SwagBucks: 17 New Gift Card Rewards!

SwagBucks just added 17 new gift cards you can earn!

  • $5 Lowes – 649 points
  • $5 Kmart – 649 points
  • $10 Lowes – 1249 points
  • $10 Kmart – 1249 points
  • $10 JC Penney – 1249 points
  • $25 Nike – 2995 points
  • $25 Lowes – 3049 points
  • $25 Kmart – 3049 points
  • $25 JC Penney – 3049 points
  • $50 Nike – 5829 points
  • $50 Lowes – 5999 points
  • $50 Kmart – 5999 points
  • $50 JC Penney – 5999 points
  • $100 Nike – 11249 points
  • $100 Lowes – 11599 points
  • $100 Kmart – 11599 points
  • $100 JC Penney – 11599 points

Never heard of Swagbucks? Swagbucks are a virtual currency that you earn on Swagbucks.com by doing the things you do every day – searching the web, shopping at your favorite retailers, submitting polls, and completing special offers. Use your Swagbucks to buy the gift card mentioned above or hundreds more!

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Thanks Nothing in Life is Free!


  • Cally

    I would have a hard time spending 649 points on a $5.00 Lowes card (even though I love them), when Amazon $5.00 cards are only 450. I wonder why it’s such a difference in points. Also it’s very strange that the higher priced Amazon cards are more points then the lower priced cards.

    • Cally

      Maybe I didn’t clarify what I was trying to say. The $5.00 amazon card is 450 points, the $25.00 amazon card is 3150 points….shouldn’t it be 2250 points?

    • Julia

      I read once (on the Swagbucks Facebook page I think) that it was because they get some sort of special deal on the $5 Amazon cards and that is why they are a much better deal. I just stick to those since I have a mile long “wish list” for Amazon anyway.

  • rheana

    Would u recommend swag bucks over other cash back sites like ebates??

    • Julia

      I am not familiar with ebates, but swagbucks is great. I only learned of it a few months ago and am kicking myself for all the $$$$ I lost out on by not knowing. It doesn’t take long to accrue some serious swagbucks, and there are lots of different ways to do so. Some are very easy and only take a second, like answering the daily poll, or finding a swag code.

    • Susan

      rheana, it really depends on what you are buying and how much you are spending, but I’ve gotten better deals using ebates and shopathome than swagbucks. Unless you are getting a lot of swagbucks for referrals, you’re not going to earn enough swagbucks to purchase more than a few $5 Amazon cards per month.

      I use shopathome more than ebates but the programs are similar. I use swagbucks for a little extra Amazon credit, but for anything more than, oh, $25 or so, I’ll price-compare at shopathome. Often, shopathome will result in a better deal. Not always, but enough that it’s worth checking.

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