SavingStar: New eCoupon Service!

SavingStar is the first national, fully digital, grocery eCoupon service, available for FREE (and on iPhone and Android mobile apps). There’s nothing to clip, nothing to print.

The eCoupons are linked to your loyalty cards and offer a more convenient and eco-friendly way to save on groceries. The SavingStar Grocery eCoupons Program works on most grocery and drug store loyalty cards (except Safeway and Publix stores, which SavingStar hopes to add ASAP).


Rather than adjusting the total at the register like a coupon, you get your money back in your SavingStar account (kind of like Ebates and ShopAtHome). Then, when your account reaches $5, you get the cash back through PayPal, a direct deposit, gift card, or even a donation to charity.

Best of all, these offers can be used ON TOP OF paper coupons! Combine your coupons and eCoupon offers to save more money. Stack it up!

Here’s How:

  • sign up online
  • enter your zip to see the participating loyalty cards
  • enter your loyalty card number(s)
  • choose your money saving offers (eCoupons) to add to your store loyalty card(s)
  • buy your items as you normally would
  • receive the money saved back in your account
  • once your account reaches $5 saved, pick your payout option (gift card, bank deposit, PayPal, charity)

Select and redeem all of your May eCoupons before they expire! New eCoupons will show up on June 1st!

About SavingStar, Inc.:
Prior to founding SavingStar, CEO David Rochon and President Michael Libenson built the grocery segment for enabling eCoupons for its 13 million members who save for college. SavingStar’s founding team spun off from Upromise in 2010, and the company now also powers Upromise’s Grocery eCoupons. SavingStar is based in Waltham, MA.


  • Robyn

    Wow. Amazing. Two questions. How will this work with doubles? Can you double an e-coupon? Are all the coupons we select on each loyalty card? Is it all linked up? For example, if I want to use half my coupons at Albertson’s and half at CVS, it will know that I have done that? That doesn’t make much sense, but in my head I know what I am trying to say:)

    • Melanie

      I know you can’t double the eCoupons since it is basically separate from what happens at the register. The cashier won’t even know you had an eCoupon offer. The money saved just shows up in your SavingStar account.
      Not sure about the coupons being on all the loyalty cards yet. I only had one loyalty card to load. I will look into that some more…

  • Sara D

    I just signed up…hey an easy way to add money to my paypal or amazon account! And I don’t have to add anymore clipping of coupons. Just do what I normally would do anyways.

  • Mandi

    I almost peed my pants when I saw that they had Albertson’s!! Yay!! 😀

  • Phyllis

    I don’t see Smith’s though. 🙁

  • SavingStar

    Josh from SavingStar here – All Smith’s participate. If you are not seeing Smith’s appear when you type in your zip code, please email us at as the Smith’s physical location in your zip code might be missing from our database. You can also try typing in a different zip code where you know there is a Smith’s and you can then register the loyalty card. Please email us with any questions. Thanks.

  • Melanie

    My first $2.50 savings is now in my Savingstar account. Yay! It took a while to show up, but it’s there now.

  • Autumn Avila

    Why would they pay us to save?

    • Melanie

      Just for the same reason that we get savings from paper coupons. The differences are just that these are eCoupons and that we get the coupon savings in different ways than at the register for checkout.

  • Sherrie wilkie

    went to sing up …..but my system says WARNING!!!!! not a reliable site? is it a good site

    • SavingStar

      Hi Sherrie – For some reason, every now and then we are seeing this issue on internet explorer. We are trying to find the source of the issue. If you use Firefox or Chrome you won’t see the warning. Even on Internet Explorer this only happens from time to time. We can assure you that we are a reputable site. We are a spinoff from and our team has been in the grocery coupon business for many years. Thanks, Josh

    • Melanie

      I personally use it and have had no problems and don’t expect to either. Also, I use Chrome and didn’t even see a warning. Thanks for the info, Josh.

  • Rebecca

    Where do you get the loyalty cards?

  • V. Pakse

    Anyone shop at Albertson in Milton, WA and Federal Way, WA? The round up of 2/20-2/26. I went to these two Albies to inquired about Bounty Basic paper towel…….Albertson in Milton, WA told me that they discontinued Bounty Basic and Brawny single roll, but when I went back yesterday, the Brawny paper towel was on sale 10/10, and the Bounty Basic was listed as $2.99 each.

    Federal Way, WA Albertson didn’t even have any Bounty Basic paper towel. When I asked the mgr….I was told that the Bounty Basic will be here tomorrow, but it never arrived because I checked daily. I really don’t understand these games. Someone please explain them to me.

    • Ang

      I personally shop in Oregon near Boise so I am not sure if things are different in Washington. I think the issues may be that Albertsons is going through some pretty big changes right now & things are slowly changing. Some managers are just trying to keep up with changes. As for the deals check out these posts & see if they help:

      • V. Pakse

        You are very lucky, Ang, I’ve heard Albertsons in another states are very good and easy to deal with; however, in some part of Washington (Milton, and Federal Way) it is very difficult to deal because the goods are not there. It doesn’t matter what time of day you go in, the shelf is always emptied.

        • Ang

          I know that we are pretty lucky out here with several things but finding empty shelves is sad. Have you tried to put in a special order for the things you want?

          • V. Pakse

            I did. They did not do raincheck. I had asked one of the mgr to order some bounty paper towel for me, after 4 days I didn’t hear back from the store, so I went and asked the mgr what happened to my order? He said he never took my order….very sad and frustrating.

            • Ang

              They most likely wouldn’t do a rain check because it’s a regular priced item & the round ups are only good while the supplies are their for the week. That’s sad about the manager not following through. So sorry! Figures crossed they do round ups again soon.

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