bow.

    I’m going to show my thanks by praying and thanking God for him for the zillionth time and tonight I think I’ll give him that shoulder massage he was hinting at last night but I was too tired to give.

  • Justine

    I’m thankful for my husband.
    Because he works so hard, takes care of me, and the blessing he is in my life.
    Going to continue to remind him of my gratitude.

  • jeanine

    I am thankful I have friends and family who love the lord.
    They can always help me see life through Gods eyes when life feels unbearable.
    I am going to make sure I return the favor when they feel discouraged.

  • mel

    for: A healthy child
    why: There are so many who are not so lucky.
    what: I will remind myself what a miracle she is every moment… even when I catch her in a less than angelic moment 🙂

  • Meri

    I am so thankful for a fantastic extended family.
    I hear so many comments about people’s bad experiences with their in-laws, so I count myself fortunate that I love my husband’s parents and sister (and her family, too).
    I will make sure that they know how much I appreciate them this holiday season!

  • Jessica

    I am thankful for our neighbors.
    When we first moved to the neighborhood, i was 9 months pregnant and we didn’t know anybody. All our neighbors came and introduced ourselves and made sure we had dinners for us after I had my baby. They are always so thoughtful and are willing to help out.
    I want to be more like them, they are good examples to me. So I will offer to help others and to make sure new neighbors feel welcome.

  • Ami

    What: My conference edition Ensign
    Why: It’s already been over a month since conference and I forget the counsel given. I love rereading the talks, learning and growing from the inspired direction.
    How to show appreciation: Actually implementing the counsel in my life.

  • Robin

    Thankful for my husband
    he is such a kind, wonderful and devoted family man. He’s giving me the weekend off to scrapbook and staying home with our 3 small children!
    I’m going to give him his favorite head massage and bake his favorite sweet when I get back home! I LOVE my husband!

  • Thankful for The Fab Five Ladies.

    Why: For helping me find the best deals and have a nice stockpile as a result. Not to mention I have won about 4 contests in the last year or so.

    What: I am giving each one of the fab girls a pair of my handmade earrings. Come see me at the Boise Holiday Market any Saturday through Dec. 18 from 10-2 on the Grove. Look for the Sam I Am booth with the Cheshire cat. 😉

  • Carol

    I’m thankful for my family.

    Why: They boost me up when I need it and they make every day worthwhile. And they are funnier than any people I’ve ever met!

    What: I’ll be baking more (and more and more) cookies since that seems to make everyone very happy.

  • jen

    What-I am grateful for the FabFrugals.

    Why- We have had a difficult year, I had to have a pacemaker put in at the beginning of the year (no insurance), my husband is unemployed and I was unemployed over the summer. From these ladies, I have learned how to coupon and stockpile. Without this we would have been unable to feed our family this summer. My husband is still unemployed, but we are able to donate to the food bank this fall because we have continued to stockpile.

    How- I am paying it forward by referring my friends and co-workers to the Fabulessly Frugal site so they can learn to save as well. I am also working on a coat drive for children in the Caldwell school district who are coming to school with out a coat on these very cold days. I will also be looking for other ways to pay it forward as I have found that it is much easier to get through the hard times when you spend time helping others

  • Justine

    I’m thankful for coffee. Because I love it! Sharing coffee is one way I can show gratitude 🙂


    I am so thankful for getting the therapy I needed when I was younger, for both of my rapes. I was watching Oprah and feel so sad for those men who have let their rape consume their lives! I feel bad for their wives who can’t do anything about it.

    I am continuing therapy so I don’t damage my kids. To me, everyone is a Chester the molester and they don’t deserve to live in fear.

  • Jessica

    I am thankful for my husband and his family
    They have been through a lot, losing both of their parents, and they have stayed really close. We have learned so much from these experiences and that somebody always has harder trials that they are going through.
    I am always try to be grateful for the trials I receive, because I know it could be worse and I need to learn something from them.

  • mel

    For: My mom!
    Why: She calls me just to check on me, worries about me constantly, loves me unconditionally. She’s a fantastic mom, grandma and friend.
    What: I’ll make sure she knows how important she is by…. TELLING HER! It seems so simple but is often overlooked in lifes mess!

  • Becky Ruths

    November 13th, 2010
    Thankful for: Keepers of the Home Women!
    Why: My sister takes care of special kids, and one of them needed some clothes, and they stepped up in a BIG way to clothe this little one for not only the winter, but the next couple of years!
    What: I’m going to look for ways I can give back to the women in this group when other needs are posted!
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • Natalie

    What: For my special blanket.
    Why: My special blanket was given to me by my grandmother when I was 1 year old. It has retro raggedy anne print on one side and a baby soft flannel ont eh other. I have so many memories with this blanket. Even now, it is my go-to comfort blanket when I am sick. My grandmother has since past away, so I cherish it even more. She was always making things for teh people she loved. This was something special that she made for me.
    What: I have begun making special blankets for my kids. I started getting really wrapped up in making them intricate but I’m realizing that what I really want is for tehm to be able to love them… use them to make a fort in the living room, romp around with it in tow, and snuggle up with it when they need a little extra comfort. Hopefully I can pass on a legacy that my grandma started.

  • Justine

    I’m thankful for my church family. Because they have given me a home away from my family. I try to give back what they give to me.

  • Ami

    What: Crockpots
    Why: Because I hate to cook but love to feed my family. Crockpots help me out a lot
    Give thanks: I am going double the recipe next crock pot dinner and take that dinner to a family in my neighborhood.

  • Nicole H

    Today I’m thankful for my plushie robe and woolie socks! I’m thankful because today is kind of gloomy outside and I’m really sick. 🙁

    I’m going to show my appreciation by sharing the coziness of woolie socks with others this Christmas!

  • robin cabrini

    Why: thankful for the fact that my husband has a good job and can provide for our family. thankful that we will be able to provide a warm meal for our family for thanksgiving.

    What: I’m going to donate two gift cards to WinCo for two families in need at our church so that they can also have a warm Thanksgiving dinner for their family.

  • mel

    For: dogs
    Why: Even at your worst, they are always happy to see you!
    What: Give them as much love as they give me… and treats!

  • Becky Ruths

    November 14th, 2010
    Thankful for: A Full Pantry and a stockpile of most everything else we need!
    Why: It’s super fun to shop with coupons, getting stuff for free, or next to nothing, but I have the knowledge that should my husband loose his job and should we have ZERO income, we would stay clean and stay fed. It’s an immensely reassuring feeling, especially in their world, where we have no control.
    What: I’m going to go through our stockpiles and donate a lot of stuff to a local food pantry.
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • Justine

    I am thankful for my house. Even though it’s small, I have all my needs met!

