Save for a SUNNY day!

We often hear the phrase “save for a rainy day,” which is definitely sound advice, but I love this positive twist on saving. So I’m excited to share this concept with you today. Instead of just a rainy day…

Let’s save for a sunny day!


Saving money is a daunting or difficult task for many of us, but it is so important! Your savings goal may feel way far away. But anything is usually better than nothing.

“Rainy days” aren’t fun to think about. Plus, we usually don’t know when or how that rainy day will manifest itself – pretty vague and intangible. Ugh. Makes me a bit anxious just thinking about it.

saving for your sunny day featured

Saving becomes a lot easier if you envision the goal as the moment you are living for rather than the amount of money you need to save. Keep it optimistic and inspiring! The sunny day is the moment when your goal becomes reality.

Do you feel the contrast of the rainy day vs a sunny day? Turn your savings goal into a sunny day moment! A moment worth living for right now!

  • My sunny day is that moment when I get to herd my wide-eyed, excited kids through the gates of Disneyland.
  • Another sunny day for me – sending my kids outside to play in a safe, fully-fenced yard.

(That fence is so going to happen this summer! Can you tell I’m a mom of little kids?) 😉

Envision it now. What is your SUNNY day? Tell me about it!

Here are some more examples of sunny day moments to get you thinking:

  • that new car smell
  • receiving that diploma
  • the first text I send from my new phone
  • getting the keys to that new home
  • digging my toes into the warm sand of a Hawaiian beach (This is another one of my sunny day moments, for sure.)

Take it a step further and keep an image or note about your sunny day moment in place where you will see it every day!

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At SunTrust Bank their purpose is lighting the way to financial well-being. When you feel confident about your money, you can save for your goals and spend knowingly on what matters most to you.  They know we all live for the sunny days and want to you help you live yours.

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