Real Simple Survive The Holidays in Style Review

Real Simple Survive the Holiday Kits

I don’t know about you, but the shear matter of surviving the holidays these days is quite a feat.   The decorating, the baking, the big meals… it takes a lot to pull it all together!  Real Simple has some amazing products to help you not only survive the holidays, but to thrive!!  Your to-do list of holiday traditions will become such fun and so easy with these great products!

Real Simple Pop-Up Gift Wrap and Ribbon Organizer

The Real Simple Pop-Up Gift Wrap & Ribbon Organizer is my favorite item in this kit! For years now, I have dealt with rolls sticking up over the end of my gift wrap holder.  Even the short rolls didn’t fit.  But the Pop-Up Gift Wrap Organizer is AWESOME!  It holds even my tallest rolls with no problems.  And I bet it holds close to 40 rolls of wrapping paper.  It’s AMAZING!  The Ribbon organizer is great too, holding SO MANY different rolls of ribbons, but in my world, it also holds bows.  I put three bags of bows in there, and it wasn’t full.

Real Simple Holiday 64-Count Ornament Storage

Real Simple Holiday 64-Count Ornament Storage box is AMAZING!  Gone are the days of wrapping your ornaments lovingly in tissue paper, and then PRAYING the tote you put them in doesn’t get smashed.  Especially when you move as often as we seem too.  This beautiful box safely holds your ornaments, and is sturdy enough that extra packaging isn’t needed.  It’ll fit right in to your Christmas supplies, and the unique design will keep them safe.

Real Simple® 3-Tier Adjustable Oven Rack

Real Simple 3-Tier Adjustable Oven Rack is amazing!  Even in my apartment size oven, you can fit the rack and our turkey roaster in the oven!  It’s amazing!  No more playing let’s try to keep it warm! All of it fits in, and you can pull it all out at and serve at the perfect temperature!  

Real Simple Professional Silicone Baking Mat

The Real Simple Professional Silicone Baking Mat is great!  I love the clipped corners!  It helps it fit into the cookie sheets without having weird corners, or big gaps.  I love how easy it makes baking cookies.  It really helps with the cool down time in between batches.

Real Simple 1 and a half -Tbsp Cookie Scoop

This Real Simple 1 1/2-Tbsp Cookie Scoop makes cookie making a breeze!  You are sure that your cookies are all the same size, so they finish baking at the same time!  You also get less fingers tasting the cookie dough, because this plops it on the cookie sheet with an easy squeeze!

Real Simple Multiple Cookie Cutter Grid

The Real Simple Multiple Cookie Cutter Grid is AMAZING!  Designed to get the most cookies for your press!  Make stars and circles all at the same time!

Real Simple 3-In-1 Expandable Cooling Rack

My favorite of the cookie making supplies has to be the Real Simple 3-In-1 Expandable Cooling Rack.  It only takes up the space of a single cooling rack but expands out to 3!  I love that there is no more time spent searching for the 3rd cooling rack, that you know you have!  They are all together, in a collapsible, space saving place!

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