Talking to Your Kids About Sex

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Do you remember when you had the “sex” talk with your parents? Do you remember feeling akward and uncomfortable and wishing they would never bring it up again? I DO. Now that I am a parent I know it is not easy to talk to kids about intimacy. But it does not have to be hard, awkward or uncomfortable.
Kids are learning a lot of things about sexuality in our world today from friends, TV, movies, music and the internet. The things your children learn about their bodies and intimacy should come from you their trusted parent. You know and love your child more than anyone, so you can decide when and where these discussions take place. In time, you will recognize and enjoy teaching moments in everyday life with your child.
If you set up a safe zone for talking to your kids and talk to them often in a natural way they will come to you when they have questions about their bodies. More and more starting in elementary school kids are looking at pornography. Pornography can be very damaging to a persons brain and their perception of reality. It is important that your kid knows what it is and how and why to avoid it.
I am excited to share with you a book I discovered that helps you educate your kids about sex. It allows you to do it in your own way and your own time with some great conversation starters. Making it a part of normal conversation and not some big one time scary talk your kids want to avoid going forward.
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The books are available for 3 age groups (ages 3-7, 8-11 and 12+). This makes it easier to have age appropriate conversations with your kids. Sometimes it hard to know if your child is old enough to cover certain topic. So the books serve as a great guide to help you determine what your child is ready to talk about.
30 Days of Sex Talks Ages 3-7: This book covers conversations about relationships, affection, anatomy, boundaries, predators, online dangers and many other vital topics.

30 Days of Sex Talks Ages 8-11: This book covers love, sex, changing bodies, as well as address dangerous messages from the media and various online sources.

30 Days of Sex Talks Ages 12+This book includes topics like creating healthy relationships, consent, social media, pornography exposure and emotional intimacy.

I have loved using this book as a guide as I talk to my boys about sex. We have already had some great conversations. After talking about the boys anatomy my boys wanted to know how urine goes through the body. So I googled some diagrams and explained the urinary tract and how it works. Be ready to take the conversation any where your children want it to go. It is your opportunity to educate them.

I love that I am learning to provide my kids with a safe environment to ask any questions they might have. I think it is so important to educate your kids so that they do not go seeking answers from the wrong places. As a parent it is nice to have a guide like 30 Days of Sex Talks. It gives me more confidence in what I am going to talk to my kids about.

BONUS: All three books are available on amazon and are highly rated!

Top 10 Tips:

  1. Create a safe environment to talk
  2. Use clinic terms for anatomy
  3. Take many opportunities to talk, rather than one big talk
  4. Be sure your kids understand when it is appropriate to talk
  5. Use 30 Days of Sex Talks as your guide
  6. Consider the age group of your child
  7. Make conversation normal and comfortable
  8. Make sure you are on the same page as your spouse
  9. Take the opportunity to teach morals and values
  10. Don’t stress about it, they will pick up on that


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