  • Robin

    Thankful to be skin cancer free! going to remind everyone the importance of sunscreen!


    I am SO thankful that my husband and I have been consistent with disciplining our children. They are the only 5yr olds that I know, that you can take to the store, and tell them no when they ask to buy something and they say okay, and put it back. The teachers aid lost ANOTHER kid today! They are supposed to wait until their mommy’s come and pick them up but she ran to the other side of the school to play with her friend. I am so thankful that I will NEVER have to deal with that with my kids. They listen so well!

    I am going to remind my kids how good they are buy taking them to dinner and a movie tonight!

  • Nicole H

    I am thankful for my sprouter.

    My family loves sprouts..alfalfa sprouts, lentil sprouts…any kind almost. WE have this cool little 3 level plastic sprouter that we set under the window by the kitchen sink. I can’t use it in the summer because we keep our house too warm and they go bad too fast. But about the time freezing temps are killing the greens in the garden I start up the sprouter.

    I’m showing my appreciation by mentioning it to inexpensive it is and how convenient and easy. I got my sprouter through amazon, the cheapest one I could find for about 11 bux. I ordered my alfalfa seed in bulk but we use lentils you can buy cheaply in the grocerie dept. in bags. I start the sprouts at about 3 day intervals and we always have a steady supply. If you try this, Happy Sprouting!

  • Becky Ruths

    November 15th, 2010
    Thankful for: The Fab 5!
    Why: They money they help me save allows me to stay home with my baby, while my husband works.
    What: I am going to help spread the coupon love, by telling people I see in stores about the deals I know are going on elsewhere to save them some money.
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • kimberly

    I am thankful for health, when I am sick like right now I realize how good I normally feel.

  • Becky Ruths

    November 16th, 2010
    Thankful for: Doctors, Surgeons, and the entire nursing, etc staff
    Why: My mom is having bilateral Knee Replacement surgery today, and her Doctor and his staff, and the staff at the hospital have gone above and beyond in helping not only my mom, but everyone connected with her feel comfortable about what’s going to happen.
    What: I’m going to make sure they know how much I appreciate them before we take my mom home. I’m thinking I’m going to put those cookie pouches to good use!
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • Ami

    What: my husband’s job
    Why: We are fortunate to be blessed with steady employment during these uncertain times.
    How: I will NOT complain when he comes home late or has to go in early. He works hard to support us so I can stay at home and I will be more understanding of his schedule.

  • Diane

    I am thankful for the family who donated their loved ones lungs, so my 25-year-old niece could have a bilateral lung transplant.

    Why? Because this gift, given at a time of deep grief, enabled my niece to have a new life, a new beginning. She marvels every day at the simple thing most of us take for granted – breathing freely! it is truly a miracle.

    I will encourage others to become organ donors.

  • Natalie

    I am thankful for my neighbor Stephanie.
    Stephanie has become the best thing about living in my neighborhood! It may have been an unlikely bond, but we’ve become great firends and our families get along FANTASTIC. We’re both moving in the next year and I’m going to miss having her so close.

    To show my gratitude, I am going to make her some of her favorite brownies when she gets back in town. =)

  • Justine

    I’m thankful for my friends, and their hospitality. Because they have blessed me soo much by their generous giving. I give back to them any way I can.

  • Susie Bakonis

    ■what you are thankful for
    I’m thankful to God for His abundant grace in my life and for blessing me with a beautiful baby girl and wonderful husband
    ■why you are thankful
    These are the loves of my life
    ■what you are going to do to show gratitude
    Tell them I love and appreciate them as often as I can.

  • Brooke

    I am thankful for eyelash dye!
    I showered and did my hair and had the choice to put on makeup or not, I choose not to and I am not ashamed to go out in public.
    My blonde eyelashes are not black with a hint of blue to bring out my eyes. I know this really sounds shallow but with kids and chores and grocery shopping, school, a new puppy and a cold that wont go away, it is so nice to have one of the little things already done for me in the morning.
    I am giving back by taking the energy it would have taken to put on makeup and use it to smile more at others.

  • Meri

    I am grateful for the ability to speak!
    My voice has been gone for 11 days now (11 DAYS!!!), and the fact that I miss it terribly has made me understand what a great gift it has been throughout my life. My kids aren’t little, but being a voiceless mom is still a challenge.
    I will show my appreciation for my voice (when it comes back! =P) by using it nicely–maybe reading stories to my niece and nephew, or to kindergarteners at the elementary school near my house. I will stay away from the karaoke bars, because that would NOT be using my voice nicely. =)


    I am so thankful for your blog! I watch it everyday to see where the best deals are. I watch too many blogs but I watch yours everyday!

    I am going to share your blog and fb page to all my friends on fb. Hopefully they will get on the band wagon!

  • mel

    Thankful For: My education (Go BSU!!)
    Why: It has allowed me to have a career I am proud of and help support my family.
    What: I will continue to root for the blue and orange:) and instill the importance of education into my little one so she will grow into an educated, productive asset to our society.

  • Krista

    I’m thankful for my family. Sounds cliche, but they bring me the most happiness in my life.

  • robin cabrini

    What: I know this is silly, but I’m thankful for my super comfortable dansko clogs! They make my legs and back feel good and my knee never ever swells when I wear them. They may not be the best looking shoe, but who cares when I can go all day long with feet that don’t ache!

    I can’t think of how I’ll pay that forward, but today I donated 3 shoe boxes full of goodies to the shoe box project at our school and also paid the shipping to get them where they needed to go. I also showed a girl in line at Rite aid how to get better deals on her diapers and gave her some of my extra coupons to help her get a similar deal!Even gave her the info on your web site! Giving and sharing are just as much fun as getting a great deal!

  • Sarah H

    I am thankful for an amazing husband who is brave enough to go back to school and start a new career. He is a straight A student and I am so proud of him, I know this is hard for him. One of the blessings of his schooling is we see more of him than we did when he had a full time job.

    I will pay it forward by helping out my friends whose husbands due to work schedules aren’t able to be as involved with their families as mine is.

  • Jessica

    I am so thankful for my little boy crewe.
    He will be turning 1yr. on Saturday and I just don’t know what I would do without him. He brings so much joy and love to our family. We are so lucky to have a healthy baby, and that I get to stay home with him every day.
    I am going to take advantage of every moment I have with him and spend as much time as I can and not worry about the little things.

