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Where do I find the extra money required to pay down more principle on my mortgage?

We have talked about how paying a little extra each month toward your principle balance of your mortgage can save you tens of thousands and years of payments. You may be thinking, well that’s nice, but I don’t have any extra money. I am 99.9% sure that you do have that money you just don’t know where to find it.

I am going to assume that you either own or will own a home. There are many common, yet unknown ways to save money around the house. This week we are going to explore one of those methods.

Most of us live in an area where at times the weather is either too hot or too cold. For those of us living in Idaho it is usually one or the other and not much in between. Because of these uncomfortable conditions, most of us either run our air conditioning or have the heat on. Right?

Well let me ask you this. Are you home all day? If you have chunks of the day in which no one is home or times that you may be under the covers, you should seriously consider obtaining a Programmable Thermostat. This relatively inexpensive device can literally save you hundreds of dollars per year. In the winter you just program it so that when you are out of the house your heat goes down and soon before you come home you program it to bring the temperature back up. In the summer you do just the opposite. You should get one that allows you to program each day individually because you may be out of the house Monday-Friday from 9-5, but home more on the weekends.

No additional discomfort to you except for the couple of minutes required to program the device. If you don’t already use one, the money you save can be used to pay dawn mortgage principle.

For more ways to save big read my next post.

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