Store Lawn Tools With a Pallet!

Lawn tool storage using a pallet - step by step directions. Frugal, quick, and easy!
All the tools used through out the spring, summer, and fall can create quite a disorganized mess!  So when Amber told me about using a pallet to store her lawn tools, I was intrigued!  I asked her if she'd share exactly how she did it with me and I wanted to share it with you!  This lady is a master at pretty much everything.  She is creative and comes up with such nifty ideas!  So take a look at what she came up with...Organize your lawn... …
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DIY Pallet Sign: Believe There Is Good In The World – Be The Good

See how you can make this DIY pallet sign for cheap! I acquired some lovely, free pallet wood recently and wanted to put it to use as something nice for my home. My friend and I decided to make a few girls' nights out of it and recreate this cool pallet sign from Blooming Homestead - in true frugal style, of course.pallet boards thin scrap wood to brace boards saw (I used a jigsaw.) wood glue hammer nails lettering template... …
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DIY Pallet Compost Bin

Make your Own Compost Bin for Less!There's a lot of buzz around upcycling and using wooden pallets these days. People are making headboards for their beds, coffee tables, spice racks, vertical herb gardens. It's all pretty cool. So, one day about a month ago, my husband brought me 5 beautiful, mismatched pallets. Oh, what a good man... And what to build? I decided that since I am out in the garden so often and our eenie-weenie barrel composter... …
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