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Hello Fabulessly Frugal Readers!! I’m so excited to be here! I want to thank the Fabulessly Frugal Gals for featuring me today. I can’t wait to tell all of you some of my favorite Frugal posts, but first I want to tell you a little bit about myself.

I am Stephanie from My Frugal Lifestyle. I’m a stay-at-home-mommy with two wonderful little boys. My 2 little monsters are the whole reason why I love to wake up in the mornings. Well, that and coffee! I gotta have my coffee! My husband, Zack and I, have been married for 7 years now. We’re the best of buds and he supports me in everything that I do. What more could a girl ask for? He’s an amazing dad and a great kisser! Sorry ladies, he’s all mine 😉

My Frugal LifestyleMy blog, My Frugal Lifestyle, is directed towards helping others become more frugal with their every day life decisions and living. But, I prefer to be frugal, the fun and easy way. Becoming {or being} frugal should not be hard and you should never feel like you have to go without. How great are the Fabulessly Frugal Gals. They help everyone with their groceries! I love these girls! They have helped me save hundreds of dollars on my groceries every month, just by giving me great coupon posts. I’d be lost without them. So, yes, I do coupon! Lots! But my blog doesn’t really focus on couponing. I’ve left that to the professionals {wink**wink}. I post about everything else…..frugally speaking! Let me tell you some of my favorite frugal ideas.

A few of my favorite posts:

*My Beauty Tips I have so many great ideas on how to make us girls feel refreshed, beautiful, and polished with breaking the bank. I love using olive oil in my hair. Once a month, I slather olive oil in my hair to help restore my natural oils. My hair can dry out easily {especially since I live in this lovely Idaho weather} and letting my hair soak up olive oil really helps put the shine back in my hair.

*Gardening May 15th is right around the corner and it’s time for us to start planting our gardens. My kids love to help me plant fruits and veggies, but sometimes my adorable children can lose interest in the gardening department. I like to make things fun for them. So, we painted garden rocks! These aren’t just your every day garden rocks either. We picked up rocks from our yard, painted them, and then labeled them for each and every fruit or veggie we planted.

*Household Cleaners Everyone knows that making your own household cleaners can be super cheap. I also like the fact that most homemade cleaners are safe to have around your children and pets. I love doing posts on homemade cleaners. Recently I just posted on how to make your own Comet. It smells so good! Did I mention I make my own laundry detergent too? I only spend about $6 to $12 a year on my family of four to do our laundry. Awesome right?!

*Yummy Recipes Who doesn’t love new recipes? How about yummy recipes that are easy on the budget? I make my very own smoked almonds. They are YUM-O! How about making your very own granola? It’s so easy and delicious! I also like to make food fun for my kids. One of our favorite “play” foods is my homemade edible peanut butter play dough. Even I can’t stay out of the play dough activity. I find myself sneaking play dough shapes and scarfing them down. Ha ha!

*Saving Money & Living Frugal Saving money is crucial, but it’s amazing how we often spend our hard earn money on frivolous things. I do it all the time. I think it’s the nature of the beast. We’re human, right? If we focus on our every day living and how we’re spending, we’ll be more apt to saving money and living frugal. One of the hardest things for me is trying to save money on gas. I’ve listed many tips and ideas on how to do this, but I’m my own worst critic. You’ll see why, when you read my gas saving post.

*Reusing & Recycling Reusing is a must when trying to save money. Instead of throwing something away, try reusing it once or twice to get the most of your money. For instances: try reusing your ziplock bags. Don’t throw them away after just one use. Rinse it out, let it dry, and use it again and again. Or how about this idea?! Reusing your old scentsy wax to make emergency candles. I’ve made TONS of emergency candles by recycling my scentsy candle wax. It burns longer than any other candle I’ve ever owned.

I have tons of frugal tips and ideas. I’d love for you to come on over to My Frugal Lifestyle and join me in the fun. If you have some favorite frugal family tips that you like to live by, please let me know. I’d love to hear what your family does to save money or how you like to stretch a buck. Email me at: my_frugal_lifestyle@yahoo.

I love comments too! When I get a new comment it puts an extra spring in my step and it totally makes my day. I love followers too. Old or new, I love em’ all! Thanks again, Fabulessly Frugal Gals for letting me explain some of my favorite frugal things.

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  • Hi! I’m so glad I dropped by from Stephanie’s blog, My Frugal Lifestyle! I love this blog! It looks like you have some great resources here. Between you and Stephanie, we should never run out of frugal resources…which is so important now adays!

    Thanks to both of you for helping the rest of us pinch our pennies..without feeling too much pain. :o)

  • Helen in Meridian

    Stephanie, I went to your great web site but could not find a subscribe link to get your great ideas daily. Do I just remember your site and type it in daily?

  • Sophie

    Her website is awesome! It is a perfect compliment to Fabulessly Frugal!!

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