Smile Direct Club Review

My amazing advertising manager, Kelley, has been testing out Smile Direct Club as an option to get her teeth straightened! Check out her journey, in her own words, below and see if this is a good option for you! Smile Direct Club provided Kelley with everything she needed in exchange for her honest Smile Direct Club Review:

I’ve reached my halfway point in this journey with Smile Direct Club! (See my first post here).  I’ve gotten pretty used to having the aligners in now, to the point that it feels weird when I don’t have them in.  I’m continuing to see progress and can hardly wait for the final set.


I’ve followed the rules pretty much to a T.  I only take them out when I eat and I try to remember to put them in right when I’m done.  There’s only been a couple times I’ve forgot, but not usually more than an hour goes by before I realize I don’t have them in.  So I’ve stayed consistent with the recommendation of at least 22 hours per day of wearing them. Only once did I leave them at a restaurant, lol!  But luckily it was on the very day that I was supposed to switch to a new set, so that was a tender mercy 🙂 Speaking of which, I get weekly email and text reminders when it’s time to change to a new set.  Though I never really need them as I’m always SO ready to move to the next set 🙂 I also get emails and phone calls from Smile Direct Club checking up on me.

Once I hit 90 days, I was asked to complete a form of questions and submit some photos for the dentist to review.  At this point I did have a couple questions for them. I have noticed that my top aligners don’t feel quite as tight as my bottom ones.  My top teeth don’t need as much straightening, so I’ve been assuming this is the reason. But there is one tooth that I feel like hasn’t moved very much since the beginning, and wanted to make sure this is ok. I still have a full 3 months to go, so I’m not overly concerned, but wanted to be sure.  So he asked me to take further pictures to send to them and outline my concerns. Within just a day or 2 he had reviewed it and determined they’d send me a new kit to take impressions so they could further evaluate, at no cost to me. I was impressed how quickly they addressed my concerns! Within a few days I received the kit.  I followed the instructions and made new molds and sent right back to them the next day.  Easy peesy!  Excited to see if any adjustments will need to be made.  

Here’s my progress so far:

A few tips I’ve learned thus far:

  • DO make a habit of always putting the aligners in either the case provided, or your pocket (what I usually do) instead of the kitchen counter or table when you take them out.  Your much less likely to lose them, leave them, or get them thrown away! Also they’re clear…. Harder to find than you might think!
  • DON’T skip ahead to a new set, even if your current set feels loose.  This has always been a temptation for me, but I’ve never done it. Your teeth need this time for stabilization.  
  • DO brush your teeth after every time you eat.  I couldn’t skip this step if I wanted to. Putting the aligners on ‘unbrushed’ teeth is like putting your hand in a wet glove – Bleh!

And of course, I am still LOVING my Bright On whitening system!  Love, love, love 🙂

Stay tuned for the final reveal in 3 months!  (See the first part of my review here). And click here if you want to start your own Smile Direct Club journey and get $100 off using code FABFRUGAL!

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