  • Becky Ruths

    November 17th, 2010
    Thankful for: Not having to drive to work every morning
    Why: yesterday I had to be downtown at 8 am. It took me almost 45 minutes! I am so glad that my husband works so hard so I get to stay at home with my little one.
    What: As I go downtown every day for the rest of the week, I’m going to try to be especially nice to the other drivers on the road, leaving extra space, leaving me extra time, letting people in, etc.
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • I am thankful for my husband’s support during this hard time for us. I had major surgery in Sept. developed problems soon after and have had to depend on a line to give me nutrients.

    He has been there for me and the 5 kiddos and has been hooking up my line every nite for me.

    I will show him thanks by letting him get away for a day!

  • Ami

    What: running water
    Why: I take this blessing for granted and really don’t even think of it. Today in the world there are many countries, even some areas in our own country that do not enjoy this blessing.
    How i will show thanks: i will do better at conserving this resource. turn water off when brushing teeth. don’t run water in the kitchen when wiping up counters. small things that will make a big difference.

  • Jessica M

    I am thankful for a great pre-school (NECLC) and all of it’s wonderful teachers that are helping my developmentally delayed 4 year old learn and grow the best she can! They are all wonderful and I coulnd’t do it without them! I’m going write each of them a note expressing my graditude for all of their time and hard work.

  • I am thankful for two healthy and beautiful daughters.

    why: There are alot of people who have children with birth defects and diseases. I was worried since I’m an older mom I might have been one of the unlucky.

    what: I am going to tell them everyday how lucky they are and how much I love them.

  • Natalie

    I am thankful for kids with imaginations.

    My two boys are 4 & 3. They both LOVE the Toy Story characters but we do not have any of those toys. In the past few weeks, they have created their own versions of Woody and Buzz with their little stuffed animals. My favorite is Buzz: a Green Frog with a sippy cup strapped to its back with a rubberband as the rocket. =) Now I’ve heard that Santa and his elves are working hard to bring them the real deal, but it really pleases me that they are happy with what they have.

    I am going to join in with their playtime, today. And maybe they will let me be Bo Peep or the Mrs Potato Head. =)


    I am so thankful that we are able to pay our bills even though my husband makes minimum wage and I only make about $200 a month babysitting from home. Somehow, we just make it work.

    I am going to continue to pay my bills and with couponing I am saving alot of money so I can buy something good for my husband this Christmas season

  • mel

    Thankful for: Neighbors
    Why: I am fortunate to live in a nice neighborhood where the neighbors all “keep an eye out” (know what I mean). I don’t have worry about my home when I am away and things like that because I know if there was anything out of the ordinary they would look out for me and I for them. In particular one of my best friends is just three doors down!
    What: I’ll make them little goodie baskets for Christmas with a note to tell them how lucky I feel to live next to them!

  • Sarah H

    I am grateful for a humble little daughter who after getting in trouble and being sent to her room prayed for God to help her with her bad ‘habitats’ (habits) of being ‘sneaky and mean to her sisters.’ She is an inspiration to me.

    I have been trying to be even more humble and admit when I am wrong. Hopefully I can bring the spirit of God with me wherever I go and bring a little more peace and love into the world.

  • robin cabrini

    Another silly thing I am grateful for today is reality TV- I rarely watch anything but biggest loser, but today at the gym I turned on Bravo while on the elliptical and the reality show kept me smiling for a whole hour while working out!

    As far as showing gratitude today I held the door open for as many people as possible when running errands and played coupon fairy while I was shopping.

  • Angela G

    Thankful: for my living parents
    Why: Just lost my a great uncle yesterday and know that time is precious.
    What: Going to send them virtual hugs (we live in different states) and continue to seek discounted ways to get them here to TX!


    I am so thankful for my husbands family. They have been a great example to me of what a real family should be. I got taken away from my mom and her husband when I was 11, adopted by 2 separate families. Once when I was 14, again when I was 20. They both are very bad examples of a family. My husbands family have been really great to me and my kids. Taking in the twins as if they are blood.

    My mother in law sent me thank you cards for my birthday (weird, I think.) but anyways, I am going to write them a note saying thanks for all they do for me and being good examples. I also plan on giving gift baskets this Christmas. Some treats, and some from my stockpile.

  • mel

    Thankful for: mental heath!
    Why: Sounds silly right? But I feel so lucky that I have the state of mind to realize that I have so much to be thankful for, and even through the hard times my life is amazing!
    What: I will reach out to those around me who are not in such a good place and offer a shoulder to cry on or guide them to someone who can help them (the “baby blues” are real people… don’t try to be a hero- get help!) Life is too short not to enjoy it.

  • Justine

    Today is my husband’s birthday. I’m very thankful for him. Because of all his hard work, and what he does for me and others. Going to honor him today on his birthday, and because of who he is.

  • Nicole H

    I’m Thankful for WICAP and The Home Energy Assistance Program.

    This program has been a Godsend to my family for the past two years. As the cold winter months hit and utilities raise their rates at the same time it can really hurt the family living budget. If you have any other emergency come up at the same time then sometimes you pass on power to pay for the car to be fixed that provides your transportation to your job or that pay for medicine and that doctors visit your child needs.

    I am showing my appreication by passing this information on to those of you that may need it. Look up information at and look for The Home Energy Assistance Program. They base your eligibility on your household size verses income. You will need to provide social security cards for every member of your household. They are accepting applications now through February until funds run out., so don’t delay. I hope this helps someone and keeps them warm this winter.

  • Becky Ruths

    November 18th, 2010
    Thankful for: Doctors and Nurses
    Why: They work so hard to take care of us, and of those we love!
    What: I’m going to write thank you cards to my dr and his staff telling them how much I appreciate them.
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • valerie hasselman

    November 18th

    Im thankful for the love and support from my parents, Ive had a rough year this year with loosing my job and its tough to find a new one, they have helped with bills, buying food and so much more. I cant thank them enough. I try to give back to them by giving them things they can use that i can use coupons and get very cheaply or even free. I wish that i could do more which when i get a new job i plan on treating them to a giftcard for one of their favorite places to eat!

  • robin cabrini

    I am so thankful for my three beautiful children. I felt so blessed today looking at my newest (surprise/bonus) baby boy, it brought me to tears! It’s amazing how much joy children bring.

    I am going to show gratitude by working on my patience and spending a little more time in the classroom with them. I know how excited they get when I come into the room.

  • Justine

    I’m thankful for my church. Because they are such good people. I’m going to give more to this ministry.


    I am so grateful for my kids’ teachers. They are amazing!! I can teach anyone’s kid, anything. But when it comes to mine, they drive me crazy! haha, I don’t know what it is, but after a few seconds I am frustrated. She has about 28 kids and she does such an amazing job, my kids are reading, learning fun songs, sends books home with them every day and she is so kind.

