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Take Shape For Life


that is CLINICALLY PROVEN to help you

lose up to 20 POUNDS in one month

in the post I wrote on TuesdayThe contest ends TOMORROW AT 12:30 pm!!


The doctors will chose a winner and we’ll announce it tomorrow night at 7:00 pm.  Right now there are 137 entries… so your chances of winning the full Take Shape For Life Program are big!   A few other things to note:

  • There will be a FREE and informative webinar Tuesday night at 7:00 MST. REGISTER for the FREE webinar here.   If you’re curious how this simple and life changing weight loss program works, then make sure you REGISTER!
  • If you decide to give the program a try, you can save $100 on your first month if you let Dr Arnold and Dr Allen know you heard about them on Fabulessly Frugal!
  • Don’t forget that you only have until 12:30 pm MST on Monday March 7th to enter the contest!

Why Do I Endorse This Program?

  • Although I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, after having 7 babies, I was at the tippy top of my BMI and I wasn’t happy with the extra 25 pounds I had put on in the last 15 years of having babies.
  • For the first time in a long time I’m taking care of my body by giving it the nutrients it needs in a convenient way.  Lets face it.  I’m super busy.  I am supporting my family of nine while my husband is back in school.  Luckily, I get to work from home on this awesome coupon blog.  But working 30-50 hours a week and taking care of my large family and our crowded home has taken its toll on my health!  I didn’t have issues with over eating.  I had issues with under eating.  I was too busy to eat.  Often it would be 3:00 in the afternoon and I’d realized I hadn’t eaten anything.  With the Take Shape For Life Program featuring Medifast meals: 
    • I’m eating every 2-3 hours.
    • I ENJOY 5 medifast meals (bars, shakes, and brownies are my favorites) per day
    • I drink 8 glasses of water a day (a first!)
    • I ENJOY a “lean and green” meal once a day.  I love the fact that I can still enjoy date night with my hubby.  So far we’ve been hitting Chili’s or Applebee’s because they have items on their menu that are inline with the “lean and green” meal I need to eat.
    • I’m not hungry
    • If I have the munchies, I can eat from a huge variety of veggies, or even enjoy some pistachios or almonds.
    • The only thing I find hard to resist anymore are chocolate chip cookies and home made bread.  Everything else doesn’t even phase me.  I’m losing my sweet tooth!
    • I cheated on Valentines Day and then off and on over the next 10 days.  That stunk.  I put 2 pounds back on, and felt bloated and yucky.
    • With in two days I had that weight off again and have lost 8 since I got back on the program.  For a total of 12.  My goal is 15 pounds.  I’d be thrilled with 20, but very very happy with 15!  And I’m almost there!
    • After I reach my goal and after I finish my transitioning, I’ll continue to eat the Medifast meals a few times a day.  They have the right balance of protein, fiber, and carbs, and are packed with nutrients my body needs!
    • The first 3 days are rough.  They really are.   BUT, once you get past those first few days, it will be so worth it!
    • Having someone to talk to is so helpful.  That’s why I love the way the program provides a FREE health coach that you can call anytime you have questions or need help!

I love this program.  My body is back to the weight it was after baby #4, and I’m hoping to get back to the way I was after baby #2.  If you are even remotely interested in this program, REGISTER for the FREE webinar on Tuesday night at 7:00 pm  (it will be recorded so you can listen to it at a later time!).

This program has helped thousands of people not only lose weight, but get off their diabetes medication!  It truly is about having a healthier life.  Its not a diet, it’s a program to help you get your life back!  Take advantage of this opportunity!

Enter to win the program HERE

REGISTER for the FREE webinar HERE

Good luck everyone!


  • TeriJ

    I looked into this and it does look like a great program. I have to ask though what was so hard about the first 3 days? Your body getting used to it and withdrawal type cravings or what?

    • Body not getting all the carbs its used to. Hungry day 1. Weak day 2. And irritable day 3. Day 4 my body was in kytosis and burning fat for energy. Energy back, no longer hungry, and cravings not a big issue.

      I’m on my phone, sorry if I sound short! 😉

      • TeriJ

        I can see that. I am a carboholic and I’m sure my body would be going “what the heck are you doing you crazy woman?”

        • It was totally like that! My body was screaming, “I don’t know what to do now! Where do I find energy!!” But once I made it past those 3 days, it was so much easier!

      • Beth

        What do you have to do on day 1, day 2 and day 3?

        • You just start the program. Those are just the ‘side effects” my body went through each day. Your body has to adjust to this new way of eating and getting energy. I usually eat a bar first thing in the morning, then about 2-3 hours later I’ll have the chocolate chip pancakes or a shake. Sometimes, I’ll have my lean and green meal for lunch (right now the spinach omelet is my favorite), and then I eat again at 3, 6, (I really love the ease of the bars) and after the little ones are in bed, I’ll have a brownie (medifast of course), with a little spread of peanut butter. Of course I drink my water through out the day. I usually have my first 4 glasses done by noon. And a great trick for when I get the munchies is gum!

  • Alicia

    I did medifast and while it takes weight off quickly due to the caloric deficet the food is gross and if you don’t exercise the weight loss isn’t permanent. SO yes it is good but you also have to make other life changes to maintain the loss otherwise you gain it all back. The results were nice but the maintaining is really hard. Good luck girls!

    • I really like the food Alicia! There were a few tricks the doctors taught me to make things a bit better. But I could eat those peanut butter bars all day long! Ha ha!

    • Beth

      “…if you don’t exercise the weight loss isn’t permanent. SO yes it is good but you also have to make other life changes to maintain the loss otherwise you gain it all back.”

      Isn’t this true with any weight loss whether you lose it on Medifast, Weight Watchers or the Cabbage Soup Diet? It’s basic math. I’m with you Cathy, I LOVE the bars. 🙂

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