Five Coupon Inserts and Doubles on Sunday!! {Hope you have your subscription!}

It’s been quite the dry spell for coupons these past two Sundays… are you going through withdrawal? Typically, on a holiday weekend, there will be no coupons. But this new years day there WILL be an insert in your paper!

Sunday January 1st Newspaper will have FIVE Coupon Inserts!

Unfortunately, the Sunday Coupon Preview does not give us a sneak peek this week, but our Coupon Database does!

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Find out how you can benefit from 5 Sunday papers !

Don’t Pay Full Price for Your Sunday Paper!

We have newpaper deals lined up for Idaho, Washington, Utah, California, Nevada and National newspaper deals!


  • Carri

    I read on redplum’s calendar that there will be an insert for them this Sunday!!!

  • Kristin

    Any idea what the expiration dates look like? Any longer GM coups or High value ones hidden…if so I may need more than 5 😀

  • Jody

    Cathy, do you know if there will eventually be a deal on the Oregonian? I can’t even find a sunday only subscription option and so I am just buying the papers for $2 each from the newspaper machines or the stores, and they don’t always have the coupons in them. 🙁 Thanks for all you do for all of us!

    • Heidi

      I live in Oregon as well and I’ve tried several times to talk with the Oregonian and convince them that offering a multiple Sunday only option would be helpful and hopefully more profitable for them but I’m always treated as if I’m crazy. I have friends who work for them that have been fearing for their jobs the last couple of years because circulation is down. Hmmmmm, maybe they should give a multi-Sunday couponers deal? Just a thought.

      The silver lining of not having them delivered Sunday AM is that I pick them up Saturday and have all of my coupons organized before I shop on Sunday.

      • Lori

        How the heck do you get your Sunday papers on Sat?

        • Jody

          The Oregonian puts out an “Early Edition” and the papers are in stores on saturday.

        • nicole

          our local paper has a Sat/Sun paper…the only problem i find with getting it on saturday is i’ll go to either shopko or target and the sales aren’t available until sunday

      • DawnDenice

        I found The Oregonian specials at Albertson’s twice now. If The Oregonian is at a store, they’ll have a stand with one or two people manning it. There hasn’t been any signage and they’re passing out tickets like it’s a sleazy sales pitch to something I don’t want. Curiosity caught the cat and I stopped to ask what they were selling. Haa! I received 24 weeks of Sunday and Tuesday (plus holidays) for $23 and a $5 Albertson’s gift card.

        • Julianna

          I too was on the lookout for a deal on The Oregonian. A friend told me a while back that she was at Fred Meyer when a representative from the paper was at a table trying to sell promotional pricing on 6 month subscriptions. She doesn’t usually stop and talk with sales types, but he kept trying to get her to subscribe. She didn’t want to, so he offered her a $10 store card, she thought about it and said she would for a $20 store card. She had nothing to lose, she didn’t really want the deal either way. The guy talked to a manager or someone and they did it! I was really wishing for that deal, but it was a while back. I kept on the look out and eventually I did see a guy at a table at an Albies around 4-5 pm and I cruised right over there. He saw my binder and gave me the coupon pitch, I didn’t need convincing, but I played along. I really only wanted the Sunday, but he said there are sometimes extra coupons and savings in the weekly papers too. He ended up sweetening the deal to a $10 Albies card. In the end, I got a daily paper for 6 months for a total of $31 and a $10 gift card! Seems to be the only way to get a deal on The Oregonian. Watch out for the guy at a table near the entrance of either Albies or Fred Meyer!

  • Kristin

    Jody, you are very lucky for $2, we pay $2.5-$3 depending on the store in my town….crossing fingers for a good deal soon <3

  • Sarah G

    I wish I could get more than one copy of the paper delivered on Sundays but the Seattle Times won’t let you have more than one at a promotional price. Every subsequent one is full price and I refuse to pay that much for the paper.

  • Tera

    For the Oregonian if you have a Sat/Sun subscription then you can have multiple “color inserts” delivered for $5/month. So you’d get the ad/comics/coupons.

  • Deanna

    I saw in AllYou Magazine that its against the law to buy coupons on EBay. Did anyone else see that or read the issue in the new January Magazine? I would like to know because me and my friends were going to buy some coupons from EBay but if its against the law i’m not going to take it.

  • Julianna

    The “buying coupons” debate is a little ridiculous! Yes, you have to be smart about purchasing coupons on ebay, but I have never had an issue. Most of those who use ebay as a clipping service, or whatever creative wording you want to use, are couponers themselves, selling their extras. The buying or purchasing coupons wording sets some people off. In the end, getting your coupons in a Sunday paper is buying coupons too. You don’t just get those inserts for free, you must purchase them from a store or a subscription.

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