Rubbermaid 8-Pc. Modular Canisters Food System

Rubbermaid 8-Pc. Modular Canisters Food System

Keep your food fresh with this!

I have these 2 sets of these and absolutely LOVE them! I’m actually getting a 3rd set, because they are so awesome!!  Did you know the tupperware version of these sell for over $150?!  I just about fell out of my chair! These Rubbermaid ones may not have a lifetime warranty, but I can buy 10 sets for the same price as one!  And since I’m using them to hold things like flour, sugar, and baking soda (okay, and I’m got my protien pack seed mix, my kind bars, baking powder, walnuts and pumpkin seeds, in them too!) it’s not like I’m washing them every 15 minutes (or even days)!  They are a long term storage solution for a lovely fraction of the cost! One of my favorite parts is all the lids are the exact same size!  So no hunting for the exact right lid!  RUB

Rubbermaid 8-Pc. Modular Canisters Food System, $15.97 (Reg. $27!)

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  • Containers designed to evenly stack, saving space in pantry.
  • Comfortable grip allows you to handle container with ease.
  • Clear containers make it easy to see what’s stored. 1 lid fits all containers securely.
  • Graduation marks let you easily see current content volume.
  • Includes 1.2-, 2.4-, 3.8-, and 5-liter containers.


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