Freezer Cooking w/ the FabFruGALS: The Shopping List

Remember how we told you about the Fab FruGAL Freezer cooking night coming up on April 24th (that is THIS Saturday!).  Here is the first post where we tell you how you can get started, and what part of the process we are going to do for you!  Here is the list of all the recipes we’re doing.  Remember that we are doing 15 meals… and we will use these over the next 6-8 weeks.  You will still do your regular cooking… these freezer meals are for those nights when life is too busy and the “old you” would have gone and picked up hamburgers.  NOW you can pop one of your freezer meals out of the freezer and cook it instead!  This is just another way we are cutting our grocery budget and saving money by not eating out.

The shopping list is complete! It might look a bit overwhelming, but that’s why we do it with a buddy!

Be sure to email the list to your groupies so you can coordinate what stockpile items you each already have on hand.

The excel file of the FabFruGALS shopping list is here.    Here is the HTML version (If you don’t have excel).   And if you really want it on pdf (although you won’t be able to edit it), you’ll find it here.

Meal Type: Tips
Categories: Make Ahead/Freezer Meal

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  • Im so excited! And just to clarify so we dont buy too much or too little, this list is for 5 families right?

    • Okay Sophie, sorry I have been so bad about answering questions. I’ve had family in town consuming my time, but they all flew out today so we are back in business! You asked about gluten free foods right? I think your only safe bet is the shish kabobs that I know of offhand. I have never really looked the menu items over. So sorry I’m useless in that capacity.

      As far as the recipes go, it is actually for SIX families. Because a few of the families in our group of 5 are larger, we are taking the 6th person’s meal & dividing among the larger families. Sorry if that messed you up!

      • Thanks Amber! For some reason looking at the ingredient list it seems like it was for six, but Monica’s post said five so I just wanted to make sure. Having it be for 6 will actually make it much easier since we have three I only have to divide in half. Much easier than dividing by 5 than multiplying by 3.

  • Thanks Amber!These forms are so nice! I am trying to completely cook from scratch and realizing so many things need to be prepared before hand to make it run smoothly.

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