Queen of Fab Shopping Trips

Our Queen of Fab contestants have used their $50 Fred Meyer gift cards! We were thrilled to see that they both did a fabulous good job!

Now it is time for YOU to decide the winner of our shopping spree challenge!



Stephanie took advantage of the hot sales we have been posting at Fred Meyer, and was even able to buy meat.

You can also view the details of Stephanie’s results here.


Ashlee really tried to buy things that she buy’s every week. She did not really need some of the hot sale items like toothbrushes or huggies.

You can also view the details of Ashlee’s results here.

So who do you think should be crowned Queen of Fab?


We had a few people concerned that the like vs comment method was not fair. So we are going to try it again and have everyone leave a comment with the name of the person they feel is the winner.

You can vote on our facebook page here.

  • To vote for Stephanie “Comment Stephanie”
  • To vote for Ashlee “Comment Ashlee”

The person with the most comments by 11 pm MST today will be the winner!

Congratulations Stephanie The Queen of Fab…

Jealous of their savings?  Find our favorite Fred Meyer deals… you can save too! 🙂


  • Jake

    To be perfectly honest I’m quite disappointed that so many people think a bunch of frozen dinners, canned soup, laundry detergent, tons of dried pasta, 1 box of diapers (worth $19), and the other little things are a better deal than the gal who bought fresh fruits, veggies, chicken, rolls, pasta, yogurts, lunch meats, milks, protein shakes, and so many other “healthier” options. Just because one saved more than the other dosen’t make it a better deal.
    Also the way to vote is a tad odd. Many people will just “like” an image and not read what your actually suppose to do.
    Just my opinion on the matter.

  • Susan

    To be honest, in terms of dollar “savings” alone I think they did equally well by comparison. 50%, give or take. But I voted for Ashlee because because I liked that she used her GC and coupons on items that she normally purchases from week to week, and overall I thought her food purchases were a lot healthier and more similar to what I would buy.

    Ashlee also had more variety of items, whereas Stephanie had more items that she bought multiples of. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that it’s easier to reap great savings when you buy more volume of promotional items, as opposed to the variety of foods that Ashlee bought. In other words, I think Ashlee worked harder.

    In response to Jake’s comment above — now be fair, I agree on the processed food, but hey, any savings on laundry detergent and diapers counts! I wish I’d known how to coupon shop when my daughter was little. Diapers are expensive! And the All and the pasta were at great prices, and I certainly don’t fault Stephanie her for stocking up.

    I too thought the voting method gave Stephanie an unfair advantage. Why not make it fair and set up a poll with radio buttons for each candidate?

  • Jake

    Susan, I agree they both did well in terms of savings. And any savings is great! I guess I wish Stephanie did more of a variety for this contest to give me ideas for future shopping trips. Looking at Ashlee’s trip it looks like she used a coupon for every item, so that gives me more incentive to find coupons for them, i.e. fruits, veggies, silk smoothies (those look good by the way).
    Good job to both Ladies though.

  • Monica

    Thank you for the feedback. I like the idea of a poll, but I do not see it as an option on our facebook page anymore.

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