    Any school supplies I get on the cheap, I always donate to her class. Tissues, sanitizer etc.

  • mel

    For: I am thankful I am able to give my daughter a nice Christmas.
    Why: So many are struggleing just to put food on the table, much less spend money on gifts. I am so lucky that I can do both!
    What: I am putting together my shoe box gifts to send to those less fortunate. (Check out their web site at it is an amazingly easy way to give!)

  • Nicole H

    I am very thankful my family is in good health, we have awesome insurance and noone I know has breast cancer. I’m thankful because statistics show 1 in 8 women will get invasive breast cancer in their life

    I”m showing my appreication by sharing some good info. with you! I recently got my mamogram done at the Breast Cancer Detection Center at St. Lukes in Meridian, ID. While there, the nurse told me that they have grants for people that don’t have health insurance or can’t afford an exam/mamogram. They don’t advertise this but the funds are there.

    Here’s how you get your free breast exam/mamogram. You have to call them at (208) 706-2055 in the Boise area or toll free at 1-866-381-2055. Tell them you cannot afford an exam and are interested in receiving a grant. They will give you the details and can schedule an appointment. I did not need this service so I am not sure if you have to qulaify or if you simply have to ask for the grant. The nurse made it sound like you just need to ask.

    I hope this helps someone!

  • Nicole H

    I’m sorry, I should have included this info. on my previous posts. This isa follow up on WICAP Energy Aassistance and Free Breast Cancer Detection screening.

    The WICAP number is (208) 454-0675 to schedule an appointment. A better link for information is

    The websiet for St. Lukes Breast Cancer Detection is

  • Becky Ruths

    November 19th, 2010
    Thankful for: My husband
    Why: He took off this week from work to stay home with our daughter so I can stay with my mom in the hospital while she’s recovering from surgery.
    What: I’m going to show extra appreciation to him next week as he goes back to work, and fix him his favorite dinners, all week.
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • Debra

    I”m thankful for the job that I got when I was laid off this past spring. I know it’s only 1/3 of what I was making, but am glad we are doing okay. I’m thankful for Fabulessly Frugal who helps making our dollars count and I can feed my family of 5 (1 is away at college, but I’m going to be able to have someone take him free cheese and poptarts). Yeah.

    I am going to get my 2nd cheap turkey this weekend at Albertson’s and find some where to donate it. Thanks

  • robin cabrini

    Today I’m grateful that the weekend is here and that my fab husband will be coming home from his business trip late tonight. I have missed him so much!

    Tomorrow I will be buying gift cards for church families and taking a donation of toiletries over to the YWCA. Thanks FAB Frugals for helping me to find such great deals so that I can spread the wealth onto others.

  • Courtney

    What: I am thankful for my health
    Why: My daughter has been sick all week, and I’m incredibly grateful to not have caught her bug.
    To show my gratitude I’m going to do better to help my sick family, have more patience with them, and generally be more kind.

  • Meri

    I am grateful for my home. It’s nothing fancy, is older than my parents, and has been in a constant state of disrepair since we bought it 11 years ago. But this is the place where my children have grown up, and is full of memories. It has kept us warm and dry in the winter, and (relatively) cool in the summer. When I was growing up we never stayed in one place too long, because my mom could get a “deal” on a new apartment lease across town or even just down the street. I am so glad that we’ve been able to stay in the same house, and my kids have been able to go to the same schools, and stay close to their friends.
    I’m going to try to be less cranky about the things that need fixing, and remember to appreciate this house for all that it means to me and my family.

  • Ami

    I am grateful to have a temple so close to my home.
    As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints I believe the temple to be a house of God. A place I can go to feel comfort and peace and nearer to my Heavenly Father. Some members of my faith have to travel long hours to attend a temple. It takes me 15 minutes.
    I will attend more often.

  • Courtney

    Today I am VERY Thankful for sleep
    Why: Because last night was the first time in a week that my daughter slept through the night-and even slept in!
    I will show my gratitude by allowing my husband to sleep in tomorrow!

  • mel

    For: I am thankful for SNOW!!!
    Why: I grew up with a lot more than we get here, but it still makes me happy and reminds me of many happy family memories from my childhood… sledding and such with my amazing parents and brother!
    What: I’ll spend some extra time with my little family sharing some outdoor fun!

  • Nicole H

    I am thankful for nice people and the kindness of strangers.

    I know this one is simple. I watch my 5 year old when we go out and she makes instant friends with kids wherever we go. Most little kids do. Isn’t that awesome! Kids are so innocent and just love everyone. My older kids do the little things too like stop to help elderly with a door or ask to take their cart back. It makes me proud. No matter who you are, where you come from or what you believe in, if we all just kept that attitude of liking each other for no particular reason but just to be friendly, and helping each other just to be nice what a wonderful world it would be.

    I’m going to try harder everyday to show kindness to others.


    I would be so thankful to be the winner of this Visa gift card. I have followed all the rules, and have commented everyday! We are doing a sub for santa for a family in my ward and would love to have a free $50 bucks to use towards this family!

  • I am thankful for my coleman heater.

    Why: I work at the Holiday Market outside until the Saturday before Christmas. It gets very cold and I have a 45,000 btu heater which I believe isn’t made anymore.

    What: I will warm up anyone brave enough to shop outside in the cold.

  • robin cabrini

    I’m thankful for living in a nice clean city where water is clean and plentiful, and everything is relatively easy to get to. I am thankful that despite having 16 loads of laundry a week I have electricity and a washer and dryer to keep our clothes clean and fresh. I know this is not the case for many people who live outside of the U.S.

    I will show more gratitude for what I have and not always search for more of what I “want” that is not a necessity.

  • Becky Ruths

    November 20th, 2010
    Thankful for: My Parents!
    Why: Today is their 38th anniversary, and even through there have been some hard times (impossible it sometimes seems) they have stuck it out and will continue to stick it out!
    What: I’m going to work harder to make sure my marriage is going to last at least (if not longer) than theirs!
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • Shannon

    I am so GRATEFUL for my Health and Family/Friends ( and DR’s./ Nurses ect.)

    Last year on Dec. 26 I went to the ER with extreme back pain. I was admitted to the hospital and three days later I was diagnosed with a disease. I had a lot of complications and for the next four months was in and out of the hospital. My last hospital stay was ten days, I had surgery and spent some of those days in the ICU fighting for my life. During this time my husband was working out of town during the week. I am lucky that two of my children are older and were able to take care of each other and their younger brother and hold down the fort with help from friends, neighbors and family. I owe a lot to family and friends who brought in food, cleaned my house, made sure we had groceries, and drove me and my family around since I could not drive for 1 1/2 months ect….. I can’t believe how blessed ( and continue to be blessed) I was during this time. I am grateful that my health has improved and with meds. I am doing well now.

