Roaring Springs Late Summer Season Pass Sale: Lowest Price of the Year

I’m a Roaring Springs Water Park addict.

There, I’ve said it. When we buy season passes each year it’s just as much for this 33-year-old mother as it is for my children! I love that place for so many reasons.

1. We have made so many memories there as a family. My children look forward to opening day almost as much as their birthdays.

2. There is so much to do there we never get bored. Some days I swim with them in the Leisure Lagoon. Some days I read while I watch my daughters splash in the wave pool. Some days we all scream together as we slip down Mammoth Canyon Family Raft Ride. And other days we beat the heat by floating lazily down the Endless River. Everyday we are there it’s a whole new adventure and everyday I watch my children laugh and splash their summer boredom away.

3. The value is incredible! As a couponer, I try to spend my money wisely. This is one of the best investments I make all year. We have gone to Roaring Springs 27 times this summer so far and 24 times last summer (that number would have been higher except for the 3 week stint my 7-year-old did in a cast after breaking her foot!). We saved all year to buy 3 passes for $297 total. Might seem like a lot, but had we not purchased season passes and paid full price for each of the 27 times we went it would have cost us almost $2,300!

You read that right, we saved almost $2,000 buying season passes!

And you’re in luck because Roaring Springs Late Season Pass Sale is in full swing. You can buy passes for the lowest price of the season. Sounds awesome, right? Well it gets better.

You can use your passes for the rest of THIS season as well as ALL of next season!

There are 22 days left of the Roaring Springs 2012 season. Let’s say you go crazy and go every single day. That would cost you over $600! Now let’s say you aren’t able to make it 22 times and only go 4 of the 22 remaining days this season. You’ve essentially paid for your pass. If you purchase a season pass, the cost of those 4 days will pay for your entire season pass next year! Not too shabby!

Here’ s the nitty gritty:All secondary passes must be purchased at the same time as the primary pass.

Another thing my family is looking forward to next summer is the NEW SLIDE pictured above! It’s called Cliff Hanger for good reason: it’s a 6-story vertical drop that takes about 4 seconds. WOW! My daughters can’t wait to try it. And they’ll be able to on opening day next summer, May 11th, 2013, because they’ll of course already have cheap season passes!

For our family, the money we spend on season passes to Roaring Springs is the BEST money spent all year. It is worth every single penny. And if you act now, you’ll be spending a lot less pennies to secure some of the most amazing times at an incredible water park.

The sale ends September 16th, so don’t wait! Buy your passes TODAY!