Fabuless Freezer Cooking: June 12 Menu, Prep, Etc.

Our next freezer meal cooking day is Saturday, June 12th.  Even if you have a group but don’t do it the same day, you can follow our virtual freezer cooking for help anytime you do it!

Follow these steps below. We have done the hard part.  All you have to do is shop and cook. We have the menu, shopping list and recipes all ready to go!

I entered the amounts needed for each recipe separately and then totaled them at the end for shopping purposes.

The List calls for cans of tomato sauce.  That’s because I’m a sauce snob and make my own instead of using Prego or Ragu.  If you’re not, you can use bottled sauce instead.

AJ: Cook, season, and shred 12 lbs. cross rib roast.  Cook, season, and shred 18 lbs. pork roast.  Cook Jumbo Pasta Shells.  Grate all blocks of cheese.  Pre-make sauce for tomato sauce recipes.

Amber: Cook and shred 24 chicken breasts.  Brown 10 lbs. sausage.  Scramble 72 eggs.

Cathy: Cook and shred 8 chicken breasts.  Cook and cube 8 chicken breasts.  Grate 3 onions, 12 potatoes, and 24 carrots.

Kearna: Chop chicken, steak, peppers & onions into large chunks for kabobs & bag separately. Julienne 6 green peppers.  Slice 6 bunches of green onions.

Monica: Brown 9 lbs. ground beef.  Cook and cube 24 chicken breasts.  Finely grate 11/2 c. onion, Chop 3 onions (to make 2 c. chopped)

Comments & Reviews

  • I’ve been following your freezer cooking for what feels like a year now, but I’ve never tried it. I think your menu for this month might be the perfect one to try. My family will eat everything on this list! That’s a huge bonus. I just opened up your excel file for the shopping list, and I’m guessing your amounts are totaled for 6 families. Is that right? Do you ever break it down for 1 family or do you always do it for a large group? Also, how many people does each meal feed? Is it based on a family of 4 or 6-8 servings? Thanks so much for all this hard work. It makes freezer cooking so much less intimidating!

    • Generally the serving size is 6. On the chicken ones, we use 4 chicken breasts per family assuming kids won’t eat a whole one. Also, if you serve it with veggies, jello, whatever else, it’s not the only thing they’re eating that night.

      My kids inherited pickiness from me for sure. I’m actually going to leave out the onions on some of these things when I put them together for my family. But I’m the only one who seems to have that prob. in our group so I just take care of it at the time of assembly.

      Each menu has a 1 family ingredient list, but I didn’t create a shopping list for just 1 fam. All you have to do is click on each menu and copy/paste the 1 family ingredients into a word file for each item to make your shopping list.

      Let us know if you have any more questions. Last time was the first time I did freezer meal cooking and I am a huge fan. It is so NICE! I actually have Navajo tacos sitting out thawing on my counter for tonight. It’s awesome to just pull something yummy out of the freezer and cook it, knowing it cost less than $5. Much cheaper and healthier than eating fast food on lazy days!

  • Oh my goodness AJ, are you trying to kill me! Anyone wanna trade? 🙂

    • I guess Kearna’s is easier but she’s helping with shopping, dividing, etc. Mine has more (each of my meats take all day to cook) but since I’ll have all the stuff I thought that just went with the territory. Monica’s is the same as yours so I’ll just do your sausage and eggs myself. All I’ll send for you is 24 chicken breasts.

      • I’m so kidding! I HATE prep work & so I was just complaining. Mostly I was talking about the eggs because they are a nightmare (they seem so simple, yet I hate them so much), but you certainly don’t need anything more on your plate. Just getting everything organized is crazy & time consuming, so if I were you, I would actually give a lot of your prep work to us. You will thank me later!

        Oh & seriously I was just complaining, so don’t for a second take anything away from me. I might not like it, but I know how necessary it is!! I have to remember when I write you can’t hear voice inflections!!

  • I love this idea! Thank you for sharing.

    When you finished cooking and shredding the rib roast did you just divide it into freezer bags for each family or did you leave it in one big container and divide on cooking day?

    • I meant on “the big day” not cooking day.

      • It was actually cooking all day and during the time we were putting our other meals together because it took longer than anticipated. So at the end of the night, we divided it straight into individual freezer bags.

        If you have it ready before getting together, I would just divide it up and put it in the freezer. Then you already have it completely ready to go!

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