Swagbucks: How To Earn Free Gift Cards

When I first signed up for Swagbucks (early last year I believe) I had no idea how easy it was to earn free gift cards with Swagbucks.  Now everything I do on Swagbucks.com comes naturally and is incorporated into the time I spend online (and I spend a lot of time online) so much so that I don’t even think twice about it anymore.  It has become part of my daily online routine. 🙂 Besides using the Swagbucks toolbar to search online (on a typical day I’ll earn about 75 Swagbucks with the toolbar) there are a few others ways I earn Swagbucks.

Each day morning when I hop online I log into Swagbucks and see of there are any surveys available.  I have found that I have better luck with surveys in the morning (before they have met their quota).  I typically go for the quick surveys like the 5 minute one you see above worth 50 points.

I also check out the “Special Offers” tab to see if there is anything I want to click on.  Sometimes I’ll watch a short video or click on an ad to earn a few points while I’m sipping my morning tea.

I always make a point to check out the “Daily Deals” to see if there is anything I am interested in.  You can earn anywhere between 25-750+ points if you purchase a “Daily Deal” through Swagbucks.

Yesterday I watched a few videos and participated in a few quick (1 minute or less) surveys and scored another 40 points while I was clipping coupons 🙂  It’s similar to watching Rite Aid videos… only instead of earning coupons I earned Swagbucks.

Referrals.  You can earn up to 1,000 Swagbucks  (per referral) through Swagbucks. I have a friend who includes her referral link below her signature on all her emails.  I think it’s kinda goofy… but it works for her.  🙂  You can find your own referral link when you click on the “Promote” tab on the sidebar on the left hand side of your screen when you log into your account.

Shop & Earn Mall.  You can earn 2 Swagbucks for every dollar you spend at online retailers when you go through Swagbucks.

Bottom Line: Earning free gift cards through Swagbucks is FAB!  I’m looking forward to saving my Swagbucks in the upcoming months and redeeming them for Amazon.com & REI gift cards to use this Christmas.

If you’re ready to sign up for Swagbucks GO HERE.


  • tia

    thanks for the info! (i had signed up last night—i’ve already earned over 200 points!) it’s going to take a while to get used to (resistant to change…) but hoping that it, along with Synovate, will make me a little extra money.

  • Susan

    I’ve noticed that you’ve never mentioned coupons as a way to earn swagbucks. Is that intentional? I earn lots of swagbucks by printing my coupons from swagbucks vs. going to coupons dot com directly. I go to the coupons section of swagbucks every morning to see what’s new.

    I know you earn 1 point per day by using the toolbar, but if you search using the toolbar rather than the regular search box earn you more points? I use the search feature quite often, but I’ve never earned 75 swagbucks in a day, with the exception of the rare time I earned some “mega” swagbucks on a Friday. Usually for me it’s like 20 a day for searches.

    • Becky

      Printing coupons through our link here helps support the site. I print my first set from here, and my second from Swagbucks, that way I support the site, and I support my Amazon Habit 🙂 Seriously, I think the UPS guy is sick of me… Packages Monday, Tuesday and Yesterday… All free from earning Swagbucks!!! I got the Diaper deal, the Wipes deal, and a potty chair for my daughter, who is VERY ready! Over $75 worth of stuff, FREE!!!

      • Susan

        Yes of course! I click through FF links to print coupons all the time, in order to support your site. But all I’m saying is that instead of going directly to coupons dot come to look for other coupons that I’m interested in, you can go to swagbucks instead and get the same coupons plus some swagbucks.

  • patricia gharib

    this code for swag did not work

    • Becky

      Looking into it… hang tight 🙂

    • Becky

      I just tried it and it worked for me… It is only valid when you register for a new account…
      so you put in all your info, and on the 2nd (of 2) pages of info, it asks you if you have a swagcode. They are case sensitive, so make sure you use AUGUSTBONUS just like that 🙂

  • Becky

    You can also get:
    1 SB for clicking on daily polls
    2 SB for completing the NOSO (I just skip through them all, but sometimes they offer cool stuff)
    1 SB for inviting a friend (via Facebook, twitter, etc) via Invite and Earn
    1 SB for clicking on trusted surveys,

  • Julie

    I was wondering about the coupon printing, too. Sometimes I’ve noticed that a coupon resets for me if I go through Swagbucks rather than this site, which is a little odd. But I wanted to ask because I never see the points for using the coupons show up in my Swagbucks ledger. I’m getting my other points just fine, but not for coupon usage. I don’t know why. Do you use the Swagbucks coupons and, if so, do the points show up in your account?

    • Susan

      Julie, it will take 6-8 weeks to be credited for a coupon. I printed some coupons when swagbucks first offerred that feature, but the sort of forgot about it. Weeks later the credits showed up. Now that I regularly print from swagbucks, the credits show up regularly.

  • Michelle

    Where do I go to find the quick surveys that take a minute or less? The ones that are listed above that say bonus bucks? I have looked everywhere for them.

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