    In June we moved to another town, and I wish I could give back to those friends and neighbors. I can give back to my family and my community however..I am taking homemade goods to the Hunger Coalition in our town , and looking for other service opportunities in our community.

  • jaclyn

    I am thankful for Jesus! He is my rock to lean on when things get tough. He loves me all the time not just when I am good. We have a very large family (7Kids)with only one income. There has been times when the funds are at 0. We just put our faith in Jesus and He always provides for us. He shed His blood to wash my sins away. I am saved by grace through faith. I am not but I know the great I Am! Thank you Jesus!

  • Chris

    Grateful for my Family
    They support me and love me. Even though my work requires me to work long hours and sometimes every day of the week. And sometimes I’m not there when I should be, because of work.
    I would use this GIFT to provide gifts for my loving family

  • KatherineC

    I am thankful that I could reach into my cupboards and refrigerator the other day and fill up the backseat of my son’s family car full of groceries after they’d lost their food stamps. Had it not been for all the couponing I do (which I thoroughly enjoy), it wouldn’t have been possible. I went over in my head the items I’d given them as they drove off, making a mental note that everything was “healthy” – fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, etc. And later, as I looked over my stocks, I found that not only was what I had more than adequate for me, but I realized I could so easily replenish it for not too much money. It seemed strange in a way that they were so grateful to me for what had cost me so little, and I felt so good, knowing I have this skill and can help out. The fact that I enjoy it is just a big plus.


    I am thankful for tv. I know it’s kind of silly but it’s true. When the twins were born, I was only 20. I was young, and single. Had I not been able to sit them down in front of Little Einstein, or anything on the pre school channel, I don’t know where we would be. It was so stressful being a single mom and working full time. Tv was my time out. Sit them in front of tv, and have a time out for myself.

    I don’t know how to pay it forward for tv but we pay our bill every month so I can have the pre school channel, and have my time out’s!

  • Joy

    For: clear lungs
    Why: I recently had pneumonia and got a little glimps of what life is like for someone with Cystic Fibrosis. One of our dear fabs has CF and I am amazed at what she does without being able to take a full breath.
    What: I am going to write her a letter and tell her how much she inspires me.

  • Justine

    I’m thankful for my family. Their love, support, hard work, and faithfulness. They are such a blessing to me. I try to give back to them in any way I can.

  • Breeze

    I am thankful for my mental health and stability.
    Why~ I work at a Psychiatric Hospital and see all kinds of patients with alot of different issues. Some patients were born with these issues and some are “given” issues through trials and tribulations of life. I am extremely thankful that my life has not been handicapped with the inability to care for myself or others on even the most basic level. This however does not mean that I am immuned to being compromised by a psychotic break. Some of the issues I see patients dealing with would certainly break me. I am also thankful to be apart of some peoples recovery process. It can be very humbling to watch patients deal with some horrific life demons. And it is also amazing to watch these same patients heal and continue to go on.
    What~ I will continue to give my all to patients I care for without judgement or prejudice knowing I am one catastrophe away from being a patient myself.

  • mel

    I am thankful for Joy.
    Why: She is one of my best friends, keeps me going when times are tough, and introduced me to couponing!!
    What: I’ll send her a letter back letting her know I couldn’t do it all without her in my life.

    Ps you need a gravitar Joy!

  • Marielle

    Thankful for: my husband
    Why: Today is our 13th wedding anniversary.
    What will I do: Be more patient with him.

  • robin cabrini

    I am thankful for my best friend. She is always so willing to help me out when in a bind. She took care of my kids in the middle of the night while I was in labor with my third baby. She takes my baby when I need to go to different appointments and she is always baking something fun and sharing.

    I’m going to remind her what a good friend she is by offering to take her kids for an evening so she can have a night out for her husband and I will bake her something yummy.

  • Becky Ruths

    November 21st, 2010
    Thankful for: The Snow!
    Why: Because it’s so beautiful, and fun!
    What: I’m going to get my little one all dressed up nice and warm and take her outside to play in it tomorrow, and take all kinds of pictures!
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • Ami

    Thankful for my ability to read
    Why: i take for granted this wonderful ability. a good book can provide a wonderful escape.
    I will how my gratitude for reading by reading more to my children.

  • Wendy R.

    I am thankful for small things.
    The past few years have been very hard for our family. My husband basically has no viable work any longer. For over 20 years he’s been in new home construction and with the building industry crash, so crashed our livelihood. Truly, his industry has just vanished. So, I’m SO thankful for small things: great coupons that help us to spend less, the few smiles I see on my husband’s face, the dollar menus at local restaurants, neighbors and family sharing the harvests of their gardens and fruit trees, the strength to keep encouraging my husband.
    To show gratitude I try to help and share with those less fortunate and show my children the value of service.

  • Bridget

    Thankful for: my husband
    Why: because he always Always ALWAYS supports me in any and everything I venture into.
    What: I will make time to show him every day why he is my very best friend.

  • I am thankful for sites like this that help us save money in this economy. 🙂

  • Dori mosher

    I am thankful for my friend Kristy who is educating our group of friends on how to live well frugally. What an amazing friend.

  • Danielle

    I am thankful that I am able to stay home with my children, because it makes me feel like a better person to give so much of myself for them. I will make sure my husband knows how great he is for working so hard to make it all possible.


    I am so thankful for my daycare moms! They are so great, they are more like friends than “clients, customers” haha. They help me continue to be a SAHM, I don’t charge a ton of money, and I even feed them my food. All the mom’s bring are diapers and wipes, and food if they are on a special diet.

    Some of them have to work on the Holidays, and I will give them free daycare on those days.

  • Becky Ruths

    November 22, 2010
    Thankful for: my Health
    Why: I have a crazy busy day… packing, visiting mom in the hospital, getting the house ready to show to the new owner and his friend, working, and taking care of my daughter. I know without my health, there’s not a chance I’d get even 1 thing on my list done, let alone it all!
    What: I’m going to take an dose of emergen-c, and keep up my energy and spirits, knowing that I could have to do all this while sick, and at least I have all of this to do…
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • Courtney

    I am thankful for my husband
    Because he cleaned the kitchen for me when I was sick
    I will show my gratitude by telling him how much his actions have meant to me, and working harder to be a better wife for him.

