What’s On The Menu Mavis…

When I tell people I’m only spending $100 a month oop this year for all my family’s food, toiletries and dinner’s out…  People always look puzzled … And then they ask the same question… “Well… what do you eat?”  Maybe I should start keeping a mini photo album in my purse… it would be so much easier than having to stop and  explain how I use coupons and try to  only shop when items are on sale, free or I can score a major discount.

The funny thing is… Once you get the hang of it… It’s really not that hard.

So… to show you what kind of foods I prepare for my family… I went ahead and photographed all our dinner meals this week…   I think you’ll find our family is eating the same thing the rest of America has on their dinner plate… Food!

Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry…

Fat Burger  (used a Groupon)

French Toast…

Who says you can’t have breakfast for dinner?

Pasta… Salad… Bread…

Progresso Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich…

Chicken Curry and Rice…

Uncle Ben’s Rice, Chicken, Steam Fresh Peas and Salad…

So there you have it…

Food… It’s what’s for dinner!

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  • Thanks Mavis. Really enjoy your posts and how you do it. I’ve been couponing for a few years. I think $100 is very impressive! You go girl!

  • Awesome! We love breakfast for dinner (just had it last night), only we call it “Brinner”. I just have one question…are you starting with a pretty good stockpile from last year? The only reason I ask this, (and believe me I’m not a hater; I think you’re great!) is I think the reason for some of the earlier “not-so-nice” comments were from people who may be more recent couponers and they can’t see how you could do this for $100 a month. Just a thought…

    • No…I wouldn’t say my stockpile is huge. I’ve only been couponing seriously for a little over a year. If there was an emergency and we couldn’t leave the house… I’d say we’d last 6 months… and we’d be eating a lot of beans and rice.

  • Mavis, I love reading your posts! Thanks so much for taking the time to blog and for the great posts. $100 a month is amazing- it’s just me and my hubs and I thought $100 for just the two of us was good…now I’m inspired to go lower! 🙂

  • Okay, so I’m in love with that serving dish/tray… where did you get it? Would it still be for sale?

  • Fab job! and I would love to get a copy of that Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry recipe. The one I have is not great and that my dear looks yummy!

  • I have been a couponer for about 37 years, I don’t spend my valuable time going to this store and that store at almost $4.00 a gallon of gasoline, I am busy working and volunteering for the poor and hungry and battered women’s place…food for working people is a big problem here because so many are underemployed, unemployed or barely hanging on in a job they will lose sometime this year…I do see fab offers, if I can get to the store I go in and out and stock up knowing the cereals, milk and meats will be meals morning, noon and night for working people& non working people& lots of tiny ones too, elderly and battered people..I think I am using my time very well, and I am not critizing you but I know you don’t volunteer at all with all the trips, to Albys, costco, fred meyers, safeway, etc. you just could not do that, as for eating out I think it is a waste of time if one can cook decently, what is wrong with having family around a table with good food and friends who need cheering up in this economy??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What is wrong with you?? You say you are not criticizing when actually you are. I suggest quit reading this blog if all you are going to do is criticize in your own way!!

    • This is the second post today you have criticized, why don’t you quit reading this blog.

    • For all of the ‘volunteering’ you do, you sure have alot of time on your hands that you seem to waste leaving negative comments on this blog. The rest of us are very thankful for all of the posts, time and energy that are put into this blog.

    • @ myasssss… I happen to know Mavis personally and her son’s classroom won the school food drive for the food bank last fall because she donated almost 1000 items for the food drive. She also donates a lot of her time to her children’s school and it’s activities.

      Perhaps you should start your own website. That way you could shout from the rooftops about all the good you do for the world. With your great attitude I’m sure you’d be a big hit!

  • That Beef and Broccoli looks amazing. Please share the recipe??!! And by the way… I love reading your posts, I love the humor in them!!

  • I’d love some recipes too. The Chicken Curry and Rice looks fabulous!

  • Mavis I am loving your posts!!!!! I just started couponing hard core this January. (My family laughs at me because I talk about how I’ve become a “coupon junky”) You inspire me to get better and better at this.

  • Mavis- your posts are so fun, energetic, and inspiring. I have been doing the coupon thing for about a year and I love it when a good meal is cheap to nearly free for our family. Thanks for the time and effort you are putting in to this blog.

    My hubby now sees the light with coupons. Thanks again.

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