Sunday Coupon Preview 11/20

Sunday Nov 20th Newspaper will have ONE Coupon Insert!

  • Smart Source
  • PLUS Albertsons Double Coupons (that will be good for FIVE DAYS!)

Use the Sunday Coupon Preview to see what is inside!

I’m seeing coupons for the Phillips Sonicare toothbrush (remember all the fab deals that were available on these last year?).  Also diaper coupons, and Energizer battery coupons (just in time for Christmas shopping).

Did you seen any fab coupons? Get more coupons on eBay! If my area does not get some of these coupons, I am going to get  coupons on eBay! Can’t let my hot cocoa stockpile get too low. 🙂

Find out how you can benefit from 5 Sunday papers !

Don’t Pay Full Price for Your Sunday Paper!

We have newpaper deals lined up for Idaho, Washington, Utah, California, Nevada and National newspaper deals!

Albertsons double coupons are coming to Northwest newspapers.

It’s a great time to get a  newpaper deal!  Subscribers get the doubles first before the newsstands copies. Check out the deals that are coming at Albertsons. If you have not printed coupons yet you better get on it!  ALSO watch for our doubles match-ups later today!


  • kendra

    Will we be getting inserts next Sunday? I am just trying to figure out how long to put a hold on my paper. If Sunday has inserts I want them but know a lot of time with holidays we don’t get them. Thanks!

    • toni

      no coupons on holiday weekends. you can go to and see a schedule of when the coupons come. it actually says we will be getting Smart Source and Red Plum this weekend.

    • Allie

      Do you know how far in advance the Statesman needs to put a paper on hold? I tried the automated service one time and it didn’t work very well. It kept saying my request was already past the cut off time. Is it better to just talk to a live person?

  • Kat

    When are these double coupons for Albertsons coming to Texas – thats what I would like to know! I may just have to move to the East coast!

    • FurgalMT

      It’s hit and miss in Montana. Although doublers have been announced here for 3 weeks, last week was the 1st week we got them. I’ld like to know how to find out when they are for sure gonna be in MT, i used all 4 sets I had last week. Wish they still had them in the stores. Will cross my fingers that they are in this sundays paper. Not holding my breath though.

  • MeiLin

    What’s been going on with the TNT? There have been two occassions where my area didn’t get the Albertsons doublers in the TNT sold in stores, but the delivered papers received them. It happened this past Sunday. I live in the Lacey area.

    • Kristina

      They say their first priority is to the delivery papers, so if they run out the newstand copies get shorted. Sometimes just going to a different store helps.

  • Sarah G

    Will there be any good deals listed on subscriptions to the Seattle Times?

  • Kathy

    Was wondering about ordering hot cocoa coupons on ebay that you mentioned. Haven’t bought them there before and my small stockpile is very low. Do you know of a deal coming up that matches with a coupon? Any help would be appreciated!

    • Monica

      I would buy hot cocoa coupons on ebay! Love stocking up on that. There will be sales for it between now and the end of the year.

      when the coupons expire
      if your store doubles, will the coupons arrive in time for double day
      stock up price before coupon on hot cocoa is $1 for a 10 pk!

      Best of luck! Learn more about shopping ebay for coupons here:

  • Lesa

    I’ve never seen any Albertsons double-off coupons in the Dallas TX area. If I were to get some from a clipping service, does anyone know if they would even work here? Thanks!!!

  • Jody

    Does anyone know of a deal on the Oregonian? I just moved here and cannot seem to find a reasonable deal on it.

    • D'Anna

      I don’t know of an Oregonian deal either…I just go to Winco or Safeway on Saturday and get the “Early Edition” for $2 each. Would love to know of one if there is one.

    • Christina

      I live in the Willamette Valley and the Oregonian at Winco is $3. The ones at other stores and the box are only $2.50. Sometimes I can find extra inserts in the bottom of the box when the carrier dropped a newspaper on the wet ground, or it was severely ripped. They toss the unsellable ones in the bottom of the box and rarely clean them out.

  • chrissy

    Do you know if we will be able to print the doublers off fb like last week? If not yet when will you know? Thank you

    • Heidi

      I didn’t know you could print Doublers??? I got my inserts tonite, but no Albs doublers as suggested above. I wonder if they are only in the real papers, not just the free inserts I get.

      • chrissy

        we could print 6 doublers per comp last week but that is the first time we have been able to in 6-8 weeks. SO I don’t know that they will be available this time- I hope so.

  • Monica

    Chrissy – I did not see them on fb this week. 🙁

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