  • Natalie

    I am thankful for pre-made pie crust. I know it’s a little thing. Pie crust really is not difficult to make, but it’s one less thing on my list of things to do in preparation for the big dinner. It’s a corner I’m willing to cut. =)

    In honor of loving this convenience so much, I am making three more pies than I would have because so much of the muscle is already taken care of. My family cannot complain.

  • nicole h

    I’m thankful for my full pantry and kids home safely from college.

    I missed yesterday because I was just enjoying our family all together for the first time in four months. I am sooo appreciative that I found this site and started couponing so I have plenty of food to feed my family of seven.

    I’m showing my appreciation by sending a sack full of canned foods with my daughter to school for their food drive. And I’m just going to appreciate every moment with my family.

    One last thing I want to share…the TRIO – Upward Bound Program wich taught myself and children how to apply for and succeed in college, including teaching us everything about financial aid and scholarships. If you are under the midline income and your child will be a first generation college student, ( in other words neither parent finished a college degree,) your child can be eligible for the program as young as eigth grade. It involves one credited class period during regular school hours, free tutoring and federally funded field trips as well as college tours and a cool summer school program at BSU. TRIO-Upward Bound programs are completely free and have been invaluable for my family! Just call your child’s public middle school or high school for more information!

  • Marielle

    Thankful for: Family
    Why: they helped make me who I am, and today as I look out the window at the snow and realize we can’t go to ID to spend Thanksgiving with my 6 siblings and their families, I’m more homesick than ever.
    What: I will gather my kiddos around me and teach them some of my favorite traditions from my childhood.

  • Allison Brenn

    I am thankful today for a warm house and snow tires! In order to show my gratitude, I will go out and shovel the rising drifts before my husband comes home and they are unmanageable! I love his back enough to want to preserve it a while longer!

  • Justine

    I’m thankful for awesome friends. I enjoy their company so much, and I am so grateful for their willing hospitality. Whenever I can give to them I do.

  • Meri

    I am thankful for the book The Time Traveller’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger.
    Okay, so that may sound like a weird thing to be thankful for, but hear me out. =) I have read this book I-don’t-even-know-how-many times, and it makes me cry every single time. The husband in the story loves his wife SO much, and so many of the things he does and says remind of things MY husband has done and said, which makes me realize how much he loves me. Since we all sometimes take things (and people) for granted, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of how much we all matter to one another.
    I’ll show my appreciation for this fantastic book by telling others about it (and I’ve started that right here!) so that maybe other people can take each other for granted a little less.

  • mel

    I am thankful for heaters!
    Why: Because it is COLD!! And it keeps my family healthy and comfortable during the winter months.
    What: I am going to dig through my coat closet for a donation to “Keeping Kids Warm”

  • robin cabrini

    Today I’m thankful for getting 5 free movie tickets out of my cereal purchase at Albertson’s. I went in excited about getting a good deal on cereal and came out with 10 boxes that all had the movie pass promo on them.

    To pay it forward I will be taking my girls to see Tangled this weekend which they have been saving up for. I will also donate some of the cereal to the food bank as well.

  • Autumn

    Thankful for: choice in education
    Why: because without it we wouldn’t have the education available that we have.
    Do: sending a note of thanks to the kids’ teachers, so they know when they go the extra mile I notice.

  • JillW

    Thankful for: Staying home with my kids during these early years.
    Why: I do not want to miss a thing! In the blink of an eye my oldest is now 5 1/2 – and my youngest is soon to be 2.
    Do: Enjoy every moment. We get caught up in the day-to-day difficult moments and I need to stop and just enjoy life with my boys. Before I know it, they will both be in school and I will be back in a career.
    I also need to thank my husband on a regular basis and tell him how much we appreciate his hard work everyday.

  • Ami

    I am thankful for Carlene Tanner
    Why: She has changed the way I parent.
    Do: Write her a note expressing my gratitude for her willingness to share her experiences and time with me and others.

  • mel

    I am thankful for my washing machine!
    Why: I can’t imagine having to wash all the outfits my 3 year old goes through by hand… ugh! That would be a full time job!
    What: I will try not to grumble when she is filthy 20 min after putting on her clothes in the morning! (but seriously… how do they get dirty so fast? it’s incredible!)


    I am so thankful photographs. I have about 5 of my entire childhood. Only one was before I was 17. I just found pictures of when the twins were born and am so grateful for them. I forgot how young I was, and it brought back all those memories of their first breath, Christmas, first time eating pasta, etc. I love being able to look back and remember how I was feeling.

    I have only been in contact with my birth mom for about a year. This year for Christmas I am making her a scrap book of sorts and telling the story of my kids’ births, how my husband and I met, and how we came to be where we are today.

  • Thankful for: My sister

    Why: She shops with me, helps me with my 2 daughters and babysits when she is available. She hangs out with me when I have to work outside. She is also my best friend.

    What: I tell her about all the good deals and help her with couponing. I do and will continue to make her alot of yummy meals.

  • Becky Ruths

    November 23, 2010
    Thankful for: Extra time to move!
    Why: My mom had knee surgery last week, and we were supposed to move in 3 weeks, and my life was imploding, but due to an issue with financing, the buyer of our home needs and extra 4 weeks!! It’s such a blessing… I totally know it’s straight from God.
    What: I’m going to use the extra time to pack the way my husband would like me to, instead of frantically throwing everything into boxes.
    Author: Becky Ruths

  • Heather Fischer

    I have no complaints. There are so many hurting people right now that I am truly grateful for all that I have. Makes me wish people were more thankful for freebies and coupons and not ungrateful when things don’t go their way.

  • robin cabrini

    Another silly thankful thing today! I am so thankful that the chips and z-bar bag didn’t open in the washing machine. I absentmindedly threw my kids lunch bags in the washing machine without realizing that one of them still had some goodies in it! Hence, when I went to take out the laundry there was a z-bar still in the wrapper and in tact, a bag of chips a straw and a fork! Everything was still in tact! Woo hoo!

    I will now learn to double check lunch bags and pockets before washing them!

  • Autumn

    Thankful for: teenaged children a mom can trust.

    Why: It lets my heart breath a little

    Do: Tell them they are trusted, which is one of the best weapons we can use to fight their innate desire to see what they can get away with (some anyway). Cause a kid with a concience and their trust meter full is better than any hard set written in stone rules we could ever place upon them.

  • nicole h

    I am Thankful for double coupons at Albertsons and all of their nice cashiers and stockers!

