Lifestyles Of The Fabulessly Frugal… How To Freeze Corn

When life gives you corn… Shuck it!

Last night my husband came home with 3 boxes of free corn from our friend Farmer Ted.  Having processed corn before and knowing the task that lay at hand, I called my neighbor.

I offered her half of the bounty if she would help me shuck, blanch and bag the corn.

When she asked if we could process it at her house I nearly fell off my chair. Obviously she has never done this before, I thought as I said “Yes!  I’ll bring it right over.” 😉

If you have never frozen fresh corn before it’s easy. Basically all you need to do is shuck the corn and blanch it in boiling water for about 5 minutes.

Then place the corn in an ice bath to cool.

Cut the kernels from the cob and stuff them into freezer bags. It’s really that easy.  However, cleaning corn juice and half dried kernels off your counter tops and cupboards is a whole other story.

Many hands (and someone else’s kitchen) make light work. 🙂



FYI: If you are thinking about purchasing a vacuum sealer Amazon currently has the Rival Vacuum Sealer currently on sale for only $59.81 shipped!


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  • We did that last weekend 10 dozen ears of corn. Along with 50 lbs of onions peppers. I also have eggplant, string beans, squash and zucchini to do. I may have moaned about it but in January I will really appreciate it.

  • Use a bundt pan to cut the corn off. Place the corn in the hole at the top and the pan catches most of the juices and corn. Plus, it makes the corn more stabler to cut!

  • A tip to make it easier… use an electric knife to cut off the corn. Works wonders.

  • In the canning section of most stores they sell a handy corn kernel tool that you put right on top of the corn and remove all the kernels at once rather than cutting each side. So much fast and saves a lot of time.

  • Mavis it looks like you have corn coming out your ears! Love the pic.

  • So yummy!!! My family and I did 100 quarts about a month ago… good/free eating this winter!

  • The electric knife is the only way to go! I love the bundt pan idea. After you shave the corn from the cob, don’t you put it on a baking sheet and freeze it before you bag it, so that it doesn’t stick together in the bag?

  • I would love to know which vacuum sealer is the best, anyone know?

  • Pampered Chef has a GREAT Kernel Cutter!! Slides right through the corn like hot knife through butter!! Also the bundt pan or angel food cake pan work great! I also put it on a dish towel to catch any strays.

  • Here are 3 tips that will keep your kitchen clean(er) and make the job go faster!
    1) use an electric knife instead of a kitchen knife (usually can be found pretty cheap and like new at Good Will)
    2) set up saw horses and do the cutting outside (some friends even cook it over a fire!)
    3) For some reason, this all looks more manly to the men of the house and they will want to be involved!
    Enjoy God’s bounty!

  • We cut the corn off of the cob into a pan first using a big knife, cook it, then bag it. It goes way fast with little clean up and tastes great. I’m not sure what the ice bath is for, but thought I’d pass this method along to you. It woks and seems tons easier!!

  • We did this last year and we ate corn all winter long and it was YUMMY!!!!!!!!

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