FREE Porta Squatty With $39 Purchase

Squatty Potty
A must have for every household! Use promo code FREEporta and get a Porta Squatty with every $39 purchase at Squatty Potty!FREE Porta Squatty With $39 Purchase Click to get this deal Thanks …
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Squatty Potty Discount $18 Shipped!

Attention Bloated Lords and Hemorrhoidal Ladies... Have you ever tried the Squatty Potty? It is the bomb! We got our first one at Christmas last year. I had seen this video and thought it was hilarious. Then I had a friend tell me that they really do work. Then I saw a deal on one. I had to get one. I love having something funny to have my dad, brother or husband open on Christmas. My dad was visiting for Christmas and he tried it and loved it.... …
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