    I started seriously couponing the end of September, so really only two months. I have always appreciated Albertson’s sales and friendly staff, but they have been extra helpful and considerate as I went through my learning experience with coupons.

    And five weeks straight of doubles and that one coupon roundup have been incredible! We didn’t have alot of money growing up, but we always had good healthy homemade meals and special treats too. That’s probably why having a full pantry makes me feel secure. I know if there’s a financial emergency my family will still be fed and healthy.

    Thanks to all these doubles my pantry is stocked and I’ve been able to start sharing extra with friends and make donations to a food drive. I’ve made sure to tell the people at Albertson’s thank you and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving. And I’ll do my best to be friendly and courteous to them so they know they are appreciated.

  • Ami

    thankful for:digital cameras
    why: when i was a teenager we had to wait until the film was developed to see how the pictures turned out….by then it was too late to recreate any special moments because someone’s eyes were closed (ya know what i mean). i love all the technology advancements that have been made especially in the picture taking world.
    Do: i am going to be more diligent at capturing our family’s memories on film and sharing them with my extended family who live in seattle.

  • Sarah H

    I am thankful for the sweet lady who bought my daughter a snack yesterday at Walgreens when I forgot my food stamps card and had to have them put back all my groceries (really embarassing). The sweet woman behind me offered to buy a tropical trail mix for my girl, saying we’d love it, it was amazing. She was right! And it’s only $1! It was humbling but I was so glad that she wanted to help us out.

    I will pay it forward but looking for opportunities to help other stressed shoppers; hold a package, give a coupon, etc.

  • Claudia

    What: I am thankful for the FAB fruGALS!
    Why: This website has helped me save almost half from my groceries budget, which I needed since we have our own personal training business and in this economy has really hurt us.
    What: I have already told others about this site and will continue to, and will donate as well!
    Thank you gals for all you do!!

  • Becky Ruths

    November 24, 2010
    Thankful for: Free Cool Whip at Albies 🙂
    Why: I know it sounds silly, but my Thanksgiving budget has been spent, and I totally forgot the coolwhip for the pies, and I printed out the coupons the Fab’s told us about to go get them at Winco, and went into Albies today just to SEE how much they were… 97 cents each, with a $1/2 coupon, with my last remaining doublers = free cool whip!!
    What: I was so thankful, and had a nice chat with the cashier, telling them how much I appreciated her, and all her hard work. Then I wrote her a comment card 🙂
    Author: Becky Ruths


    I am so grateful for my baby’s doctor. My baby has croup today and he’s in the office. He has been so good to my family, whenever the baby is crying, he will hold her and rock her, and shush her.

    When I take her to the dr today to check her out, I’m bringing him cookies and a note letting him know I appreciate his hard work!

  • mel

    For: Time off
    Why: I feel so bad for those who have to work on Thanksgiving and not be with thier families. I understand things like the hospital being open, but the stores!? Really? Those people deserve to be with thier families too. It’s not right.
    What: I will not be supporting the retail worlds decision to stay open byt NOT shopping, going anywhere, or doing anything except for being home with my family on Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving Fabs and fellow fab followers!!

  • Heidi

    Thankful for: my daughter
    Why: This year has been a hard one for my family. We moved…Twice. She made friends quickly the first time, but was burnt out the second time. For whatever reason, she has had a hard time making friends here but always put on her brave face and tries again the next day. For a good portion of the year my husband worked nonstop. We were thankful for the work! As hard as it was on him, my daughter missed her Daddy and was stuck watching her brother often. She has helped me pack and unpack and arrange furniture. She helped me convince her brother each change was an adventure-even when she wasn’t feeling it herself. She fetched this and that for me when I was sick and couldn’t get out of bed. When I lost one pregnancy after another after yet another, she snuggled up to me and told me stories then she would take her brother and play with him quietly so I could rest. Our life is back on a smoother path now. Still every day she surprises me with her willingness to love and serve her family. How blessed I am to have such a daughter!
    What: I will arrange more quiet time – away from brother – so she can enjoy some peace and quiet. I will be more sensitive to her needs, especially the unspoken ones. I will remember she is only nine.

    We don’t need the prize! I just wanted to express my gratitude! Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

  • robin cabrini

    Today I’m thankful for my whole family. So thankful for the time we get to spend together and enjoy each others company. Today we went to see Tangled with our free tickets from General mills and then had cheap Fondue at Spoon me with our groupon and it was so great seeing the kids enjoy every bit of it!

    I’m going to slow down and enjoy the time I have with my children, I know that these years will pass right before my eyes. I am going to work on being more patient and spending a little less time worrying about the little stuff!

  • Erin Cochrane

    I am so thankful for my son (and my husband too! ) My son is 19 months old and it took me awhile to get pregnant with him. He is just such a joy and blessing in my life and makes me smile everyday. I often wonder how I am so lucky? I am blessed to stay home with my son while my husband works hard for our family. I am excited to spend Thanksgiving day with my two best friends!

  • Meri

    I am thankful for this entire list of things that people are thankful for.
    Throughout this process, I’ve read through everybody’s notes; the silly ones made me giggle, some of the serious ones made me cry, and on the first day one entry gave me pause to stop and really think about how much I have. I’m still figuring out what to do with the inspiration that note brought to me, but I’ll get there.
    I’m going to keep remembering to appreciate things in my life. So often I just go about my day-to-day life, not even noticing the little things that make our lives easier and happier. I’m going to try very hard to keep noticing.
    Thanks, Fab 5, for giving us all this opportunity to share and learn from each other!

  • nicole h

    With Thanksgiving tomorrow and alot of focus on feasting I am very thankful for all of the people who work hard to bring that food to our tables.

    A while back I caught this show called “Blood, sweat and take aways”. It was a documentary series about a group of young adults who volunteered to go work in the industries to see how our food is grown or raised, processed, transported, sold and eventually winds up on our tables. They did everything from gutting fish, working in rice fields, and processing chicken right beside the people who do this work daily for pennies and live regularly in poverty in other countries. Many of the people who work for us to have such inexpensive bounty and luxury are struggling just to survive. I had my family watch the series with me.

    It helped all of us truly appreciate the people who work so hard to make our lives plentiful and reminded us not to take it for granted. We have all become more aware and don’t waste as much as we used to. Little things, like actually using leftovers, not letting them stay in the fridge til noone will eat them or squeezing the very last drop of toothpaste out of the tube. Some people have never used toothpaste. I can’t imagine that. I am so thankful for toothpaste too.

  • Ami

    Today I am thankful for my parents who braved the weather and bad driving conditions to spend Thanksgiving with me and my family. It’s been a long time since we have been together for Thanksgiving. Since they live in Seattle, Christmas is our preferred Holiday to spend together. I plan on enjoying every minute of their company. Staying up late, playing games, eating and watching movies.

