Make Lunch Time a Breeze!

Lunch done in two minutes flat

My 5 year old daughter came home today, and asked if she was ever going to get anything fun for lunch. Fun?  Yep!  Not peanut butter and jelly.  But you love peanut butter and jelly.  But I want something fun!  She wants fun, I want pure and simple!  So I go to Albertsons, because they have been sending me delectable recipes every week for a while now, and I’m sure they have something fun and easy up their sleeves.  And their O Organics brand is really well priced!  I don’t feel like I’m having to sacrifice to feed my kids organically! I just can.

Okay, you guys… do you see that beautiful lunch?  It’s Apple Fries with Cinnamon Dipping Sauce and Turkey Pesto Pinwheels, and it took less than 3 minutes to make for both my kids!  THREE Minutes! For two lunches!  I have one that stays at home and one at school, and it’s SO nice to not have to make my daughter lunch, and then figure out something 3 or 4 hours later for my son.  I just pop the one for my son in the fridge and go about my day!

They are SUPER easy too!  O Organics is very Busy Mom Friendly, with easy to assemble meals, that I feel great about serving to my kids!  Organic!  At totally reasonable prices.  And you see those apples?  Pre-cut!  And that’s what they looked like after sitting in my fridge for a week! A WEEK!  They are still crisp, fresh, and not at all chemically tasting!  Plus, they stay fresh cut up in her lunch box!  She refuses to eat brown apple slices (who can blame her?) and these don’t do that.  AND, they don’t do that organically.  They aren’t sprayed with a bunch of chemicals to keep them from turning brown.

Apples with Cinnamon Vanilla Dipping Sauce

My daughter was THRILLED with the yogurt dipping sauce!  She’s super excited about the cinnamon, and declared the apples Worth the Wait! (I wouldn’t let her eat them while I was out of town).  This just might possibly  be the easiest snack ever!

You just sprinkle the cinnamon on the yogurt and serve! My kids (I’m sure yours do to!) love to dip ANYTHING.  They like apples, but I’ve never seen them eat them so fast!  It was great!  And since the apples were organic, I felt really safe and good about serving it.  If you are going to be feeding a lot of kids, it might be easier to flavor the yogurt with essential oils instead of cinnamon!  There are a ton of flavor options, and it would only take a drop or two for the whole 32 oz tub!

You can pin this Apple Fries with Cinnamon Dipping Sauce recipe for later!

Turkey Pesto Pinwheels are fast and easy way to make lunch

I’d always shied away from pinwheels, thinking them too time consuming or complicated.  But the Turkey Pesto Pinwheels recipes is so easy!  It takes less time than peanut butter and jelly!

  • 2 slices turkey lunch meat
  • 2 slices O Organics provolone cheese
  • 1 Tbs pesto
  • 1 multi-grain or whole wheat tortilla

You just spread the pesto on the tortilla (I used white because I was introducing them to pesto, and wanted something familiar tasting to go with it), put down a couple slices of cheese, and a couple slices of lunch meat, roll up and cut.  Your slices don’t have to be exact!  Your kids will never know that their mom isn’t pinterest perfect… they’ll be too caught up in how amazing this tastes, and that it’s not PBJ!

Lunch made easy

Pop the slices in a lunch container, add an ice pack, and send them off!  I love the fast, fun, and easy recipes!

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What about a Chicken Salad Wrap?  It’s so easy… and fun, and even my picky eater loved it!  Oh, did I mention these are all super easy to make?  You’re not required to be mom of the year or a homemaker with 15 hours to do meal prep to do these recipes!  They are FAST, fun, and EASY!!  My very favorite kind of recipe (however, these might convince your kids that you’ve been hiding your awesome Ninja like cooking skills, because they are SO good, and you might just get Mom of the Year for making them!)

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They are Pure, Easy, and deliciously amazing!

Lunch is easy and delicious with O Organics from Albertsons

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of O Organics. The opinions and text are all mine.