Homemade Apricot Syrup Recipe

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homemade apricot syrup

I have an awesome apricot tree in my yard and this year it is just loaded with apricots. I love to make use of my apricots as much as possible. I make fruit leather, dehydrate my fruit, make smoothies, I have canned canned apricots, made homemade jam, and made homemade popsicles. I wrote this article last year to show 5 easy ways to use your produce. But this year I have come up with a few more that surprisingly are not very hard. You can use my apricot syrup recipe to make a syrup with any of your fresh or frozen fruit. Depending on the fruit you may want to add less or more sugar.

apricot tree

washing apricots

Wash your apricots. I like to use this fruit and vegetable wash and soak the fruit in water with a little bit if vinegar and then rinse. I love my single bowl under-mount sink for this!

making apricot syrup
Puree apricots and water in blender. I love to use my vitamix. Pour into medium saucepan. Add sugar, lemon juice and corn syrup or butter.

homemade apricot syrup canning

When canning my syrup I like to triple the recipe and use a large stock pot. A tripled recipes makes 6 quart jars of syrup.

apricot syrup skimming

Stir over medium high heat until sugar dissolves and it comes to a boil. Boil and stir for 5 minutes. Skim.

apricot syrup canning

Pour into hot sterilized canning jars to within 1/4 inch of the top.

apricot syrup canning bath

Place sterilized metal lids on jars and screw metal bands on securely. Process in boiling water bath for 10 minutes.

canning tools

After 10 minutes boiling remove jars from the bath and wait for them to seal. Be sure to have the right tools for canning. I bought this cool canning kit that has everything needed.

canning apricot syrup cooling

 Place jars on a bath towel folded in half to cool and listen for the pops as they seal.

apricot syrup on ice cream and wafflesNow it is time to enjoy your homemade apricot syrup. So far we love it on pancakes, ice cream, oatmeal and waffles. How do you like yours?

Cool tools for canning Apricot Syrup:

Zulily Canning Supplies Essentials 6 piece Canning kit 

Granite Water BathWater Bath This bath was only $15 with free shipping when I bought it last week. But the price has gone up. Keep an eye on it in case it goes down. Currently if you are getting started canning this 9 piece kit is a better deal. It also makes a fantastic wedding gift for a domestic goddess want to be.

Ball Pint size jars You will need canning jars. The size varies by your personal preference. I got quart jars since my family will go through the syrup so fast.

Homemade Apricot Syrup Recipe

5 / 5 (4 reviews)
Prep Time: 15mins | Cook Time: 30mins
Yield: 2 tablespoons | Serves: 128


  • 2 lbs fresh apricots, halved, pitted and cut up (4 cups blended about 8 apricots)
  • 1 cup water
  • 4 cups white sugar
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon corn syrup or 1-2 tablespoons butter


  1. Puree apricots and water in blender. Pour into large saucepan.
  2. Add sugar, lemon juice and corn syrup. Stir over medium high heat until sugar dissolves and it comes to a boil. Boil and stir for 5 minutes. Skim the frothy bubbles from the top.
  3. Pour into hot sterilized canning jars to within 1/4 inch of the top. Place sterilized metal lids on jars and screw metal bands on securely. Process in boiling water bath for 15 minutes.


See this site for latest canning guidelines: http://nchfp.uga.edu/publications/publications_usda.html
Makes 2 quarts of syrup

Ingredients: Apricot, Butter, Corn Syrup, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Water
Meal Type: Sauces, Spreads, and Dressings
Categories: DIY, Canning & Preserving

Comments & Reviews

  • charlotte

    Thank you for this recipe. I plan to make some tonight as a Christmas gift for my brother using apricots from our late father’s tree. What is the purpose of the corn syrup or butter?

    • Monica

      I am so glad you are going to try the apricot syrup . I hope love it! The butter and corn syrup help to thicken the syrup. Enjoy!

      • Patricia Simpson

        I have about 32 oz of dried apricots (kind of soft) and wondered how I
        could use this recipe for the dried apricots. Any suggestions?
        Also there is an underscore character before the z in the email address.
        Thanks for your reply.

        • monica


          I have never tried this recipe with dried apricots. But if I were to try it this it what I would do. I would soak the dried apricots in water overnight. I then would follow the instructions as found above.

  • Deborah Baker

    Will it be okay if there is crushed pineapple mixed in with the apricots? I made some pineapple/apricot jam but did not have enough to make another batch of jam. I have almost 3 cups of the pineapple/apricot mixture left and would like to make syrup. Will that be enough to make syrup?

    • Monica

      I think it would be yummy with pineapple. If you only have 3 cups of fruit I would adjust the recipe like this…
      3 cups blended apricots
      3/4 cup water
      3 cups white sugar
      1 1/2 tablespoons lemon juice
      3/4 tablespoon light corn syrup or 3/4 tablespoon dark corn syrup or (1 1/2 T butter)

  • Hailey

    What do you use with the Apricot syrup?

  • Susan

    Do you peel your apricots for this?

  • Tamara

    Our family loves this syrup; however, there is NOT a researched based processing time for quarts, so the 15 minute processing time listed IS NOT considered to be safe. Processing time for PINTS AND HALF-PINTS in a boiling water canner for elevations 1000′ and below – 10 minutes, 1001′ to 6,000′ is 15 minutes and above 6000′ is 20 minutes. For more information on safe processing times please seen nchfp.uga.edu (national center for home food preservation)

  • Liz

    Thank you so much! Me my sister and mother made it with peachcots. It turned out very good. We were not sure of time according to elevation. But we managed it all and look forward to having it on some pancakes?! And of course some ice cream ?

  • Sylvia Soos

    Can you drink this ie use it with a mixer like water!

  • Jackie

    I will make it

  • Stacey

    Fast and Easy way to preserve the tastes of summer! I literally just whipped out a tripled batch in under an hour (processed too) The jars are resting on the towel as I type this up. Thanks so much for sharing this!!

  • Nancy

    What a great recipe for the over abundant crop of apricots we had this year. I made the syrup with only 2 cups of sugar as the apricots were ripe. Tastes wonderful. Recipe made 3 8 0z jars. Can hardly wait to use on ice cream perhaps with a hint of chocolate sauce. Super quick and super easy.

    • Cathy Yoder

      Oh how lovely Nancy!! I’m so glad you were able to use them and prolong their life! 🙂 Your ice cream sundae idea sounds delish!

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