Rite Aid… Rolling Rite Along…

I had a Rite Aid $10 Up Reward from 2 weeks ago still sitting in my coupon binder and knowing I needed milk… I decided to head  down to Rite Aid to see if I could “roll” my Up Reward…

I had originally planned to buy the money making Veet Wax strips for $4.49… but no such luck… so instead I tossed the Veet Calming Touch Cream Kit into my cart for $5.99.  I used the $2.00 off coupon found HERE plus the Rite Aid in ad $3 off coupon leaving me to pay .99 cents for it… but I was issued a $1 Up Reward… so in the end it was FREE 🙂

Haribo Gummy Bears are only .70 cents with THIS coupon

Hey… did you know Rite Aid sells garden seeds?

Cool Beans!

Plus… they sell them for 40% off retail

M&M’s Single serve candy is a real deal this week too…

Buy 1 for .88 cents and get an .88 cents Up Reward (limit 2)

*I picked up a B1G1 FREE coupon @ Safeway and turned it into a money maker.

Since I didn’t go in with a clear plan of what I was going to buy…  I took a seat in the pharmacy department and started to tally up the contents of my shopping cart… Yep… I’m a total nerd 🙂

Here’s what I bought:

2 gallons of milk $1.88 ea (after Wellness discount)

9 packets of seeds ($6.48 sale price & discount)

2 candy bars (Free + .79 cents)

1 package of gummy bears (.70)

1 Veet product (5.39 after Wellness discount)

Coupons Used:

B1G1 Milky Way Candy Bar

$2.00 Veet HERE

$3.00 Veet in Store Ad

.30 Gummy Bears HERE

$3/15  Survey Coupon

$10 Up Reward from a previous shopping trip

Total oop .04 cents  🙂

And… I left the store with $2.76 in Up Rewards for my next trip.

Not a bad way to roll your Up Rewards if you ask me 🙂


*To check out all the other great deals at Rite Aid this week head over HERE


  • Shari

    How do you get your total less than tax at Rite Aid? I am always told when using my UP Rewards that I have to pay for the tax so my total, in your situation, could not be less than $0.83.

  • Mavis

    I seriously have no idea. I didn’t even notice until I came home and checked my receipt. First I handed over my $3/15 survey coupon, then the Veet, Milky Way Bar, 2nd Veet and gummy bear coupons… I handed over my $10 Up Reward coupon last… I have no idea if that had anything to do with it or not. I don’t know what happened… but you’re right… in the past I have not been able to pay the tax with an Up Reward either…

    • Anna

      It’s because you can use the $3/15 survey coupon to pay for tax, but not the Up Rewards. That’s what they told me at my Rite Aid. Maybe that’s what it took off of the tax price.

  • Becky

    Didn’t you count the $10 up+ in your last weeks total? I think you are counting it twice , both when you get it and when you spend it.

    • Mavis

      No. If you look at last weeks post of Monday’s with Mavis post you can read where it says… “On Monday I went to Rite Aid and after coupons and SCR’s my total was $13.99 oop… I was left with $14 in Up Rewards and a $3 off my next $15 or more purchase survey coupon at the bottom of my receipt. So… in the long run… it was a moneymaker”

      I don’t count it as “free money” until I spend it.

  • That’s not fair your subtotal is NEGATIVE my Rite Aid will only let my Subtotal be $0.00 not NEGATIVE. Wow. Just depends who you are I recon. I like to do the $5.00 OOP Challenge. I will not pay no more than $5.00 OOP which is just tax sometimes since it’s 7% for for non-food and 3% for food. So the tax adds up. I hope I can have a good shopping trip.

    Did you not use your Video Values in addition too the in-ad coupon or are the numbers the same?

  • Reezy

    Glad I live in CA the land of no food tax.

  • Patti

    Another great post Mavis! I like the part about sitting down in pharmacy to figure out your total…………yep that’s what us nerds do.

  • Melanie

    No discount on Milk here in PA and we can’t use UP’s to buy Milk. Just had to pay $3.95 for a gallon of 1% milk – not organic, just reg. milk!

  • Michelle


    I love Mondays and reading your blog. It is something to look forward to on a Monday. Thank you. I am relatively new to couponing. I have a good start on my stockpile but I still don’t get the deals that you do. But I will keep trying.


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