Freezer Cooking w/ the FabFruGALS: Getting ready for the BIG Day!

Are you ready to get your FAB on in the kitchen?  Tomorrow is the day all of us FabFruGALS gather to do our freezer cooking! Just wanted to give you a few pointers before the big day:

1. If you are hosting, it helps to have cleared enough space for food prep, as well as a copy of each printed recipe. Also remember to thaw out any necessary foods the night before!

2. It is also helpful if the host has the totals for each of the members of the group already figured out. We have occasionally forgotten until after we had cooked for hours, and scrambling to add receipts & divide when you are dog tired is not advised!

It was a bit tricky to calculate what each member of our group owed because we used a lot of items we had in our individual stockpiles. In order to make it fair, we had each person place a value on the items they contributed to the group (ie. I threw in a couple of Ronzoni pastas I just paid tax on & valued them at $.25/2 boxes). Then we added the total from the items we purchased at the grocery store to the total we valued our stockpile items and divided by 6 (or the number of members in your group). We then gave credit based on the stockpile items contributed.

Let’s use Monica as an example. Monica contributed stockpile items from her own pantry totaling $20, so she would be given a $20 credit.

Total from grocery store receipts: $504.14
Total from valuation of stockpile items: $75.20
Grand total: $579.34
Divided by 6 members: $96.56 each
Less Monica’s credit for stockpile items: $20
Monica’s grand total for 16 freezer meals and 2 sides: $76.56!!

That is about $4 per meal!
$1 or less per serving. (Meals feed 4-6) Beats the fast food $1 menu!

Now do you get why we do this!!

3. There are a number of items all group members need to bring to the host’s house on cooking day.  In addition to all of your prep work, bring LARGE mixing bowls, measuring cups, spatulas, wooden spoons, can openers, Sharpie markers, at least 1 LARGE cooler and your checkbook.

4. Four hours of hard work might leave you famished! Provide a light dinner/snack for all group members (we bought the DiGiornio pizza & breadstick combos with coupons @ Winco for $3.95!!).


And there you have our last minute pointers. We still have video from our shopping trip we will post soon as promised, but it is currently being held hostage on Cathy’s phone! We are planning on taking a ton of pictures when we gather tomorrow, so you can see the process step by step!

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  • Sounds like you have got it down pat. What a great idea. Thanks for the fab inspiration.
    One question and maybe it is a repeat if so I am sorry. My question is: does the group plan the meals together or did one person think of them all?
    Here is a suggestion, maybe everyone in the group could bring a recipe that they would like to freeze for the next time, that way the group could be watching for extra deals on those items needed. Plus it might change it up. Have a great day today ladies.

    • Thanks for the kuddos! As far as the menu goes, everyone provides input. Every group member has a chance to submit recipes & then veto any that they feel their family would dislike.

      And funny you should mention planning the recipes ahead of time because Monica & I were just discussing that yesterday! We are going to do the entire menu/shopping list ahead of time. That will give everyone time to find menu items on sale w/ coupons. Fab idea! Guess great minds think alike! 🙂

  • I was wondering if you would be willing to post your recipets!! I was thinking about do this and I wanted to see you you got it all for so cheap!! I am totally a couponer but $504 for all of it is great!! I would love to see the prices on the things that you did buy!!!
    Thanks you are amazing!!!

  • Tiffany,
    My plan was to post them, but my scanner is on the fritz. I tried taking pics but they were hard to read. Today, with the sunlight. I might try again. If not, I’ll send them home with someone after we meet today so they can scan them in!

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