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Wii Fit U Wii Balance Board accessory and Fit Meter - Wii U (560x357)

Wii Fit U w/Wii Balance Board accessory and Fit Meter – Wii U – $55.24 ($83.99 on sale at Walmart)

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  • Shape up with a wide range of fun activities including Yoga, Strength exercises, Balance Games, Dance, Aerobic activities, and more! 
  • Whether at home or on the go, the all-new Fit Meter tracks your progress, from calories burned to steps taken—even changes in elevation! 
  • With the touch of a button, you can easily sync your Fit Meter data to compare your progress with friends or see how far you’ve gone in Walking Challenges, Altitude Challenges, and more. 
  • Enjoy new and unique dual-screen activities like Hosedown or Trampoline Target that take advantage of the Wii U GamePad controller and your TV. 
  • The Wii U GamePad offers both privacy and flexibility. By providing a second screen, it lets you perform activities while others watch TV, view personal progress on your own private screen, or even watch and adjust your form using the built-in camera. 
  • Create, join, and browse online Gym Communities to share profile info (e.g. achievements, high scores, favorite activities) to keep yourself, your friends, and your family motivated. 
  • Cheer on a friend or share parts of your Wii Fit U experience via Miiverse. 
  • Create your own personalized workout routine with Yoga, Strength exercises, and other activities or select from recommended routines based on your fitness goals. 
  • The new Dance activity allows you to choose from a variety of dance styles with varying difficulty levels. 
  • Set goals and track your daily progress with easy-to-understand charts and graphs. 
  • Choose a Mii character when creating your own Wii Fit U profile to help track your weight, height, age, and Body Mass Index (BMI). 
  • Data from Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus can be easily transferred into a Wii Fit U profile. 
  • Previous Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus owners who have a Wii Balance Board do not need to purchase a new one—the Wii Balance Board is compatible with Wii Fit U.
Resident Evil Revelations - Nintendo Wii U (393x560)

Resident Evil: Revelations – Nintendo Wii U – $20.99 (was $49.99)

  • Enhanced for consoles: The fear that was brought to players in Resident Evil Revelations on the Nintendo 3DS system returns redefined complete with high quality HD visuals, enhanced lighting effects and an immersive sound experience. 
  • Classic survival horror gameplay returns: The campaign mode’s single player experience sees gamers investigating a range of different locations including the dark confined spaces of a cruise ship and the treacherous snow covered mountains. With limited ammo and weapons, fight off infected enemies that lurk around every corner. 
  • Hell just got hotter: Infernal Mode, a new difficulty mode for console versions, is not just more challenging than Easy and Normal modes but also remixes enemy and item placement, so even those familiar with the game will discover new terrors. 
  • Meet the Wall Blister: A brand new enemy , the Wall Blister is a mutated creature born from the T-Abyss virus that spreads through water, adding to the horrors that lurk around every corner 
  • Wii U Exclusive Features: Transfer the horror to the GamePad with Off-TV Play or play with the pro controller and TV alone. Uilizing the Miiverse functionality, leave dying messages on the Game Over screen for other players around the world, or add a personal message to fellow Raid Mode players with the Creatures Voice feature.
Call of Duty Ghosts - Nintendo Wii U (409x560)

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Nintendo Wii U– $43.24 (was $59.99)

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Mass Effect 3 - Nintendo Wii U (397x560)

Mass Effect 3 – Nintendo Wii U – $13.89 (was $59.99)

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  • Interactive Storytelling: Mass Effect 3 plunges you into an emotional sci-fi story unlike any other where each decision you make will completely shape your experience and the outcome of a galaxy-wide war for survival. 
  • Unleash a Customizable Arsenal: Build your character and squad with dozens of unique weapons and abilities, each with powerful upgrades and modifications. 
  • Adrenaline-Pumping Gameplay: Feel every bullet impact, roll into cover, and unleash devastating heavy weapons in an intense and pulse-pounding action-shooter game. 
  • A New Way to Wage War: Command the battlefield with the WiiPad as the Mass Effect franchise makes its debut on the Wii U with new features and bonus content. “Mass Effect 3” features additional missions, weapons, and characters for both single player and multiplayer including the Extended Cut ending and an interactive backstory experience. 
  • Class-Based Co-operative Multiplayer Missions: Fight the war alongside your friends in four-player co-op missions. Choose from a variety of races and classes and combine your skills to overcome overwhelming odds. Your success can have an impact on the outcome of your single-player experience.
ZombiU - Nintendo Wii U (397x560)

