March Freezer Meal Shopping List


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Tomorrow is shopping day for our freezer cooking this weekend! I have prepared the shopping list. We are cooking for 4 families this month instead of 6. So if you are shopping for 6 families just multiply my number by 1.5 to get your list for 6!

Below is a key for my spreadsheet in case it confuses you. 🙂

A: Ingredients

B: Amount needed to make all of the meals.

C: Amount we have on hand from last time we did freezer meals.

D: Amount that is going to be donated to the group. This is a great way to decrease costs. We each look through our pantries for items we already have in our stockpile and them “sell them to the group” for our coupon deal price. So in this column each member will list how much they are willing to “sell” to the group and leave their initial by it so we know who is bringing what. As this months hostess I have a lot of things on this list because I have been looking for deals for the ingredients and buying them during double coupons or good sales.

E: My final shopping list after we deduct what is on hand and what people will be bringing.

F-T: The meals we are making and their individual ingredients.


Now you can view and print the entire spread sheet!  Web Page or  PDF or  Excel!

See the menu and join the virtual freezer cooking group!

Comments & Reviews

  • What is the easiest way to times all those #s by 1.5?

  • Nevermind- I just did it one at a time- I wish I would have known before hand that you were going to do 4 servings. I really really appreciate that work you put into so much that I was depending on it for our group of 6. I am now going to have to figure out prep work for 6 on my own at this late in the game time. If I had know I would have picked a past menu to get approved by my group for sure. Thank you for the work you did 🙂

  • You probably don’t want to go there, but Walmart has Sausage for sale for $1.50 a lb (at least they did on Monday).

  • I’m sorry that someone had to complain after all the work you do for us saving so much time for everyone. I appreciate all that you do.

  • Hmm- I did say thank you like twice- just thought a heads up would have been nice

    • Kelly- We planned on doing 6 and two of the ladies had something come up so I had to compromise. Sorry for the lack of notice. I will keep that in mind for future.

      • Thanks-I totally get having to make due with what we have. I am sure it was tedious for you to change everything to 4 servings too. Have fun on Saturday. I still have 2 girls that need to pick up prep and I have 12lbs of hamburger already browned 🙂

        • If you need to change the quantities, it’s not that big of a deal, just create formulas in Excel and have everything multiply by whatever number it is that you need. It may help to add a column for the measurement (T, tsp. c. etc) since that will throw your formulas off. Atleast I don’t think Excel recognizes measurements!! 😉

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