Orange Coconut Macaroons Recipe

Desserts|Cookies and Treats|Halloween
This is a simple Coconut Macaroon Recipe with a hint of orange in it,(plus some orange food coloring).  Perfect Halloween, or Christmas treat!  These are a twist to the basic recipe and are delicious when paired with chocolate! These Orange Coconut... Read this post

Jack-0-Lantern Burgers

Ground Beef|Sandwiches and Burgers|Halloween
Halloween Dinner Idea Made Easy! One of the things that I am focused on during Halloween is getting a GOOD dinner on the table for my kids in between the fun at school, going to different places to show off costumes, and out for Trick-or-Treating.... Read this post

Frugal Cooking {How to Bake a Pumpkin}

Autumn Baking Ideas - Use Your Halloween Decorations! {Pin This} Chances are good, you have a few orange beauties on your front porch this month... photo courtesy of digginfood.comDid you know that even after being on display for weeks, certain... Read this post

Quick and Easy Caramel Apple Recipe

Desserts|Gluten Free|Super Bowl Party
Celebrate Fall and Halloween with this Tasty Recipe! {Pin This} I love caramel apples. Especially when they have chocolate and other yummy candy toppings on them. Dipping apples seems like such a pain. My friend Stephanie gave me this idea. Something... Read this post

Jack-O-Lantern Soup

Main Dish|Gluten Free|Soups and Chilis
Flavorful Pumpkin Recipe! Do you have pumpkins laying around your house now?  We have at least 10 65 lb PLUS pumpkins (and I am not even kidding) that no one will take off my hands!  What to do with so many GIANT pumpkins?  Ideas? I found this... Read this post

Jack-O-Lantern Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Main Dish|Sandwiches and Burgers|Halloween
 Jack-O-Lantern Cookie Cutters for Goodies and More! Use fun and festive Cookie Cutters for more than just cookies with this fun and SIMPLE idea for making lunch or dinner just a little more special! It's so much fun to stretch Halloween out into... Read this post

Oreo Spiders and Pretzel Webs

Desserts|Finger Food and Dips|Halloween
Halloween Treats for the Whole Family! Halloween is a great time to make treats with the kids! These Oreo Spiders and Chocolate Pretzel Webs are really easy to make, so it would be perfect to make these for a classroom party, for while you're carving... Read this post

Monster Mouth Treats

Desserts|Cookies and Treats|Halloween
Halloween Monster Smile Treats!!   These Monster Mouth Treats are fantastic treats for any Halloween party. With peanut butter and apples, they can add a healthy treat to your menu! But, if you need to be peanut free you can always substitute... Read this post

Trick Or Treat Muddy Buddy Mix

Appetizers and Snacks|Cookies and Treats|Halloween
Add a festive twist to a classic party treat! If you're a muddy buddy fan and love all things festive, this recipe is for you! This fun twist on a classic treat is sure to be a hit at your next party or get together! I can remember making Muddy Buddies... Read this post

Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts

Attention lovers of all things pumpkin! Here's a recipe you don't want to miss! These easy pumpkin spice doughnuts  are always a huge hit at our house! Serve them warm with a tall glass of milk and you have a yummy breakfast or dessert! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:243] Recipe... Read this post
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