What the Yoder’s Ate For Dinner

I’m not very good about posting recipes we make each week. Because I feel like what we eat is pretty boring.  Dinner time has never been my forte, but I wanted people to see that my family doesn’t just eat processed foods.  Here’s what we had for dinner tonight:


We enjoyed wood plank smoked Salmon from Zaycon Foods (I told you how last Father’s Day gift was the best ever, didn’t I?), as well as smoked chicken (again, thank you Zaycon Foods  – which now delivers nation wide) with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce we snagged last night at Fred Meyer for $1.  We also enjoyed some corn from Costco and I made some homemade mashed potatoes.   Thanks to my Super Hubs for workin the grill like magic!



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  • There are no green vegetables or grains in that. They may as well still be eating the processed foods.

    • Oh get over yourself.

    • I think it looks pretty balanced, protein, veggie, starch. if you put a grain in there that would quite a bit of starch… maybe fruit would be nice but they could have drank juice! I don’t think anyone has any room to judge dinners. Her family looks healthy and happy and TOGETHER at dinner. what’s wrong with that?

      • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

        We did enjoy strawberries at lunch! 😀 I will admit we had lemonade for our drink. The hubs just really likes to have lemonade with his BBQ chicken!

    • Please post your food diary for this week so that we can critique your diet.

    • Corn is considered a green vegetable. It’s better for you then other things.

    • My goodness! Kids who will eat SALMON? Looks pretty great to me! Besides that, the whole family is sitting down to dinner TOGETHER! Please also, keep in mind that like the shopping trips you are only seeing a portion of what they are eating. For all you know they had a giant salad for lunch with strawberries on it!
      Do her children look unhealthy to you? Seems to me they are all healthy looking, excited about diving into a meal some adults would balk at eating (do you see any sugar, or ANYTHING processed), let alone kids that young!
      Cathy is doing a GREAT job as a Momma!

      • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

        Thanks Becky. 😀 We did have ice cream with crushed oreos for dessert later in the evening (we usually only have a treat on Sunday evenings). Hee hee.

        • To me, that’s a meal fit for a king! That just looks and sounds so delicious and fun! What a beautiful family you have! And a hubby that can grill is fantastic! My hubby and I are still learning to grill together but it’s fun. So far no mistakes.

      • My daughter loves salmon (she’s 8) and I believer now that My 5 year old is liking it too ( or was it the 4 year old?)

        I am actually the one who prefers fishsticks..oh well.

    • Are you serious?! You’re saying a dinner of protein, healthy carbohydrates, and vegetables (who cares if they’re green?!) is unhealthy?? I can’t believe you’d take the time to come on here and make a comment like that. So rude. I’d eat your delicious meal in a heartbeat, Cathy, and ask for seconds, and wouldn’t hesitate to feed it to my kids. Kudos to you.

    • Kate, corn is a grain. So you probably shouldn’t judge other people. You have just proven your ignorance. Cathy all I noticed in that picture was a family at the table together. In my opinion it doesn’t matter what is being served. You have a beautiful family.

    • I don’t know about you but I would hate to eat green veggies and grains every night for dinner. She only posted what she had tonite. How do you know she isn’t going to make green beens tomorrow. You obviously are not a dietitian or you would now the difference between what she made and processed foods. Why are you even on her site if you don’t agree with her ways. You are a sad negetive person. I feel for you.

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      Yep, you’re right! But they loved it and cleaned off their plates and no food was wasted.

    • Why are “trolls” like you on here anyways? Find something better to do than criticize others…especially those who are trying to help. You are a sad, sad person. I feel sorry for you that you are such a miserable person that you have nothing better to do than criticize someone who obviously made a nice meal for her family! SHAME ON YOU!

  • I felt so bad for your family with all the negative comments on the NYT article. I think most of the people that not only attacked you about you the food you prepared but for your children obviously hasn’t read your blog. I think what you and all the other Fab gals have done with this blog is wonderful. You took the time to help others, even at a time when you were in finacial difficulties, it just shows how selfless and wonderful you are. I have couponed for several years but after being diagnoised gluten intolerant, our couponing has changed. I know that couponing was a means to an end, with your finacial diffucluties. It was what had to be done for your family to make it through the struggles. I know you would have liked to feed your family all the healthy foods but it is not always possible. And as for your children, they are absolutly adorable! I’m happy you were able to bring those smiling faces into the world. I hope you know the people that have the negative feelings about you, couponing and your blog are in the minority. Thank you for all your sacrifice and hardwork.

