Swag Bucks: It’s Mega Friday!

Today (and every Friday) is Mega Swag Bucks day!

What does that mean to you?  It means when you search, instead of getting small amounts of Swag Bucks (7, 9, 12) you have a MUCH higher chance of getting large amounts (20,  50, 100, 500)!  Now, it won’t happen for everyone  but the more you search the higher your chances of winning the big ones are!

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Swag Mom

Today is also the LAST day to vote for the Swag Mom.  I’m not even close to winning, but if you’d like to vote for me as the Swag Mom, you can here.  Also, if you’d like to post your link, feel free!  It’s not about MOST votes, everyone who gets even a single vote gets thrown into a big pot, and the winner is randomly drawn!  The winner gets a free trip to Vegas Baby!  Plus, you earn 1 Swag Buck for every 2 votes cast!  (everyone has at least 5 votes per day to cast, so there’s 2 SB right there!)