  • nicole h

    Happy Thanksgiving ! I am thankful for my my mom and everyone that shared what they were thankful for here.

    Growing up my mom always made the holidays special. She didn’t spend alot of money but she did little things that made big impressions. We always say grace but on Thanksgiving we made it extra special, everyone going around the table to tell what they were especially thankful for.

    Reading the posts here reminds me of a big Thanksgiving prayer. You all made this Thanksgiving very special. I hope it starts a tradition. I appreciate that people opened up and shared some pretty personal things so that we could all be more appreciative of our own lives. Thank you! I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.


    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I am grateful for the relationship that I have with my brother and sister today. Technically they are my half brother and sister, but we have NEVER called each other that. My sister and I have just started talking again about 4 year ago and my brother about 6mo ago after not seeing each other for about 6 years and my brother for 10 years. They’re mom and I hate each other so she kept them away from me until they were 18, and chose to get back into contact with me. My sister allows me to have a relationship with my nephew and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that baby!

    I am so excited to see them for Thanksgiving they live 4 hours South of me. I have put together Christmas presents for them because we’re not sure if they can come up for Christmas. I am giving them about 3/4 of my stock pile both toiletry’s and food, because they don’t have a ton of money, and it’s the least I can do for them!

  • Tobey Pafundi

    I am thankful for my family today. My dad is having Thanksgiving Dinner with my two brothers. They haven’t spoken to my dad in over 10 years. Our mother died in 2000 and they haven’t spoken to him since. My nephew is going to be a dad in February This will be the first great grandchild for my dad and the first grandbaby for my brother. Babies are such a blessing that can bond a family back together.

    They are in Indiana and I am in Idaho, I am going to call into the dinner and get passed around to talk to everyone so it is like I am there.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  • Patty

    I am so thankful for my family. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, they were always there for me. I recieved such love from all of them. They took care of me and my family. I want to give back by being there for them for anything and to also be there for others that are newly diagnosed. It seems like there are a lot of people recently getting diagnosed with cancer and now I know how to (and know how they feel) minister and help them.

  • Lindsey

    I am thankful for all the mistakes and trials and tribulations in my life. All of this has made me who I am today and I know that I am honest in my dealings. I am thankful for my husband and my children and that we are all healthy. I am thankful that we have had to struggle to have what we have so we understand the value of work hard for what you want. It is also a learning point for my children to know that they will not be handed everything in life that they will have to earn it as well. I am thankful that we can fix and grow things so that if we had to be self sufficient we can. I am thankful that my husband and I can talk our problems out rather than fight. Makes us that much stronger and our marriage that much more enjoyable. I am thankful for my parents siblings and inlaws. If it wasn’t for all this in my life I wouldn’t be who I am today! Thank you family for being so supportive and thank you to my husband and children for being so great and helpful and I am glad that we can smile and work through our problems with no arguments.

  • Liz Dunsey

    I am very thankful for my family and friends. They are what make life an exciting journey. I am also thankful to our armed services and our freedoms that they protect and the sacrifice that they make. I am most thankful to have been born in the United States and to proudly say that I am an American. This is a great nation and truly the land of opportunity. Today is a day to praise God for the bounty of things that he gives each of us, each day. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  • I am thankful for my Husband. He was a gift from God. I was a single Mom and was heading down the wrong path. I met him through and our first date was to say the least an eventful one. I thought that he was too “nice” that is what I would tell everyone. That I didn’t deserve him. I wanted to be just friends. He never gave up on me and I am so very thankful that he didn’t. I realized over time that I did deserve him and that I knew in my heart that I would love him until the day I died. I try everyday to tell him how much I appreciate him and how much I love him. He has blessed me with our 3 year old son and he is the best Step Dad my 12 year old son could ever ask for!

  • Rebecca Elliott

    Thankful for: The miracle that my 24 month old baby girl’s vision is miraculously being restored.
    Why: She has a condition in her eyes and could not see anything but blur for 9 months. She had surgery on her eyes but I was told there was not much hope for normal vision and she would always wear glasses with two different levels of correction for the rest of her life. That means she would have a hard time judging distances, effecting her ability to drive, play sports, etc. Her “bad” eye miraculously grew and now her vision is almost exact in both eyes, not to mention not needing much correction at all. She may never have to wear glasses again!!
    What: I have pre-bought frames that are especially made for babies that are made of a flexible plastic. I am donating all her used frames, and frames she will no longer need to the Lions Club, because they helped me purchase her first pair of glasses when she was only 4 months old. I also reach out to other parents on the internet who are just learning their child has vision problems and passing along the knowledge I have gained through this. Kind of paying it forward :o)

  • Megan

    Thankful for: I am thankful for my amazing husband. He was a gift from God and my rock.
    Why: He works hard everyday for our family supporting us in every decision and life event thrown at us. Currently I am going back to school and he has taken on extra tasks to support me and make this journey easier for our family. He is an amazing father. He’s the BEST!!
    What: I made him crab dip for the holiday. 🙂

  • Megan

    I am thankful for big families that live close.

    I love being able to hear the laughter that comes from my kids as they play with their 25+ cousins on a regular basis.. It’s something I never got as a kid and I’m glad I can watchmy kids enjoy it as they grow up.

    To show my gratitude for this GREAT blessing, I will strive harder to play with my kids and read them books and keep them involved on days that the cousins aren’t around.

  • mel

    I am thankful for: Home.
    Why: Although I have been out of the house for 12 years, my parents house is still my home. I always feel welcome and completely at ease. Though my room has been redecorated, it is still MY room. I feel safe and loved and know, no matter what, I am always welcome here.
    What: Today I will tell them how lucky I am to have two wonderful loving parents who would still do anything for me.

  • Today I am so thankful for seat belts. I was rear-ended on the 16th and know it would have been so much worse without such a simple precaution. I ended up with small fractures in my neck and spine, which means a very long recovery, but am so grateful for the medical personnel who helped me and the my family who is so supportive and helping me heal. I am not writing this for sympathy, as I truly believe the accident was meant for me to sit back and realize how much I already have and what could have been.

  • angel

    I am thankful for my family & pets. I am also thankful for finding this site, why? Because we are going through some hard times & the info. here is really helpful, so thank you!
    What I am going to do to show gratitude to my family is cook them the best dinner i know how!

  • Justine

    I’m thankful we were able to travel safely to see our families for Thanksgiving. Because roads were snowy, and icy, but we arrived safely!

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