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      I only read a few of the comments, chuckled about how they thought my 7 children must feel neglected and be unhealthy. I also laughed at the comment about how I should grow a garden and teach my kids to work instead. Interesting, although the article doesn’t say we garden, we in fact do! And boy oh boy, do my kids work! I outsource nearly all the jobs to them since I’m a full time work from home mom! 🙂 Thanks for your kind words.

  • You have to think about the families that feed their kids mc donalds for dinner. is this meal really worse then mcdonalds? I think not.

  • I’m sure all those know-it-all’s passing judgement on how you feed your family did/do so because they are perfect in their own life. Never a hint of anything processed in their perfect worlds… I say to them glass houses people. It’s much easier for those people to pass judgement on you than it is for them to look at their own imperfections. Rock on…you’re doing a great job!

  • After reading the posts from the article, I admit I did get irritated!! I decided not to respond but rather to think about coupons I have been able to get such as: brown rice, pineapple, carrots, salad, berries, milk, eggs, cheese, 100% juices, yogurt,avocodoes (probably spelled that wrong!), breads, and probably so many I can’t remember! So, what I’m saying is it’s not just processed foods we purchase. And, because of the savings on personal care and household items, I can purchase a bountiful basket each week and sometimes some of the bulk fruit/veges they offer. People are just ignorant! As my hubby says “you can’t fix stupid”. Anyway, I just want to thank you for this blog and all it has done for our family. I appreciated your exposing yourself to your financial situation. It showed me that there is always hope. I have no doubt but that your experiences will help many. Thanks again!

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      Thanks Cheryl. I thought it was funny because I felt like a lot of the items that we had on the counter really weren’t that bad! I guess the Mac & Cheese and cereal and some crackers are “processed”, but I guess they didn’t see the milk, bags of salad, potatoes, free seasoning for summer grilling and so on. 😀 Thanks for your kind words.

  • I love those with the holier than thou attitude. I agree with Edie, get over yourself! Anyone who has kids knows that there will be meals with more greens and grains than others. Stop picking on the way Cathy feeds her family. You may chose to feed your family whatever you chose but I don’t feel it is anyone’s business to be condescending about what other people feed their families. As for the comments that came from the New York Post readers, I would igonore them. They all seemed to be self-centered, rely on others to bail you out kind of people. Congrats Cathy for your story it was inspiring to read and awesome to see how you guys turned things around. Thank you for sharing and all the hard work that is put in to help others save money. As for those of you who feel the need to always criticize: Go find a different blog to follow and let them hear your negativity!

  • yummmm good dinner. Sweet looking children.

  • I love this photo. All but one of the kids are smiling! Your dinner looks delicious. My own kids would be so happy to see so much protein. I “hide” mine in casseroles and stir frys, to help make it stretch farther. My daughter was talking with me last week and mentioned that “we get a whole piece of chicken when you’re feeling generous.” Kids are so funny!

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      The grumpy 6 year old had just woken from one of those late 5:00 in the evening naps and just wasn’t feelin it! But I didn’t care, I wanted you guys to see the real “us”. You’ll also note that my 3 year old decided to put on PJ’s and that I still have Christmas art hanging on my back door! 😀

  • wow… i can’t believe all the negative people! I think it’s great that she is taking time to prepare for her family, prosessed or not… there are so many children out there who have to fend for themselves in the kitchen while thier mothers (or fathers) are “too busy.”

  • Oh goodness, I cant even imagine how horrible of a mom I must be!! We had pizza for dinner. Horribly processed, delicious pizza from Papa Murphy’s 🙂

  • It’s unfortunate that there are those people who find it necessary to tell you how to raise your family and run your life, especially when they don’t know you. These days a family who eats dinner together is a rarity and most parent don’t have time to cook a four course meal. Seriously, if kids eat healthy most of the time I think us parents are doing a good job. Your kids look happy and healthy so keep doing what your doing.

  • Beautiful family 🙂

  • My 2 1/2 year old passed away in a swimming pool related accident and an article was written by a local paper. It was mind blowing how many people wrote negative comments and verbally degrated me as a mother via comments below an online news article. It’s so much easier for people to type something into their computer and not have to say it to your face. They forget that there are real people on the other side of the screen. I’m sorry for the comments regarding your family. If you know deep down what they are saying isn’t true, then you shouldn’t have to prove yourself.

