4 Steps to Becoming the Master of Your Stockpile

So what is the whole point of this coupon thing anyway?
Is it just for kicks and giggles?

NO WAY! We are here to teach you how to save money
by using coupons, waiting for the super fab sale, and stocking up! WHY?

So you can SHOP FROM YOUR PANTRY! You know, your pantry, that place chock full of food you’ve been purchasing? Hopefully you’ve been stocking up (aka: NOT hoarding) when yo
u find an item at a rock bottom price!

Are you using all of those food items you buy???
I have to admit sometimes I forget about some of the food I buy and it sits in the pantry until expiration (guess what, I did this before I started couponing too).
So, let’s answer that question:

“Exactly how DO you menu plan from your pantry?”


What are the top 20 items you use most frequently from your pantry? Look through your cupboards and closets. What do you have in there? What are you always running out of? Maybe look at your recipes to see what you need the most of.


Since these are the items you are using the most, these are the things you want to pay rock bottom prices on. Now, of course, some items you just won’t be able to get on coupon. That’s OK – because you’re saving $ on a whole lot of other items! Feel free to use our personal price point list. We also always try to let you know when we’re stocking up on something. Keep in mind, when it’s SUPER exciting for us, we always place a special order with our stores manager.

You can’t stock up at rock bottom prices if you don’t have a coupon for every single item you purchase. That is why I am personally getting 6 copies of the Sunday paper. When there is something I REALLY want a lot of, I’ll go purchase coupons on eBay.


When the item is on sale (a GOOD sale), that is when it’s time to stock up! PLEASE, don’t feel that this means you can go in and clear the shelves at every store near you. When it’s something we use all the time (like Prego), we place an order with the manager. This way they order EXTRA for us and we don’t have to worry about taking product off the shelves. I like to get a 3-12 month supply. Keep in mind EXPIRATION DATES! Don’t get it if you can’t use it before it expires!

Here are a few items on my top 20 list:
Cream of Chicken Soup
Spaghetti Sauce
Butter (you can freeze this you know!)
Cheese (look at the expiration dates… they last a long time as long as they are sealed. You can also shred and freeze.)
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (we stock up when they are $1.79/lb or less – see this post for ideas of what we do with a lot of cheap chicken!)
Veggies (frozen or canned)
Salad Dressing
BBQ Sauce
Brownie Mix (a staple in my husbands diet)
Chocolate Chips (again, a staple in my husbands diet)

Now you’ve got the stuff, what do you do???


The Fab FruGAL’s are here to help!

Each week we’ll post recipes that will use many ingredients from recent sales and your stockpile! You will find each weeks list under “Shop From Your Pantry“.

What is your #1 can’t live with out gotta have it always running out of pantry item?!

Are you new to this couponing thing? We’ve got all the basics laid out for you in our Couponing 101 post! We’ll show you where to collect coupons, how to organize them, and how to use them effectively! Join in on all our fun and you can be a fab fruGAL too! You can subscribe to our FREE newsletter and join us on Facebook!

Every week we’re talking about how to save loads of money at

Live in the Northwest? Be sure to see all the hot deals at our favorite grocery stores!

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Comments & Reviews

  • That is funny, we have a regular Chocolate exception in our shopping for my husband as well, LOL!

  • This is great. I just began stockpiling on my last grocery shopping trip. I did not save as much as I would have liked, and ended up only saving around $100. I’d like to have saved more, however, with the stockpiling, I did buy myself more time before I have to go shopping again, so that is a plus. I really appreciate this site a lot. It’s changing the way I’m thinking about my shopping trips and the way my husband’s hard earned money is spent. (I say my husband’s because he works, but we all know it’s OUR – family’s – money).

    I’m so excited to share these tips with other women. I’m a miltiary wife and I know there are lots of families who would benefit from this. 🙂

    • Nita Westfall

      Amanda, Congrats. On your $100 saving!!! That is a HUGE deal, I would be doing a happy dance; as that is half of our grocery budget. We are a military family also; posted on Fort Campbell,KY. I just wanted to make sure you know that most PXs price match with local stores. I just learned this last week and I am so excited about it. Price matching, added to coupons, enabled me to get $12 worth of Dawn dish soap for $2.10!!! Yah, I was the crazy lady dancing at the check-out counter!!! I even got $28 worth of makeup for $3.18 , that was very nice; now I can start wearing makeup again. I have only been coupon shopping for a short time and don’t know all the ins and outs, but hope you find this helpfull, Nita Westfall

  • Toni

    I would love to see a post on when and HOW to approach a manager regarding placing an order. What do we say? How do we prepare so we’re organized for ordering? What do we need to know? (ie. can they get our item in within the sale period so we don’t miss that price? Are you up front that you’ll be couponing the entire order? Do we need approval to coupon a large order?) TIA.

  • Julie

    Awesome! THanks for all the great tips! I will be an extreme couponer !!! someday:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  • Shirley

    I started to use coupons last month- and am so excited to do it! The big down fall and heart breaker for our family is that we live in California and where we live there are not any stores that double coupons. Making it extremely difficult to really SAVE and get staple items for FREE! I have gotten shampoos and shavers and a few other things for free or really inexpensive but not really on food items- can you give me any good tips for California. I love your site and use it no matter where the deals are because you always are clear and helpful- it really helps for new coupon users- THANK YOU!!!

  • Debbie Rioux

    Don’t despair we don’t have double coupons in Washington except occasionally Albertsons has some. Look for items priced 1.00 or 10/10 etc. Many of these can be matched with a dollar off coupon. Walmart is a good place to try, they don’t double but do have lower prices, items can be had for free. It is more work but it is worth it. Also sign up at all your stores for email coupons. I just got a 50% off beauty item from Fred Meyer and paired it with 1.00 coupon and a 5.00 rewards coupon. This one was a moneymaker.

  • LOL, it’s probably okay to enalbe some things–but I won’t be sharing this with my wife.I almost wrote, “Hello missy”, but it didn’t seem right since you’re a missus. Is there such a word as missussy??? PS – I think I forgot to mention that I really like your parka.

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