The Gift of Providing Providently

Pay Tithes and Offerings

  • blessings that come from paying tithing
  • if this is a challenge for you, test it out one month (tithing or fast offering)
  • It’s not our money, it’s God’s money… change perspective on tithing (Dave Ramsey), what are we doing with God’s money
  • Tithing is the first step towards discipline with your money

Avoid Debt

  • Work with creditors to lower interest rates and fees.
  • Go to cash only
  • Cut unnecessary bills like cable, gym membership
  • Limit eating out
  • Shave dollars off grocery bill (more below)
  • Limit spending… don’t buy it just because it’s a good deal
  • Start an emergency fund of $1000 (Stop using credit for emergencies)
  • Pour all extra money to debt (Debt Snowball)
  • Raise your awareness… use debt reduction calculators available at
  • awesome debt reduction calculators available at
  • “The three most loving words are “I love you,” and the four most caring words for those we love are “We can’t afford it.” – Robert D Hales

Use a Budget

  • create together as a couple and “return and report” each month
  • allow each spouse some “no questions asked” money
  • Be flexible
  • Give every dollar a job… “Zero based budget”
  • Cathy’s favorite software. the digital cash envelope system… You Need a Budget
  • Monica’s free Budget tool (use discount code FREE4ME)
  • Family Finance Workshop Course  (click on free downloads)

Build a Reserve

Financial Reserve:

  • right now create an emergency fund
  • use tax returns
  • once out of debt save 3-6 months worth of income
  • this money is for emergencies only

Building a Food Reserve:

  • Stockpile food you’ll actually eat
  • Use a price point list
  • Tips for reading an ad
  • Use coupons if the item is on your stock up list
  • Make a list of items you use frequently, buy when price is low
  • Rotate food and meal plan from your pantry so you’re using it!
  • Use amazon subscribe and save to buy toiletry items

Cut Grocery Budget by Menu Planning

  • Plan menus around current sales
  • Always have “emergency dinner” food on hand
  • What are the family favorites?
  • Use Pinterest – make notes on the pin of what to do different next time
  • Keep a Meal Journal for ideas
  • Have Realistic Expectations
  • Two meals in one
  • Batch Cooking and Freezer Meals
  • Co-op cooking group
  • Learn to cook from scratch — >> Cream Soup

Teach Family Members

  • Give your children opportunities to manage their own money
  • Teach the principle of hard work
  • Learn how to save
  • Get in the habit of paying tithing
  • Learn from small mistakes now, instead of big ones later.

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