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  • Karlena Ludlow

    I just found your website today while doing a google search. I am so excited! I love your site and am thrilled that you are giving away an essential oil kit from plant thereapy. Our family makes our own soaps, bath and body supplies, and candles/aromatherapy gifts. We love to use these and also give them away to family and friends.
    With nine children and two adults living on a single income, my husband and I are always looking for great ways to save money while indulging our family with the highest standard of ingredients/products.
    Thank you for this wonderful website! It is a great resource for those looking to live well on a budget!

  • Crizalynne

    i’m super excited to do this. i’m so glad i found your website. Thank you. I have to browse around, but i just wanted to say thank you first before i forget to post. I hope to learn a lot from you guys

  • Juana

    I’m a single parent of five beautiful kids and I love this site because it can help me to start saving… you guys thanks

  • La'Toya Metheny

    Thank you so much!! I look forward in learning so much on how to save. We just moved to the NW area (Washington). You guys are such a blessing! : )

  • Anabel Martes

    I love this site I search in every single section very good information.

  • Michelle

    I did not get an email with step #3 and a password. I got a welcome email but there was no password in it. Mind telling me how I might get that to down load the price point guide?

  • Amanda

    Hi there! I’m trying to complete my registration to your newsletter and check out your price point guide but, when I go to enter the password that was emailed to me, it directs me to other random sites? Can you help with this?


    • Krista

      I’m having the same problem. I get sent to a bunch of pop up sites that appear to be ads. It’s getting frustrating. I was super excited now I’m feeling like it’s just a trick.

  • Shiva

    I signed up and confirmed my email account. When I entered the password it doesn’t bring up anything. Did I get the wrong password or am I doing something wrong?

  • Je'Kendra

    I received the email and password, but unfortunately the password provided in it’s case sensitive state does not work for me. Please let me know what to do and/or if the pw has changed.

    Thanks! 🙂


    I’ve been following you on facebook for some time now and love your posts. A few weeks ago you offered a deal on chevron scarves. Are they still available? I meant to order them but then my life hit the fan and I’ve barely had time to breath.

    Still hoping I can get some.

  • Miko

    I put in the secret password for the price guide and I still can’t see the guide?

  • Kristen

    I just don’t follow. I was enticed by a free case of toilet paper. Sure enough the opening line says get a free case of tp on us. I click the link and it takes me to and I do not see where I’m getting a free case of tp nor how to do anything for it. Just have additional advertising about Cottonelle and other brands and those certainly don’t lead to a free case of tp. What am I missing. Very confusing for this first timer.

  • desiree

    Wow, I love this site. I found out with a comment of someone on facebook. I just told my daughter about it also. Thank you

  • shannon

    Im watching the video on this page and it seems the layout has changed and I’m not seeing the same thing as the video. Is there a new video?

  • Jennifer

    Are you ladies from Spokane? I only a ask because I want to buy your CD but I’m afraid it’s all about using double couponing and we just don’t have that in our area.
    Thank you

    • Cathy

      There is a portion that talks about double coupons, but not all of it. We are in Boise and don’t have double coupons anymore either.

  • Tanya L McMikle

    Will you be having a class again?

  • Rosemarie Hilton

    I just started couponing about a month ago with my 22 year old daughter who lives with us. We were recently homeless about three months ago for about 4 months straight when my husband lost his job. We are a family of four and it was devastating and hard on all of us. While staying at a weekly for the last month of our homelessness my daughter introduced me to the show Extreme Couponing. So now we have been couponing, on a small level, but it’s been super helpful on our budget. My hubby in working an on call job now, and he is the only income thus far. Today he actually found your website for me and read your stories to me from an article. It touched us both and made him even tear up some (I love this man!) Anyway, I wanted to know if you can give me some advice on how to make additional income for my home? We dont have much money, and some weeks I dont have money to coupon at all after paying all the bills.
    Thanks You and God Bless,
    Rosemarie Hilton

    • Cathy

      Best wishes to you Rosemarie. I love Dave Ramsey’s advice when you’re short on money… sell everything you can… sell so much that the kids think they are next! 🙂 Determine what you can part with and have a yard sale and/or sell on Craigslist!

      • Kate


        I have so been there done that and started over from nothing. These are some of the things I have done.

        Craigslist. Do day jobs. If both of you can work (you and your daughter) go out as a team. Clean someones house, apply for day jobs with temp agencies. Do work you do not think you can (I have as a woman moved furniture, cleaned kennels for both dogs and mice, wiped bottoms of all ages.) The 1st thing you need is any income at all, even a 20 will get you started on the right track. When you coupon look for high dollar coupons on things that will help you make money. From cleaning supplies to diapers. (You can use cleaning supplies to start a clean others homes business, you can use the diapers stockpile and baby food/formula stockpile to get a edge up on caring for someone kids (which can be done from home). As you do temp jobs update your resume. Working a day job will get you cash, working Temp Agency jobs gets you a line on your resume worked for xxx temp agency from x date to present.
        In Texas we have Texas Workforce where you can go and for free look for jobs and print resumes 5 per day.

        I will not sell off (once food shelter and medical are taken care of) anything small enough to be put in a back pack and is dear to my loved ones hearts (expensive to replace or sentimental and can not be replaced. ) Before shelter, and food is taken care of it is all game.

        Look for free after coupon. Both on groceries and on fast food. Make a master list of what you want/need and prioritize it. Look for coupons/sales ect. Buy at the lowest price point you can even if you do not have a coupon.

        If legal in your area have you though of dumpsterdiving for coupons? When there is a high dollar coupon I trade for it or get other copies by looking for someone getting rid of their copy they will not use.

        There are a lot of legal ways to do thing frugal and take care of the family. Remember someone who has never been homeless can not know that a psp, couple of games and a power cord are lifesavers if you have a teen/tween. A computer will let you look for jobs at McDonalds(using their wifi) for the price of a Soda (right now a dollar).. Things that may sell for a quick 20-50 dollars (less if others know you are in desperate need of money) will help you get back on your feet.
        Hope things are going Better


  • Lindsay

    I got the welcome email and I clicked on it set up my account and nothing comes up.

    • Becky

      What are you trying to set up? You don’t need an account with us 😀

      • Rosemarie Hilton

        I keep getting everyone’s questions and feeds in my email. Please fix this problem. The latest was the above question from Linsey.
        Thank you,

        • Becky

          You are unsubscribed. When you comment, make sure to change the option to no comments, unless you want to get those emails! 😀

  • Nancy Greenwood


  • grandville James

    God bless you

  • Jason Russo

    Love the team at Fabulessly Frugal, you all are amazing!

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