Tearpad Tuesday…

Here are a few tearpad coupons to be on the look out for while you’re shopping this week…

* Just a reminder… not every store has the same coupons/blinki machines… *

$1.00 off Seattle’s Best Coffee (Fred Meyer)

.75 cents off Pebbles Treats (Fred Meyer)

$1.00 off Smucker’s new Snack’n Waffles (Fred Meyer)

$1.00 off ANY MEAT w/ the purchase of 2 Weber Seasonings or Grinders (Fred Meyer)

Attention  Albertson’s shoppers…

$1.00 off Fresh Fruit w/ the purchase of 2 Kellogg’s Cereals… (I spotted peelies on boxes at Albertsons, Target and Fred Meyer this week).  Do not… I repeat DO NOT remove peelies from boxes.  They are there for people who are buying the product.

$1.00 off ANY Reach Floss (Safeway)

And… last but not least… Safeway had these hang tags on bottles of Pepsi yesterday.  Buy 2 bags of Tostitos Chips and get a free 2 liter bottle of soda.

Have any of you FAB readers found any good tear pads or hang tags this week?

If so… let us know in the comment section below.



  • Wendi

    I was wondering…can I take the blinkie coupons and hold on to them until the product goes on sale? Or, would that be considered bad couponing ethics? (I wouldn’t take the ones off the pop or the peelies if I weren’t buying it right then) Thanks! Love reading your posts Mavis!

    • Kari

      I am curious about Tear Pad / Blinkie / Peelie etiquette too. Can you take “PEELIE” coupons and hold them for a sale? Some of them say “use this coupon on this bottle”
      Blinkies and Tear Pads I think it is fine to take as many as you will use REASONABLY if the product went on sale at your TARGET price…

      what is standard Etiquette for each ?

    • Susan

      Wendi, I think it’s perfectly fine to take a few coupons from display tearpads or blinkie machines and keep them for later.

      I do not think it’s okay to take a coupon that is attached to a specific item unless you are buying that item. This includes hang tags and peelies. If a peelie or hang-tag coupon is for $X wyb 2, then I’ll keep the second one and use it another time.

      To answer Marvis’ question … my favorite tearpad-coupon finds lately are the $1/1 Kraft cheese-with-a-touch-of-philly that’s already been mentioned, $1/1 Planters Nuts (which should make for a great deal at some point in time), and my very favorite $1.50/1 Burts Bees product, which made for a great deal at Rite Aid this week. I bought 4 Burts Bees items for a total of $15.98, used four $1.50/1 mfg coupons plus two $1/1 store coupons (adperks) for a net price of $7.98 then got back a $5 UPR. Paid with a $3 UPR from a Rite Aid survey (bottom of a receipt), four $1 UPRs from prior purchaes, and $.98 cash. Love it!

      • Wendi

        Thanks! I agree. I, personally, would not take peelies or coupons attached to product. I have not taken coupons from blinkies or tearpads, because I wasn’t sure if it was okay. But, sounds like it is. So, I will grab one or two next time I see one that is for a product that I am likely to buy when they go on sale!

  • Brook Davis

    I have bought items with a $X amount off two and bought two with peelies. I used the one for the current purchase and saved the other one for another time! They tend to have a long expiration date, so it’s great to save them for a better deal.

  • Amy

    There is nothing wrong with taking a few peelies knowing that you will use them at a future date. It is just a coupon that is stuck to the product. The coupons are a marketing tool the companies use. If you take the coupon and use it later, you have done what the company wants you to do–try their product and hopefully buy it again.

    • Tyree

      I STRONGLY disagree that is stealing. The store does not allow this and that is why many of them now have you ask for the coupons at checkout. It is stealling just like taking part of the product and leaving the store with it. When they are attached to a product they are only for the person that is buying that product, they are part of the product/why they are attched and not just a hang tag. Taking one or two blinkies is different (again taking the whole stack is WRONG they say please take one and not take them all and be a theif.) The stores do not allow taking peelies for future use. They get REALLY mad when coustomers do this.

      • Amy

        You can make this same argument for the blinkies or the hang tags–they are meant to be used on the product right then. If you take a blinky and don’t use it right then, you are stealing. I think this is indeed false. Any coupon is meant to be used–eventually–unless it states otherwise on the coupon. I don’t see the difference in using the coupon now or later, as long as it is getting used.

        • TeriJ

          I won’t even get into the “is it stealing” argument. I feel it is wrong becase it is very unfair to fellow couponers. I get so frustrated when I go to buy a product and every single one on the shelf has had the peelie taken off and the product left. It reminds me of the childsh “Finders Keepers Loosers Weepers”. I may love to coupon and also NEED to coupon but I will not lower myself to taking away other peoples ability to get that coupon deal.

  • Susan

    I found a coupon for $1.50 off WYB a 12-pack of Coke and Orville Redenbacher popcorn at Safeway.
    Safeway has Coke products B2G2FREE through today PLUS 2 FREE boxes of Nabisco crackers. The Orville Redenbacher is B1G1FREE.

    I bought:
    4 – Coke 12-packs
    4- Orville Redenbacher popcorn 3-packs
    2 – Nabisco crackers

    Used :
    4 – $1.50 Coke/Popcorn coupons
    4-.50 Doubles

    Total: $13.41
    SAVED: $39.02

    The floss coupon for $1 used with a Double = .29!!

  • Susan

    I found:
    $1/1 coupons for New Kraft Shredded cheeses with a Touch of Philly at Fred Meyer (hanging by the cheeses)

    Buy 1 Get 1 FREE for Milky Way Simply Caramel at Fred Meyer- in a blinkie by the candy

    Stride Spark (Gum) Buy 1 Get 1 FREE at Fred M

    eyer by the gum

    $1.50/1 Philadelphia cooking creme at Fred Meyer and Safeway

    $2/1 for ANY Good Earth Restaurant Favorites Dinner kit at Safeway

    Buy 1 Get 1 FREE for Hormel Compleats (yup to $2.99) at Safeway

    $1 on Eggs WYB 2 pkg. Hormel Fully cooked Bacon at QFC

    Buy 2 Get 1 FREE for single bars of Nestle candy bars

    $1.50 WYB 2 (20oz.) Coke products and 2 Mars candy barsat Safeway

    $2/1 on ANY Tom’s of Maine product (excluding trial) FREE Children’s Tom’s at Safeway- they were Clearanced for $1.99

  • Susan

    Use the $1/1 for the Seattle’s Best at QFC. They have it on sale through today for $4.88- $1 = $3.88. Really good coffeee and my QFC had the $1 coupon in a box right in front of the product.
    Also found these at Winco.

  • Annie

    Our Albertsons has those froot loops boxes with peelies! They worked great with the current promo and doublers!! 😀

  • walmartdi

    Walmart has $3 off 2 coupons for lays chips on a tearpad. I took several yesterday and plan to use a couple at albertson’s or safeway (forget where they are on sale this week) on Tostitos. Lays are on sale this week at walmart for $2.50 so using the coupon and my discount the bags will cost 75¢ each.The coupons are good on kettle chips too so I think I might also try the kettle chip deal I saw mentioned where you get free water. The coupons are only good through the 10th. They also have a coupon on it for sierra mist, and then an expired lays coupon for $1 off.

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