Fabuless Freezer Cooking: Four Cheese Stuffed Shells

Make Ahead/Freezer Meal
Ingredients 1 Family 12 jumbo pasta shells 1 15 oz. container low fat ricotta cheese 1 c. shredded provolone cheese ¼ c. grated Parmesan 1 egg ¼ c. chopped fresh parsley 1 t. dried basil leaves ¼ t. minced dried garlic Dash of salt... Read this post

Fabuless Freezer Cooking: Breaded, Smothered Chicken

Make Ahead/Freezer Meal
Breaded Smothered Chicken For 1 Family 4 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts (thawed) 1/2 Can Bread crumbs 6 Eggs 2 c. Shredded mozzarella cheese Sauce 1 15 oz. can Tomato Sauce A Few Pinches of Basil A Few Pinches of Garlic Or use your... Read this post

Freezer Cooking w/ the FabFruGALS: Getting ready for the BIG Day!

Make Ahead/Freezer Meal|Tips
Are you ready to get your FAB on in the kitchen?  Tomorrow is the day all of us FabFruGALS gather to do our freezer cooking! Just wanted to give you a few pointers before the big day: 1. If you are hosting, it helps to have cleared enough space... Read this post

Freezer Cooking w/ the FabFruGALS: Prep Work

Make Ahead/Freezer Meal|Tips
Tomorrow is our big shopping day for our upcoming Freezer Meal Cooking day this Saturday (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, go HERE). You now have the menu and the shopping list, so the next step is to divide up the prep work in preparation... Read this post

Freezer Cooking w/ the FabFruGALS: The Shopping List

Make Ahead/Freezer Meal|Tips
Remember how we told you about the Fab FruGAL Freezer cooking night coming up on April 24th (that is THIS Saturday!).  Here is the first post where we tell you how you can get started, and what part of the process we are going to do for you!  Here... Read this post

The Final FabFruGAL Recipes

Make Ahead/Freezer Meal
Here are the final 6 recipes we will be using for our FabFruGAL Freezer Cooking.  I will have the shopping list posted tomorrow! Chicken Enchiladas Cheesy spinach burgers Meatloaf minis Italian pork chops Navajo tacos Baked potato... Read this post

Fabuless Freezer Cooking: Italian Pork Chops

Make Ahead/Freezer Meal
Italian Pork Chops 1 FAMILY 4 Pork chops ½ package Ritz crackers ½ package dry Italian dressing ½ c. Parmesan cheese 1-2 eggs (each individual to provide at home) Olive oil *May substitute crackers and dressing with Italian breadcrumbs. 6... Read this post

Freezer Meal Recipe: Navajo Tacos

Main Dish|Meat and Poultry|Make Ahead/Freezer Meal
Easy weeknight dinner and freezer meal recipe! This recipe is very simple, but still so delicious! Definitely one of my favorite ways to do tacos. The fresh, flavorful toppings go perfectly with the fried bread. Using a pre-made roll dough makes... Read this post

Fabuless Freezer Cooking: Baked Potato Casserole

Make Ahead/Freezer Meal|Pork|Bacon
Baked Potato Casserole 1 FAMILY 1 pkg frozen diced potatoes 6 slices of bacon cooked and crumbled 2 cups shredded cheddar 1 cup sour cream 2 bunches of green onion, chopped (sautéed in bacon) Salt and pepper to taste 6 FAMILIES 6... Read this post
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Freezer Meal Recipe: Chicken and Beef Fajitas

Make Ahead/Freezer Meal
CHICKEN AND BEEF FAJITA Freezer Meal Recipe 1 FAMILY 3 Chicken breast, &/or 1 med steak, sliced thin and frozen ½ Red onion, sliced 2 Bell peppers (variety of colors if wanted) Fajita spice packet Oil 1 c. grated cheddar Sour cream 8... Read this post
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