ZombiU – Nintendo Wii U – $17.10 (was $59.99)

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  • Two Screens, Twice The Fear – Feel the tension mount as you try to keep an eye on your TV and controller screen. 
  • Survival-Horror Action At Its Best – Resources are in short supply while your enemies are legion, and you never know when you will find more weapons, ammunition, first aid and food. 
  • Don’t Leave Home Without Your BOB: The new WiiU controller becomes your Bug-Out Bag, the ultimate all-in-one survival kit for your tools, inventory, med kits, maps and more. 
  • Unique Death Mechanic – If you die, you wake up to play an entirely new character who is another survivor in the same terrifying position. 
  • Horde At Your Door – Stock up on guns, ammo and supplies, and lock down your Safe House!
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Nintendo Wii U (398x560)

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – Nintendo Wii U– $22.83 (was $39.99)

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The Wonderful 101 (392x560)

The Wonderful 101 – $23.99 (was $59.99)

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  • Unite your horde of heroes and morph into powerful weapons to crush the invaders, or synthesize into bridges, chains, and other objects that help you move through the world’s different environments. 
  • Explore each stage to find helpless citizens and empower them by enlisting them to join your army of heroes. 
  • The more heroes you gather, the more powerful your Unite Morphs will become. 
  • Clobber bad guys with fast-paced, engaging combat. 
  • No. of Players: Up to 5 players
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - Nintendo Wii U

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag – Nintendo Wii U– $24.99 (was $59.99)

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  • EXPLORE AN OPEN WORLD FILLED WITH OPPORTUNITIES: Discover the most diverse Assassin’s Creed world ever created. From Kingston to Nassau, explore 50 unique locations where you can live the life of a pirate. 
  • BECOME THE MOST FEARED PIRATE IN THE CARIBBEAN: Command your ship, the Jackdaw, and strike fear in all who see her. Plunder and pillage to upgrade the Jackdaw with ammunition and equipment needed to fight off enemy ships. 
  • MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE: Play with your friends in the ruthless and critically acclaimed multiplayer experience. Choose from an eclectic cast of characters from the Golden Age of Pirates and fight to the death in exotic locations. 
  • A BRASH REBEL ASSASSIN: Become Edward Kenway, a charismatic yet brutal pirate captain, trained by Assassins. Edward can effortlessly switch between the Hidden Blade of the Assassin’s Order and all new weaponry including four flintock pistols and dual cutlass swords. 
  • EXPERIENCE THE GRITTY REALITY BEHIND THE PIRATE FANTASY: Stand amongst legendary names such as Blackbeard and Benjamin Hornigold, as you establish a lawless Republic in the Bahamas and relive the truly explosive events that defined the Golden Age of Pirates.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist - Nintendo Wii U (560x560)

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist – Nintendo Wii U – $17.96 (was $39.99)

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  • OWN YOUR PLAY STYLE: Splinter Cell Blacklist builds on the stealth roots of the franchise, while exploring new directions to embrace the realms of action and adventure. Players can define their personal play styles and be rewarded for those choices. 
  • COOP: Co-Op is back and bigger than ever with 14 maps & 4 mission types. While you play you also earn in-game currency and unlock additional weapons or gadgets via specialized missions assigned by Grim, Briggs, Charlie and Kobin. 
  • SPIES VS. MERCS RETURNS: Spies vs. Mercs is back with a new take on asymmetrical gameplay. Players will be able to face off in teams of 4 while creating their very own Spy or Merc according to their playstyles via thorough customization elements. The original Classic Spies vs. Mercs experience also makes its long awaited comeback for the fans. 
  • TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Fans of stealth will be happy to make the most of Sam’s sneaking abilities to abduct and carry enemies, while Killing in Motion allows the player to strike with surgical precision by marking and executing multiple enemies in one fluid motion.

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