Cooking with Hot Dogs!

It seems this time of year, we are never lacking in hot dog deals.  You can get them free or next to free!  Cheap they are, but healthy???  That’s another story.  My children tolerate them to a point, so I found a few ideas that look fun to try.

Pigs in a blanket-wrap dogs in refrigerated cressent dough and bake @ 350 degrees until browned. (oldy but goody)

Pizza dogs- Place hot dog in a bun.  Slice 3 pieces of pepperoni in 1/2.  Place on each side of the bun.  Squeeze pizza sauce on top, sprinkle with mozzarella or provolone cheese.  Heat in microwave until hot dog is hot and cheese is melted (about 40 seconds).

Hot Dog Spaghetti- Slice up some hot dogs and use in your spaghetti sauce over noodles.

Corn Dogs- make a thin corn bread batter and dip them (can put a popsicle stick in the end) and fry in oil or bake them.

BBQ Hot Dogs-  cut them up in bite size pieces, warm them in a fry pan and add BBQ sauce to them.

Hot Dog Fried Rice- cut up Hot dogs, brown them in fry pan.  Add to  your fried rice dish.  (instead of ham I guess?)

Creamed Hot Dogs-  cut up hot dogs, brown in fry pan with 1 tblsp butter.  Add milk and thicken with corn starch, making a cream sauce.  Serve over noodles, rice or mashed potatoes.

So how do you eat your hot dogs?

Comments & Reviews

  • AJ

    We used to make chili dogs. Just put the hot dog in a bun and put chili on top instead of ketchup, etc.

  • Sophie

    My husband fries them up in pieces and eats them with eggs. They actually take on a better flavor when they are fried and are yummy this way.

  • Londa

    We make “hotdogs, mashed potatoes and cheese.” I grew up eating these and the kids (and I, I do admit) love them. Take eight hots dogs and slice them length ways, like a hotdog bun, just don’t cut all the way through. Open like you would a hotdog bun, and place two scoops of mashed potatoes. I use an ice cream scoop to get perfectly round mounds. Then take a slice of cheese, I use kraft singles usually and cut in half lenghwise. Place on half on top of the mashed potates, so you will use a total of four pieces of cheese. Bake in the oven on 350 for like 15-20 minutes til cheese melts. We like to serve with corn. A family fav!

  • Julie

    Well, my son loves “squid dogs.” What you do is cut the hot dogs crosswise into four pieces. Then you take raw spaghetti and run it through each piece. We usually put about four pieces of spaghetti in each piece of hot dog. Then you boil them for as long as it takes to cook the spaghetti (we find it often needs to be cooked softer than we normally would cook it to make sure the part of the spaghetti that is actually inside the hot dog is cooked). When you pull them out, the hot dog is the head of the squid, and the spaghetti are the long tentacles. You can eat them with spaghetti sauce or cream or cheese sauce or, as my son does, just ketchup. It’s a little work, but they’re fun.

    Also, my husband is Japanese, and he often uses hot dogs for fried rice to added to ramen (hot dogs + ramen = super healthy, right?).

    • Kira G

      I just posted this one on the next post, saw it in Family Funf and haven’t tried it yet! Great minds think alike 😉

  • Tiffany Phillips

    go to allrecipes and look up “hotdog men” 🙂 I just made these this past week, they are cute!

  • Stacey

    I make HLTs. It’s like a BLT, but with a cut in half pan fried hot dog or 2. Add cheese if desired.

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