    • Oh Sarah, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I can’t even begin to imagine what you must have gone through, and to have salt added to the wound, surely didn’t help. It never ceases to amaze how ignorant and judgmental the general public can be. No one has the right to judge you but God himself. I agree with you completely, Cathy shouldn’t have to prove herself. Unfortunately the more popular this site has become, the bigger target it also is very the negative people out there. Cathy has nothing to worry about. Anyone who reads this blog that has any amount of sincerity would know that all these women want to do is better their lives and the lives of others in a healthy, positive manner. As the saying goes “The only reason some people want to pull you down is because they know you are above them.”

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      Oh Sarah, how heart breaking!! I’m so sorry to hear this! I read a handful of comments and decided it wasn’t worth my time to read thoughts from narrow minded people who really don’t know me at all. Just before we blessed the food I had the idea to snap a picture of our dinner table so people could see what my hubs had made (I guess I did the potatoes and corn). I agree that people tend to say things online that they would never say in person, face to face. Thanks for sharing your comment. That must have been incredibly difficult to go through the loss and then take criticism for it.

  • I think it looks like a wonderful meal. I usually feed my children healthy meals. But they are children and sometimes it’s about just spending time together. We spent a wonderful day out in the sun playing with the kids and then settled down to dinner outside. Hot dogs, mac and cheese and strawberries. Talk about processed. But you know what? My kids survived and are just fine 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing, the kids look healthy and happy!

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      That sounds like you made a beautiful memory… and sometimes those sorts of days are much more important to create than a perfectly balanced meal.

  • People should remember to worry about themselves. I get crap all the time from people who think I’m the meanest mother in the world because my children are not allowed to drink pop. Yes the criticism works both ways. I’ve never once told anyone what they should or shouldn’t be doing with their children…period. Common courtesy does not seem to exist anymore. I’ll be honest if someone were to judge me from some of shopping trips they’d assume all I feed my kids is crap, but that is not even close to the truth. What other people think doesn’t matter. Ever!

  • Cathy, just chiming in as another supporter. I admit I read all the comments, rolling my eyes throughout. Most of the comments were idiotic; most commenters overly judgmental and clueless.

    Salmon, chicken, potatoes and corn — looks like a great meal to me! And my first thought was the same as others have mentioned — for all of you to sit down to a meal together is wonderful. You have a very handsome family.

  • Jennifer the favorite sis. haha

    oh, people are funny. Jillian Michaels would think it was a great meal. She says, if it doesn’t come from the ground or had a mother, don’t eat it. haha. So, here you have a wonderful healthy meal with happy kids! 🙂 Love you, ya da bomb diggity!

  • It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see your kids look perfectly healthy and that no one in your family is overweight. Sometimes even if you have tons of vegetables on the dinner table, kids don’t even touch them, and I’m sure the judgmental people wouldn’t be caught dead forcing veggies down their children’s gullets. Furthermore, I’m not saying this is the case for your family, but often really healthy fresh fruit and veggies do cost a lot more than potatoes, so those of us without limitless incomes just have to do our best.

  • I too was shocked by the comments from the article and didn’t post, I later changed my mind and did put a post out there. Funny thing is they said they would post it after it was reviewed and approved and it is no where to be seen. I think they only post negative feedback.

    I think your dinner looked great and you shouldn’t have to tell the world what you feed your family. Freaking mugles!

  • The food looks great, seen kids and a hubs and you all dining together and they are actually eating the food, your dining area looks spotless. KUDOS to you, I had only one child and she ate all the time different things, she knew if she did not try to eat a teeny tiny amount of food she was going to have to sit and eat a peanut butter and jam sammie..those were the rules..Her late beloved grandmother a holocaust survivor who knew real hunger, taught her to be thankful for her momma, daddy and famiy..Our daughter has to remember to eat working many hours, traveling, but she can cook and always watches for veggies, fruits and we live where Salmon is plentiful from the ocean..she lived in Seattle and north from that in the university near a native american area, Salmon is sacred, it is one of her favorite foods…Your family looks healthy and happy, your hubby sounds wonderful, you look FABULESS…a few negative comments are always the norm with people who wish they could live the way you do..KEEP up the blog and the hints on how to live the way you do..congrats for such a wonderful family and thank you for your help for recipes, cooking, purchasing food and generally having a wonderful family too..it is refreshing..If more people actually ate at a dinner table with their family, the problems the authorities have with kids these days would be gone..it is a valuable tool in raising healthy, well adjusted and happy children, it has been proven in all the university studies..Bravo and yummmm, I wish I could dine in your home both my husband and I that is, our only child lives over 4000 miles away but she still cooks and eats well remembering her lessons from her beloved grandmother and how food is a blessing and gratefulness for the love of family..mjs

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