PowerSkin Spare Review


Do you use your smartphone?  I use mine a lot.  Like I drain the battery at least once, if not twice a day!  It’s a pretty huge hassle for me to have to be chained to a wall instead of free to just do what I need to get done.  I started thinking that there had to be a better answer.  A smarter answer!  And there IS!  PowerSkin is an amazing line of external battery chargers for your smartphone!

HUH?  An external battery?  But, come on Becky, that picture is of a phone case!  Yep!  It is.  They have the thinnest battery cases on the market!  My hubby has one of those Otterbox type cases on his phone, and even with this external battery, mine is still thinner than his!  Some of the external battery cases on the market add inches to your phone, and a ton of weight.  This one adds a LITTLE heft (not enough that I notice or care during my everyday use… but when examining it for this review, I did notice a slight change in weight), and a TINY bulge.  Seriously, it’s adding only 5.7 mm of thickness.  Pretty darn sweet!


Do you have the new Galaxy 5?  Check out this sweet cover!  They made it match, with the signature dimples!  It’s amazing.   I want to upgrade my phone just so I can have this cover!  But I digress.  They have them for the iPhone 5s/5 too!

Okay, back to why I love this “phone case”.  It’s all ONE piece!  That means, it’s not going to fall off and let your phone get damaged if you drop it.  Plus, the temptation to play with the cover by snapping and unsnapping the top is gone, because it’s a solid piece.  The fortified back and reinforced corners ensure optimum protection against accidental drops and falls.  Or you know… your toddler throwing it across the room (seriously, it happened).

So… what does it do?  You put the case on your phone (like a regular cover) and then charge your phone.  While you are charging the phone, you are charging the PowerSkin case.  Then, when you wake up (assuming, like me, you charge it over night), both the phone and case are charged.  You then go about your day until you here the (no longer!) dreaded beep. Just turn the PowerSkin case on, and it will charge your phone, just like it was plugged into a wall!  Once I hear the beep, I turn it on, and a couple hours later my battery has gone from 15% to 80% charged, and I just continue to go about my day.  20 seconds max, and it’s like it’s 8 am again, instead of 4 in the afternoon!

This cover is simply brilliant!

PopN SamsungPopN Iphone 6

Oh, and they said that I could share their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales with you!!  On November 28-30, you can get 45% off anything in the store!  On Cyber Monday?  Get a Pop’n Charger for ONE PENNY! Use code: penny!  You’ll still have to pay shipping, but even with that, it mean’s you’ll get an AMAZING back up battery for $8!  Shipped!  That’s it! (Pop’n 2’s aren’t included in this sale).

PowerSkins Giveaway

I received a PowerSkin case to facilitate this review, but all opinions are my own!


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