Smile Direct Club Review

My amazing advertising manager, Kelley, has been testing out Smile Direct Club as an option to get her teeth straightened! Check out her journey, in her own words, below and see if this is a good option for you! Smile Direct Club provided Kelley with everything she needed in exchange for her honest Smile Direct Club Review:

Growing up, I never did get braces. Let’s face it, I didn’t want them, and my teeth were fairly straight. But as an adult, I’ve always regretted that. There’s always been a part of me that just wished I had done it and gotten my picture-perfect smile as a kid! I’ve considered braces as an adult, but as a mom of 4 kids, all of whom need braces, and no money tree in my backyard, I pretty much gave up that I’d ever get a turn. Braces are expensive! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that!


Enter Smile Direct Club. I was super excited to learn I was a good candidate for this MUCH cheaper alternative to traditional braces (60% less!) and I’m excited to partner with them and document my journey. Smile Direct Club works by delivering clear aligners by mail and eliminating the hassle of monthly visits to the orthodontist.

The process begins with a 3D image of your teeth to see exactly what’s going on and what you are in need of. There are two easy ways to make a 3D image: you can either visit your nearest SmileShop location for a scan of your smile, or they can mail you an at-home impression kit. I opted to visit my nearest SmileShop Clinic, and I’m so glad I did! I was super impressed with the technology used to get my 3D scan. I was honestly in and out in less than 30 minutes! And the best part is that is the ONLY visit I will have to make this entire journey 🙂

They began first by educating me a bit about the process and answering all my questions. After that they used a camera device that takes 6,000 pictures per second of your entire mouth and creates a 3D image. It was super cool to watch the process unfold! And that was it! I was sent on my way along with some teeth whitening gel and an LED light to brighten my smile. More on that later 🙂

From there, the 3D image is sent and reviewed by a duly licensed orthodontist, who comes up with a treatment plan that lasts, on average, 6 months! The very next day I received an email showing my 3D image and my treatment plan. My favorite part was the time-lapse video they provided of what my teeth are like now, to what they will be as the end result. I played it no less than 95 times and showed every member of my family haha. My kids currently in braces are wondering why the heck they didn’t get to do this.

It took about 2-3 weeks for the aligners to arrive, in which time I quickly became best friends with the teeth whitening system! This consists of a gel pen that you paint on to your front teeth and then insert the LED light for 10 minutes. The light can be plugged into your phone, so it’s super convenient to use! I love this thing, and it works so good!

Soon enough, 6 months worth of aligners showed up at my doorstep, all clearly labeled by month and week. You can register your aligners once you receive them and they’ll send you reminders when it’s time to change them, which I’ve actually found to be very helpful.

I couldn’t wait to put my first set in! The first week my teeth were pretty sore, not gonna lie. That’s to be expected, obviously 🙂 I do experience a bit of soreness each time I switch out aligners, but it’s really not too bad. And yes I did experience a bit of a lisp at the beginning, but don’t worry, your mouth adjusts quickly and it goes away completely. Be patient and give yourself a couple weeks to adjust. 🙂 A couple of perks I wasn’t anticipating is I eat less and I drink more water! As you’re not supposed to eat or drink anything (besides water) while wearing them, I find I just don’t snack as much throughout the day. Knowing that I have to take them out (the process of which is just not graceful, haha) and brush my teeth each time I eat, makes that handful of chips or bite-size snickers just seem not so worth it. This is a good thing my friends! I just might have a perfect smile and be 10 lbs lighter in 6 months time! Let’s all hope 🙂

So I am just about to start my 6th week of this 6 month process. Already I am seeing progress! My bottom teeth are where most of the work needs to be done and I’m impressed at how much they’ve straightened out in just barely a month’s time.

So how much does it cost? First, you just might be lucky enough that your insurance covers it, so check there first! If not, it’s just $1850 for the whole process or as little as $80 per month! BUT of course we have a deal for you: Right now you can get 50% off Impression Kits AND $100 off Invisible Aligners with code FABFRUGAL at checkout!

Stay tuned for updates on my journey!


  • Theresa

    Thank you for sharing this as well as all the other deals on your site! Just a word of caution for you and the rest of the readers, please be careful. I’ve heard and read many stories of how treatments like these have ended up with irreversible dental effects or led to an additional full 2 yr treatment by an actual orthodontist to correct the side effects caused. I pray and hope that doesn’t happen to you or the readers if they try this out.
    Based on my search, some orthodontics offices have comparable low monthly payment plans or a dental school might be another good option with a lower fee.

    • Kelley

      Thanks for letting me know! So far, I’m pretty pleased with the process. I still have a ways to go, and I’ll be sure to update with my whole journey. The adjustments I need are fairly minor – just straightening. I do agree that if someone needs more work done, (that involves adjusting your bite, or really really crooked teeth, ect.) traditional braces are probably the way to go. But for minor adjustments, I really love this option – so far!

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